I’m not sure why I’m being given these dreams and words from the Lord, but last night, I found myself standing in a room, a Presidential room – I was in the Oval office.

The room was darkened, except for what appeared to be a large, long table that resembled a desk. Above the large desk, which I believe was in fact the President’s desk, was a small stool, a place where you would kneel to pray. There was a soft, but yet radiant light that shown down upon the desk as well as the kneeling stool. I then could see, beyond the light, past the desk, people, of all races and creeds as if I was looking down at an assembly of a nation who were all waiting it seemed for a word.

As I stood off to the side, entered one Barack Obama. He stood outside the light, within the darkness but his attention was not on me, but the desk and stool before him. He never spoke a word throughout this dream, but he was fixed on the desk before him, it was almost like he was rejecting the light, specifically the light. That’s when the dream took a deeper meaning.

While I was watching President Obama, there came other men – great men of all ages and degrees. These were all former Presidents of the United States. Each President came in silently before the large desk and knelt down underneath the light and prayed – every one. The last person was Former President George W. Bush who, like the others, came in silently, knelt down and prayed for direction.

I looked at Obama, he had a genuine dislike for what was being displayed and yet, he refused to kneel down and seek God. Then I heard it spoke to my spirit and here was what was said, “He (Obama) will not seek the wisdom of God, but the foolishness (or wisdom) of men.”

There is no question, this President is being directed by evil spirits for one specific purpose – to lead this nation into a one world order the Bible foretold was coming. His (Obama’s) quest to support gay marriage, his dislike of Israel, his hatred toward anything remotely to do with traditional Christianity is very clear. President Obama is a man with a dark purpose, and that purpose is to remove what little hedge God has placed over America, and bring her to destruction. We must continue to warn and prepare for the worse, but equally look up, for soon our redeemer will return and set all things back in order. But until then, we will face great difficulties and tribulation, but fear not! God is ever with us.





  1. Good discussion here. I’m glad we’re having it and really listening to each other. I was moved to compose this slam-style piece, for the first graders. I hope it’s ok to post it here –

  2. ajc says:

    Very few past presidents were much on prayer. This dream was nothing but ridiculous. As we all know now, Obama turned out to be a decent man and a good president. Did you really have this ridiculous dream? Are you making this stuff up? Are you possibly on medication which might be causing these dreams. Seriously, one strange dream after another and none of them make sense. ajc

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