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“And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” 2 Peter 2:3

It was in early, or mid part of November I posted on my Facebook page (original post) two (2) things the Lord spoke to me regarding TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network). The first thing was that the Lord said he was about to call TBN founder Paul Crouch home, remove him from this world – within about 2 weeks that I spoke that prophecy Paul Crouch was dead. The second part of that prophecy was that TBN would begin to start to shift violently, that many would scatter and God would literally shake the foundation. Well, since the passing of Paul Crouch, that shaking is now taking place.

About a week ago I got word that some good people who were an essential part of TBN, namely Betty Jean Robinson and someone I don’t want to name publicly because they will announce it themselves, were removed from TBN programming – at the hands of Jan Crouch. Now it’s being reported by Irvin Baxter himself that due to Jan Crouch no longer desiring ANYTHING to do with prophecy and end times teaching, she has immediately dropped Irvin’s program. (read it here)

This is exactly what God showed me would happen 4 years ago (also posted in my notes section) when I saw Jan Crouch weeping, begging for forgiveness and the network was turned “off”. It is sad that something God was sincerely involved in at the beginning of its inception (we would not have Christian television, including SBN – Sonlife Broadcasting Network had it not been for Paul’s calling). TBN is making broader changes that I believe Paul would never had approved of, even if Paul’s eyes had been swayed by false doctrine, I believe there was still enough of light within Paul to know you can’t cross a certain line – but TBN is most certainly crossing this line. But this is not new, some time ago I defended a friend of mine (Jack Van Impe) in an article which was picked up across the nation (which can still be read here). With the increase with programming by teachers such as Joseph Prince, and now a popular Psychologist (Dr. Caroline Leaf) it is obvious where TBN is now going – into full apostasy. When you completely remove the cross, the Biblical teaching concerning the last days, it is a cocktail of poison which will render those who watch this nonsense unable to cope, nor the ability to divinely know the word, or the ability to discern the false when it finally arrives. I hate to say it, but I believe it’s true, whatever hope TBN had, it had until Paul Crouch passed.

Friends, troubling times are coming and we better know which side we are on when it comes to Biblical truth, darkness is sweeping across this land – including SPIRITUAL DECEPTION. People better pray.


  1. Rob Kennedy says:

    Tbn and most of it’s broadcast have been apostate for a very long time.They are completely responsible and will give an account for the spread of the false prosperity gospel.

    • Angie says:

      I agree with you……totally….All we have to do is go to the Bible and we can read that what these preachers are preaching is false doctrine……

  2. Carol Palmer says:

    I use to support TBN. but the Lord directed me to stop about 1 year ago. I see why.

  3. Anonymous says:

    God’s people need to return to reading the Word and asking for understanding instead of watching these “one verse charlie” preachers and so called teachers that TEACH apostate lessons and take people down a path of destruction. Return to the roots of our Messiah, keep the 7th day Sabbath, observe the Feasts of the Lord, and eat the diet God commanded us to follow.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember we are not under the old law we are under the new covernet.

      • Bob Mercer says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    TBN has done a great work over the years leading possibly millions to The Lord, I will not touch Gods Annointed and do his prophets any harm…although I will say God showed me that God does want to prosper his people, he wants to do this by the people supporting their local church they attend…and what this prosperity gospel has created is new Christians who depend upon the blessings instead of power…sad..not only TBNs fault, preachers need to get back to the truths of Gods word and warn people of the condition of their soul is what matters….

  5. Lefty says:

    There are several programs on TBN that needed to be gone, because of quality. Betty Jean was never one of my favorite programs, so I never watched her. Since you don’t name your other friend, I don’t know if I watched them or not, or if the quality of their program was bad or not.

    The scripture is true “touch not mine anointed”. Be careful how you talk. Just because you don’t agree with someone’s doctrine, doesn’t mean that THEY are wrong.

    • Anonymous says:

      BIBLE also says to judge them by the fruit they bare. NO people don’t want anything to do with the old time holy ghost preaching and teaching , but it is what will take you thru WHAT is about to come to this world . BETTY JEAN IS OLD TIME BUT SHE IS ANOINTED BY THE HOLY GHOST . IF what they
      preach don’t line up with the bible it is wrong doctrine. TBN HAS A LOVE FOR MONEY PROBLEM 20 MILLION IN THE BANK AND WHORING THE WORD OF GOD FOR MORE .

      • N. RELAMPAGOS says:

        Brothers and sisters, we need wisdom and discernment from the Holy Spirit as well as the word of God more than ever in these last days so we can keep ourselves unspotted from this world. We used to listen and support TBN but the Holy Spirit led us to support other ministries instead back in 2002. We always wonder why they beg for more money during their biannual praisathons when they already have about $200+million tucked in the bank/investments. We believe they need to give honest accounting to the viewers especially their brothers and sisters in Christ. Don’t we have to trust in the Lord our God anymore? It seems like the god of this world mammon has replaced Him in many ministers’ lives. We cannot serve both God and mammon. How much more do we need to keep to prove to the world that we are being prospered by God? We also saw many of these so called ministers becoming haughty in spirit and lording over other christian brothers and sisters. Why, many saints of old would be appalled if they see how many ministries are being operated in our day. I believe many preachers are adopting the worldly viewpoint on prosperity, and many Christians sadly are believing it. I believe God prospers us so we can be a blessing not to flaunt material things to the world. Also the devil uses prosperity gospel to lure, distract and lead many ministers astray so that they no longer have time more the more important things like reading of God’s word, prayer and fasting. Many wealthy people are not impress, they already have money. They are more impressed with genuine, and honest Christians filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit and true compassion for this lost and dying world, Christians who are full of God’s love, humble, taking up their cross daily and are ready to lay down their lives for others. Thank you so much for keeping us informed, may God bless you!

    • Susan says:

      The Bible does not agree with their doctrine.
      TBN Does not preach the gospel
      They just have a form of godliness.
      But of course God spoke through an ass
      Oh yes he’s able to use

  6. Alice Obukhova says:

    It is high time for those of us who claim Christ to judge our own heart instead of pointing self righteous fingers at men and women of God who have fallen. These are my brethren regardless….we are to pray and exhort and rebuke them in love and humility not spread their nakedness all over the media! God help us!

    • Anonymous says:

      the blind will lead the blind . you better care about the lost and if you know that they are being taught wrong you will be accountable for not telling them the truth

  7. PASTOR KW says:

    Let me get this right…. So you prophesied Paul Crouch’s death and the fall of TBN? I guess…

    • annie says:

      TBN has many times been there for me in my darkest hours….. There is always false teaching around in your churches, in your homes, with your friends and yes probably with some preaches on TBN. But you cant crucify a whole tv broadcasting network for this. As an individual and your relationship with god if something doesn’t work for u in your spirit don’t use it. I can’t understand when someone can prophosise someones Death!!!!! ????? Am a big fan of TBN!!!!! Joyce meyers, angus buchan, joseph price and cleflo Dollar…. Ect ect. Thank u for bringing great teachings into my life.

  8. Brenda Perez says:

    We are seeing so many false prophets, just as the bible says will happen in the last days. I pray that the Holy Spirit give us the strength and courage to come against these individuals, and we start speaking the true gospel! Time for us to wake up! and do the work that the Lord has called us to do.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Lord, have mercy!

  10. I really would rather hear of the last healing you were a part of or the last person that was raised from the dead, better yet the last person you were instrumental of leading to Christ and instructed them how to become disciples.

    Judas was a dishonest money keeper of Jesus. You see Jesus Judges his own

    • Paul rebuked and exposed 8 men for being what they are – false preachers. When I give a prophetic warning, it’s a word from God and I hold myself accountable to him and him alone.

      • Bob Mercer says:

        Isn’t it ironic that Paul’s testimony about Messiah would not be allowed in our courts because Paul’s testimony is hearsay.

  11. Paul Rusnak says:

    They started out doing right but fell into false teachings just as Jim Baker. The Scripture says the end will not come until there first come a great falling away.

  12. Matt H says:

    To me this is great news! Perhaps TBN can shake off the old order paradigms of dispensational pre-millenialism and can bring a Kingdom shift of grace and truth to the world! I pray that it grows in influence as the people in charge continue to clean the house!

  13. Andre says:

    TBN is confusing us with rubbish concerning giving money to receive anointing. Who are you to to tell me whether my Saviour will touch me or not? What’s bestis there are actual figures thrown at the viewer, making this channel just asnother ‘tv evangelism’ stigma to the unbeliever. You CANNOT serve God and Money!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Joseph Prince doesn’t remove the cross, he promotes having a close relationship with Jesus and to believe what all Jesus accomplished at the cross.

  15. Karen says:

    Christopher, God bless you and your famiy. I am grateful for every endtime preacher that God has risen up in our time. I don’t want to be left behind knowing that God’s Word is true and Holy. I know this much, God’s work has never been stopped nor can be. As a listener I share y’all messages to whomever will listen. One plant, one waters, and God gives the increase. My prayer is, God increased y’all even more!

  16. Timothy Consani says:

    I just watched Jack Van Impe rip Jan and Matt apart and I pray that Jan and Matt get on their knees and beg for forgivness.

  17. Anzaholyman says:

    The mean spirit of pretrib endtimers when challenged is standard Operating procedure, is your going to hell and only our view is biblical.

  18. Anonymous says:

    TBN is a religious broadcasting network but there is no holiness on it.
    Jan Crouch would never have holiness preachers on her worldly network
    it might make people repent and if people repented and had their eyes opened
    they would not support this worldly network.
    TBN is a form of godliness but it denies the power therein.
    God is in his mercy blesses them as much as they allow him
    to, but he cannot do more because Jan Crouch is
    basically insane.

  19. Karen says:

    Joseph Prince is a false teacher. Birds of a feather flock together.

  20. Karen says:

    It is all new age, false teaching on TBN. The Spirit of the LORD had departed from TBN. Stay away from it and do not listen to it.

  21. valeriemott says:

    I found your post because I have been noticing that the strong prophetic voices are no longer aired on TBN. However, I have seen a good deal of end times teachings- some I personally don’t agree with, but aired none the less. You are 100% right on about one thing- we’d better pray!

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