A Coming Shaking to America

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized



I have wrestled with this since last night, not so much because I doubted its truth, but because of what is coming. A few weeks ago, the Lord gave me a word, a very specific word which said that “Trouble, trouble trouble is coming to my people.” Last night and throughout this morning, the Lord gave me a warning of what is coming – an earthquake. I keep hearing it in my spirit that a massive, destructive quake will come to the middle of this nation, this country will be shaken. This is the trouble that is coming.

The enemy has fought me, tried to bring in confusion but the Lord has repeated his warning into my spirit that a destructive earthquake will come to the middle of this nation, my spirit tells me in the midwest. But the Lord says not to fear, nor be afraid for he will be with his people, but there will be great suffering that comes from this.

Again, I have only stated this one other time, but something in my spirit keeps warning me that a great, physical shaking will come to the middle of this nation in the form of an earthquake and much destruction shall come with it.

  1. R. Johnson says:

    Good Move Chris!!

  2. Rodney J. McTaggart says:

    I just shared with our church that a major event was coming that would shake this nation again just as 9-11 did.

  3. Except this one is not an inside job.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I do not believe that 911 was an inside job……..that makes no sense. (respectfully)

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