The Gay Pastor – The New Face of Christianity

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It’s happening more than you think and often times it happens and no one even knows it. Yet, in many cases, it happens and everybody knows it but they won’t or don’t say a word about it, they just let it go. What I’m referring to is the increasing number of Christian Pastors who are coming out as homosexual and filling the pulpits across America.

A recent Gallup poll showed that over 53% of Christians have no problem with homosexual Pastors, while only 39% rejected the idea. Pew and Research showed that even more evangelical believers are beginning to show acceptance of not only gay marriage (nearly 61%) but many would consider sitting under a gay pastor.

Whether we want to address the problem or not, the church (the body of Christ) must confront this problem which is beginning to spread across our nation, much less the world and that is the growing number of men (and some women) who are Pastors within the church body, shepherds within the flock who are coming out of the prayer closet as homosexuals, and even worse, many are filling the pulpits who are secretly gay and living life on the “down low”.

What is happening in the church that a Denomination or group would not only allow someone who is openly gay, but act like it’s nothing? The answer can be found in the word of God, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;” 2 Timothy 4:3

We are witnessing the fulfillment of the word in relation to the homosexual lifestyle within the church. From gay Pastors to gay worship leaders and church workers, the rise of the counter social movement towards the homosexual lifestyle is not just a glimpse of a coming future – it’s already here.

You might ask yourself how did this come to be? What could have happened that would have allowed the church to begin to accept homosexuals within its walls? The answer is simple – we stopped preaching the cross. When the church breaks away from the foundational truths found in the word, fails to hold the standard which we as believers must go by, rejects to expose the infestation of corruption regarding sin, liberalism and anything which leads to a liberal lifestyle, then its only a matter of time before the standard begins to crack, and before you know it, the walls begin to fall. We can see the results of that in the increase of the acceptance of gay marriage in our nation, especially in the church through its young people.

The new face of Christianity will not only be homosexuals as its Pastors, but within 20 years, this argument against gays and marriage will be a thing of the past. So goes the nation, so goes the church. Today, the media is filled with examples of evangelical Pastors, Christian singers who are either openly gay or quietly waiting in the wings for the day that they can come out and announce to the world of their sexuality, even though it reeks a foul stench in the nostrils of God. Yet many other examples have been found in the very public lives of some well known television preachers/pastors who have gotten caught in sex scandals with either underage boys, or who had found themselves in the sinister love triangles of fornication with same sex partners, many of which were their own flock.

When NewsWeek, Time magazine and the media announced that President Barack Obama was the first “gay” President of the United States, they did so by not suggesting that Obama was gay, but that his entire agenda was to support the gay lifestyle, namely give homosexuals the legal standing as married couples. This “crusade” Obama is waging on the hearts and minds of Americans seem to be working as States, all across America, are lining up to give gays the right to marry. Even now (at the writing of this article) the U.S. Supreme Court is weighing the matter of gay marriage, and with several liberal justices, and one lesbian (Kagen), it seems that the writing is on the wall – gay marriage is here to stay.

So what will the new face of Christianity look like in 25 years? It will resemble everything God opposes. From new age teachers and preachers, to leaders of different religions like Mormons and Scientologists to rabbi’s and priests to pagan followers. Still, this apostasy cannot be complete until this spiritual bastard family unit brings in the final piece to the great end time apostasy – the gay pastor.

With so many evangelical Denominations either caving in on the concept of gay marriage, or fighting back the wave of perversion within their own camp, the spirit of homosexuality is fast sweeping all in this demonic tsunami of perversion and only those who are willing to stand against this tide of perversion will stand, and it will be only due to God’s protecting power. But make no mistake, the era of the gay pastor is here, he is coming and what he brings is death.


Christopher Gregory







  1. ajc says:

    Most of the pastors I know aren’t gay – they are adulterers.

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