The Coming World Currency – prophecy

Posted: January 14, 2013 in Uncategorized



I was at rest this evening when the spirit of the Lord came upon me and spoke to me, revealing what I will say now. There is much discussion in the world and in the church of what is happening in our nation as well as europe regarding the economy. Here is what God spoke to me tonight, “I have placed my hand upon the world’s economy and it shall NOT collapse for a season, when that season has ended, then shall I lift my hand off of it and it shall come to ruin and a new system shall emerge.”

God has reminded me yet again, HE is in control, not bankers, not Obama, not the world leaders, but HE is in control and until God’s purpose is concluded, then and only then shall the end (of our economic system) shall come to a close. The reason is simple, God is keeping his hand upon the world’s economy so that the GOSPEL can be preached in ALL the world – THEN and ONLY then shall he remove his hand from off of this world’s system of economic growth and the collapse will come. I must state this, when the time of that season has come, the worlds economy will collapse and we will all see it happen, and out of it shall arise the beast system which will lead us into a world Government and a world currency.



  1. teresa barteau says:

    How long is a season?

    • Sometimes a season can be 20 years, sometimes less. When Agabus spoke of the coming famine/drought, it took 10 years to come to pass. In that occurrence it took 10 years from the time the prophecy was uttered, to coming into reality. God always gives his people time to prepare for what is coming.

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