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In 2004 a Muslim militant killed over 300 children in Russia shocking the nation and revealing the true nature of Islam. In 2013, two Muslim men in Great Britain, killed a British soldier in the Woolwich attack, eventually being shot by police. 2014 China, Muslim militants killed over 29 people in Kunming, Yunnan province. The Muslim militants that survived not being shot by Chinese authorities were days later executed. December 2014, Sydney Australia saw 2 dead as well as the gunman, a militant Islamic cleric who declared “There is no god but Allah” before being shot to death by police. Now in Pakistan a school for children were attacked by militant Muslim soldiers, killing 132 children. All the attackers were equally shot and killed by the military responders.

Satan is a master deceiver, he’s been at this game of deceiving men long before Adam was created, it’s his ability to shroud his lies that makes him dangerous. The recent attacks by Islamic militants that the world is seeing is part of that greater deception that is coming. Satan knows the world he controls will not accept Islam as a global dominant religion, nor even an Islamic Antichrist – he knows that full well. Islam will never be trusted to dominate the world nor allowed to because of its sharia based ideology where human life is not valued, that women are considered product, where children can be raped or given into marriage. Satan understands that, and instead, he’s using Islam to 1. Exterminate these people and 2. To bring about his greater deception – World Order.

I know I’ve been hammering this lately, but it’s been on my spirit, and when God begins to deal with me in such a way, then it tells me I’m on the right track. I believe all of these tragic, deadly events are to do one thing, bring about a global effort to stamp out this rigid ideology of conquest by the sword in today’s 21st century. This is a red herring and while Satan is keeping the church occupied with “stuff” that truly doesn’t matter, we’re missing the bigger picture – a new global kingdom coming to rise. I believe a spirit of “peace” is about to come, but only after the world’s nations, including Russia, China and the U.S. as well as Israel, will end radical Islam as we know it, and out of the ashes will come a more tolerant Islam, reigned in by the Roman Catholic Church. With open visions of Mary being seen by Muslims worldwide, I believe a spirit of deception will eventually come to bring about religious peace, but it will be sent by the evil one – Satan himself. There has to be order in chaos to bring greater order. This, I believe will cause all men to finally speak the prophetic words of the apostle Paul, “While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.” (1 Thessalonians 5:3)

In this subtle peace, it will give way to allowing Israel to finally become a producer of the world’s resources, from oil and gas to wheat, Israel stands to truly become a nation with much treasures, so much so that its enemies will desire what they have. Ezekiel 38 and 39 spells this out in the word. The rise of a “super church” will have major implications upon the religious system of the world. This super church will be more tolerant of evil, immoral beliefs and ideas that the Bible clearly rejects. From homosexuality to occultism, the super church will pave the way to a global ecumenical movement that has been in the works for decades, but only now are seemingly coming to pass.

This is the reason why spiritual leaders such as Kenneth Copeland, James Robison, Joel Osteen and especially Rick Warren are working double time to establish this ecumenical offering to the church today whereby the evangelical church will come into a spiritual oneness with the Roman Catholic church, it is out of this union, or religious establishment which will one day bring forth the man of sin – antichrist. We are just only now seeing these events truly begin to form.

Something the Lord revealed to me not long ago was that at some point in the near future, we will see a spiritual deception (or move) occur, the Lord spoke it in such a way that there will come a false spiritual move, a false Azusa street type of move of Satanic origin. I see a day coming where a revival of genuine occult activity will begin to divide the church to the point where there will be no grey area between what is right and what is wrong. This would seem to confer with scripture when the word says that men will call evil good and good evil, I believe that has more to do with spiritual gifts and not just doctrine. Where occultists, mediums masquerading as “prophets” will attempt to bring great deception with the power of Satan, yet the true church will stand opposed to the power of Satan, exposing it for all to see, there will be no question where one stands in the future.

With the recent signing between the Vatican, Muslims and Hindu’s over human rights, it sends a signal that something is brewing in the supernatural realm that our human eyes cannot see shaping before us, and with the recent remarks by Rick Warren within the past 2 weeks (at the time of this article) calling for the return of the evangelical church to once again embrace the Roman Catholic church, the foundation of this “super” church is nearing and is at the door. This can only cause us to know the times we are living in and realize that soon and very soon the second coming of Jesus Christ is nearing, and his delay is almost over.



Fear mongering has always been an industry. Many people have made personal fortunes scaring others, and the church is not immune to this sort of thing; in fact, it is full of them. I’m talking about the people who constantly sell negativity and catastrophe, all the while preying on people’s emotions for the sole purpose of taking their money and giving them nothing valuable in return. In this case, we look no further than to Jim Bakker.

I need to make this very clear that in no way am I denigrating nor attacking Jim Bakker, the man as I am more addressing Jim Bakker the preacher and his teaching. The word says in 2 Peter 2:3 ” And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” So what’s wrong with Jim Bakker and his push in selling Tribulation food? It’s based on fear.

Fear is a very powerful spirit, it’s one of the most often used spirits by Satan against both the saved and unsaved. When fear roots itself in the spirit of man, what occurs then is the person’s actions are not guided by logical thinking, or in the case of a born again believer, by the Spirit of God, but their actions are made based on a spirit of fear. For the believer, God has not ever, to this day, given the body of Christ a spirit of fear, 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” Yet because of fear and words laced with the same, believers equally become caught up in the rush of decision making, leaving out the direction of the Holy Spirit and substituting it with decisions made by the flesh, under the leading of the spirit of fear. This is not just wrong, it’s sin, because we are a new creature in Christ and because of our newness of being, we are guided (or should be) by the Holy Spirit, not by flesh. Yet, there are some who capitalize on this as a means to make money and this is where we will focus on Mr. Bakker.

Jim Bakker’s whole position when he comes speaking about the end times is where will the believer get food when the world is faced with the greatest trial known to man. It equally must be understood that Bakker does not hold to the teaching of a pre-tribulation rapture event, he has made it known that he is post-tribulation. That is to say, he (Bakker) believes that the church will go through the entire 7 year period where famine, wars, the mark of the beast will be subject to the Christian, and while that is his theological position and his right to it, where he errors in his actions is when he uses the future events as a means to an economic end. What I’m trying to say is, he’s making money (and a lot of it) off the hope that he will scare enough people into purchasing food to wait out this terrible time of Jacobs trouble. The problem is not so much is Jim right in his theological position, that’s not even the issue, the issue at hand is, is Jim Bakker right in his using a future situation to make a profit off of the people? The answer is no! He is not.

The truth is this, it all comes down to in whom will you trust? Will you trust a man whose only a man for your needs to be met? Or will you trust God? Think about it, what if someone is not financially able to buy 25 year life food? What about them? Where is their hope? Are we now dividing the line between the haves and the have not simply based on economic class? In other words, are the only ones who will “survive” some apocalyptic event in the future will be those who had the money to buy tribulation food? What does that say about God then? Is he not able to provide for his people in a time of hardship? The answer is yes! God will and shall provide for his people, regardless of what comes.

That’s the problem Jim Bakker is rejecting, complete reliance on God, but rather a dependence on self. That is the problem with the modern church today, too much dependence on self and not on God. When we get sick, we turn to the doctor, when we have a financial problem, we run to the bank, when we have marital problems we turn to counselors, and when we have spiritual problems we seek out the popular preacher. But never do we seek God and his ability to solve our problems – that’s the real problem.

Jim Bakker is manipulating people by and thru fear, not out of concern, if he was truly, genuinely, concerned for the people, he would not be seeking to profit from their fear, actually, he would instead be directing them to the cross, teaching them that faith in what Christ did on the cross will satisfy every need people have, not subjecting them to fear and propaganda that they need to buy their security, but trust God. This is the sign of someone whose heart has been influenced by the spirit of the world and by greed, nothing more.

Let me reassure the believer who might be concerned by the times we are living in and what they may be seeing in the world around them, God will always provide for his people – always. Did God not take care of his people in the wilderness? Did God not provide for the multitude when Christ blessed the 5 loaves and 2 fishes and yet the great multitude was fed? Did God not part the red sea, saving the nation of Israel from destruction? Did God not provide a coin in the mouth of a fish for Peter to pay the tax? Did God not provide the perfect sacrifice for the world, which was Christ, to save man from sin? If he is able to do these things, how much more will he do for them who believe?

We must walk by faith, not by sight (fleshly ways, i.e., human knowledge, education, human wisdom) trusting Christ every day for our substance. Now, Bakker’s argument would be that it is irresponsible for the believer not to prepare, but did not Christ say in Luke 9:3-4 “And he said to them, “Take nothing for your journey, no staff, nor bag, nor bread, nor money; and do not have two tunics. And whatever house you enter, stay there, and from there depart.”

The fact is, we must trust God in these last days, not be swayed or enticed by words laced with fear, but in the knowledge that Jesus Christ has done all he has done – on the cross- to save us, keep us and provide for us through his Holy Spirit. If we begin to trust in our own abilities, our own power, our own means, then what we are really saying is God cannot truly provide for his people and we need to do something or add something to the promise of God to help us when we need him, or if we need him. God will not nor cannot honor such lack of faith, and that is exactly what it is – a lack of faith. Without faith, it is impossible then to please God.

Jim Bakker is simply deceiving the body of Christ by another means to generate finances, that’s all it is, and the sad fact is, many a believer is falling for it. But God sends a voice of reason to the sheep that says, “Trust in me, don’t trust in man, or your own ways, but trust in me.” Yet many will not listen to that voice because it’s easy to trust in self, it’s harder to trust in God, because many in the church have become conditioned to provide for themselves, trust in themselves and not walk by faith. Walking by faith is one of the most hardest things to do, yet it’s the only measure by which God will honor and bless – pure, simple faith. Jim Bakker is not offering you faith, he’s not offering you security in Christ, he’s offering you another way, another hope and another plan which has nothing to do with Christ, but in self. From this run, and run far away and run to the cross.



No wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. Therefore it is not surprising if his servants also disguise themselves as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their deeds.” 2 Corinthians 11:13-14

What do you call someone who is a student of new age psychology and spiritualism? Do you call them new agers? Do you call them seekers? Would you dare call them Christian? Well, if you’re Roma Downey, then yes, you would call yourself all the above.

Recently I was coming across one of the Christian channels and stumbled upon The Jim Bakker Show. On the program, Jim and his wife Lori, were hosting their special guests Roma Downey and Mark Burnett as well as musical guest Jason Crabb. It was such a weird mixture of evangelical mish-mash that I was lured in to watching the program myself to find out exactly what was going to happen. I was not disappointed.

As I sat and listened to Jim introduce his two guests (Downey and Burnett), I recalled their previous work on the History Channel’s The Bible and how they managed to literally re-write the Bible itself, and presented another gospel message altogether. I was captured by their (Downey and Burnett) aggressive but subtle attempt to portray themselves as “believers”. The sappy spiritual love fest that permeated on set showed me that something was indeed changing within Christianity, and that something was another Jesus being introduced to the masses.

It needs to be understood by all who read this article that some facts need to be addressed, and once they are laid out for all to see, then a genuine decision can be made as to why these two individuals are making inroads into mainline Christianity and what their true motives are.

Roma Downey, a devout Roman Catholic, along with her husband, were heavily influenced in new age spirituality. Downey graduated from the University of Santa Monica, a private graduate school founded by New Age spiritual and self-help guru John-Roger, and will graduate with a master’s degree in spiritual psychology in June [2010].

Roma went even further into her new age Catholic spirituality by teaming up with acclaimed psychic John Edwards and co-produced a CD for children to be used for meditation and enlightenment, while Edwards introduced the teachings of contacting the dead (necromancy). In the book, Loyalty to Your Soul: The Heart of Spiritual Psychology,  by H. Ronald Hulnick, Ph.D., Mary R. Hulnick, Neale Donald Walsch. The New Age Roma Downey provides this glowing endorsement (viewable online) near the beginning of the book as follows:

“As a USM [University of Santa Monica] graduate, I know firsthand the value I received from participating with Ron and Mary in the Master’s degree Program in Spiritual Psychology. I am so grateful to have Loyalty to Your Soul to sweetly remind me of all I have learned. Let’s just say that I went from playing an angel on TV to living more of an angelic life every day. The teachings in this beautiful book have sent me on a journey to the very center of my own being where, wrapped in the safe wings of Love, I feel as though I have come home.”

Even further in regards to Ms. Downey’s position regarding spiritualism and her Catholic religion, Roma advocates the eastern mysticism teachings of Eckhart Tolle, another spiritual giant in the field of new age teachings, not to mention the connections Tolle has with Oprah Winfrey. But it’s fascinating to see such a connection that someone has to the world of the occult and then try to present a so called gospel message. Yet that’s exactly what Roma Downey and her husband are indeed doing, presenting another gospel, another Jesus.

Roma has consistently stated in past and current interviews that she is on a spiritual journey, not that she’s been “born again”, but that she regularly seeks a greater understanding of the world and the universe thru different means, namely spiritualism through higher intellectualism called spiritual psychology, where the mind connects to the energies surrounding the individual to gain a higher understanding of themselves and the world they live in. This is occultism 101.

It’s equally interesting to note that Roma Downey is close friends to Della Reese, the famed singer and actress, as well as founder and pastor of the church of Universal Foundation for Better Living. A Universal new age church which promotes mystic teachings and New Age Spirituality. It is also important to note that when one goes to miss Reese‘s church, its tenants has nothing to do with sin, for the concept of original sin is not accepted, nor is the concept that man is initially a sinner which needs a sinner, nor a Savior, for all men are God’s children, even the worse individual, so there is no need for repentance. Yet the word disputes this notion in Jeremiah 17:9. Yet it was Della Reese who influenced Roma as well as Downey’s husband Mark into seeking another gospel yet keeping some connections to their Catholic teaching, the combination between another Christ found in Catholicism and the addition of New Age spiritualism is a combination that seeks to do one thing, produce another gospel entirely. That is the agenda of those like Ms. Downey and her husband and the mere fact that Jim Bakker, a Pentecostal minister, who began his life preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, but now supports and embraces this new gospel, only cements the belief the apostle Paul warned about in many of his letters to the church, that the time will come when men, having itching ears, will not endure sound doctrine. (2 Timothy 4:3)

This new gospel which is being presented is what we have been warned about which was coming long before its arrival, yet many Christians, not understanding what is being promoted and taught, mainly due to the lack of genuine teaching in most pulpits today in many churches across America, is producing an illiterate group of believers who will not know what type of gospel message, or worse, what type of Christ is being presented, and what’s worse, it’s not the Jesus of the Bible, but another Jesus entirely. It is antichrist.

The gospel of Roma Downey and her husband Mark Burnett, is another Jesus, another gospel and another way, and if one accepts this Jesus, sadly, he will not save, nor redeem them, but condemn them for there is no truth in this Christ but only death, for his name is antichrist and he is the deceiver. Be warned.