Beware the Jezebel

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“Beware the Jezebel, for she is the Devils Daughter” — unknown


There is a spirit which is so seductive, so enticing, so charming, that one touch, one embrace will leave the believer bound to its charms and ultimately, their death. This spirit to which I refer to is the spirit of Jezebel, and it is slipping within the church like never before.

There is a story found in 1 Kings chapter 18, where the great prophet Elijah rounded up 450 prophets of Baal and gathered them at the place called Mount Carmel. It was here that the prophet of God put them to the test, the servant of Jehovah versus the servants of Baal. 450 prophets would be slaughtered, but it would be Jezebel who, upon hearing of this news, would begin to execute the lives of many of God’s prophets and put one of the most dedicated, tested and endued prophet of God on the run for his life. Elijah, having seen God move in many ways, from raising the dead, calling fire down from heaven, holding back the rain for 3 years and pronouncing life to a widow and her son who, by his own promise her barrel of meal and vessel of oil would not run empty, ran for his life from a woman.

Today, that same spirit is seducing, and ultimately destroying lives, especially with the servants of God. We can see that with the associations of many preachers who, for whatever reason, are embracing Jezebel and yet what they do not understand is that Jezebel, like of old, is seeking to have them slain. Unlike Jezebel of old, there are no altars of Baal today, at least not as in relation to the past, nor are her prophets of Asherah throughout the land. Yet, this same spirit of Jezebel is slaying many on the altars of a new modern altar, the altar of compromise.

Recently, several popular preachers, both pastors of large evangelical churches, both distinguished as popular speakers, both motivational speakers, both having a large, worldwide following, have recently found themselves aligning with Oprah Winfrey, a promoter of new age mysticism and witchcraft. Yet, these two well known preachers, servants of God, have become seduced by the spirit of Jezebel, and while they embrace her seductive teachings, she is slowly entangling them in the coils of her tentacles as she laughs at the sight, and hell laughs with her.

The spirit of Jezebel is one of such danger that unless we both know and understand its methods, characteristics, it will be impossible to recognize it, but once it is recognized, then and only then we can rebuke it and force it back into the pit of hell where it has risen from.

Some of these traits are:

1. Jezebel always seeks to eliminate the prophets and the true prophetic.

2. Jezebel will surround herself with false prophets or those who speak falsely (lies).

3. Jezebel wants others to do her dirty work – she wants you not to recognize when she is at work.

4. Talks in confusion.

5. Volunteers for anything, even though they are not properly trained or they are not called.

6. Takes credit for everything.

7. Lies. It lies about everything and everyone.

8. It tries to seduce servants of God thru sexual enticements.

9. Complements under a false agenda.

10. Controls. Jezebel is the master of control.

I have faced some of these characteristics myself and the only way I had the ability to understand and know what I was dealing with was thru and by the Holy Spirit. Yet many within the church are becoming seduced, slowly falling into the arms of Jezebel without a whimper, and if they do not recognize and shake themselves, they will fall victim to its power and destruction will not be far behind.

Beware the Jezebel spirit, for she is the Devils Daughter is words not only to live by, but to be forewarned of.


Christopher Gregory











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