The Call

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized



Well, so things are shaping up for me this year in a BIG way. For the past year (literally) I’ve been praying for direction, where to go, how to go, what to do and while God has not changed his mind about the tent ministry, still, I knew there was something bigger coming on the horizon. For months now, since last summer/ early fall, I’ve had friends asking me to come to Ireland, Germany, India and so on, even Africa. But for some reason, God just would not open that door (don’t get me wrong, those places I will go, but in the time he wants me to). It’s been a real struggle for me, because I LOVE to minister to people, pray for people, see people healed, set free and delivered. Yet – nothing. I thought I was just going to grow stagnant.

Then last night happened. While in prayer the Lord spoke to me and he made it very clear in my spirit 3 times “I will send you to CHINA.” Honestly, I had thought about it, but I wasn’t sure in the past, but once again, God said, “I will send you to CHINA and I will provide the means to go.” So, stepping out on faith (and a broke wallet) I said, “Lord, I’m going to China, but you’re going to have to send me and provide the way.”

So, that part was settled. Then tonight I received an unexpected phone call. Someone I’ve spoken to before who formed a mission team that goes into China and other places across the world called me this evening and he commented, “I just came across your name and I felt like I had to call you tonight.” And so we got to talking and sure enough, they are going to China in May. Talk about confirmation. It was enough for me to know that God is about to do a major thing in my life and I’m anxious to see what holds for me in the coming months. But it only proves one thing, if you desire to be used and are relentless, God will use you, he wants to anyway, we just have to be in the right time and the right place spiritually. Either way, by faith, I’m going to China.


  1. Donna says:

    Beautiful photo!

  2. Mathematician says:

    Why Religion poisons everything:

    Religionists have built a “Creation Museum” in Kentucky using false historical and scientific facts such as showing humans riding dinosaurs.

    Religionists are infiltrating school boards nationwide in an attempt to get Intelligent Design into public school curriculums alongside evolution.

    They are enacting laws against scientific research–such as those against stem cell research.

    They are denying free access to technological advances to women, such as birth control and safe abortion.

    They are editing public school textbooks and changing history to reflect their attitude.

    They are sneaking into our public schools with religious propaganda in guises such as “The Good News Clubs.”

    Preachers are advising their followers that natural weather disasters are caused by the “sins” of humans such as homosexuality and same-sex marriage.

    Religionists are pushing home schooling to keep their children from studying evolution and science in public schools.

    Overall, religion destroys society. Ban religion once and for all.

    • Religion destroys men, Christ frees men – that’s the difference.

      • Mathematician says:

        Worshiping Christ is a religion. Why not throw the Bible away and pick up scientific books that can contribute to the world? without religion, we would have a faster progress on advanced technology and medicine. A mere faith or a prayer will not save the poor. Its never too late to become a scientist and leave religion.

      • Because a scientific book is a book of theories, God’s word is perfect and is capable to setting man free from his sin. You can write books on poetry, write books of literary wonder and yet it will do nothing to the core of man’s basic problem, which is sin. The Bible has been proven true and correct from the foundation of the world. Faith and prayer will save the poor, the weak, the rich, the oppressed, the depressed when it’s a prayer of faith in Jesus Christ. Anything other than Christ and his word is a fallible attempt to help mankind and it will lead to destruction. The only hope for man is Christ.

  3. Mathematician says:

    oh scientific books are just theories? oh that means its a theory that AIDS is a disease in which a person’s immune system is unable to defend against infections.Maybe its also a theory that airplanes fly because the devil is making it float. Please dont promote that. If you want to know how airplanes fly..just study physics and do lab experiments.

    The Bible is not perfect. I can tell you this because I used to be a Christian. Every Christians know this but the only problem is that they are very ignorant…sometimes even hypocrites. Cant Christians acknowledge that if God is good, then why is he allowing suffering in the world? why in the world does he make us wait? oh nobody knows but God? that’s not a good reason to continue in believing in God. I’m sorry but Christians are just poisoning the society.The world is not going to end soon.

    • There is suffering in the world because of sin. There is suffering in the world because God gave man freewill. Yet, there is also kindness, peaceful loving people as well. Strange you never mentioned that – only the evil. God is good because he uses these things to remind us that the only hope for mankind is the Christ and what he did on the cross. He is YOUR only hope. AIDS is a direct result of sin. Sickness is a result of fallen man and his willful sin. Yet there is healing in Christ. Your problem is you have left the only hope there is – Jesus Christ.

  4. Mathematician says:

    please elaborate on how AIDS is the direct results of sin. I still believe in freedom of religion as long its being kept as spiritual and religionist avoid imposing their beliefs and being subjective on society.

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