A Prophetic Warning to America

Posted: February 25, 2013 in Uncategorized



I asked the Lord while in prayer what lay in store for this nation, what is the future and God began to reveal to me what the signs of her demise shall be.

Because we, as a people, relish in our sins, we flaunt them openly, we show no remorse for our evil and permissive ways, God is about to shake this nation to the core. America shall be divided, not only thru economic means (rich vs poor), inflation, economic trouble, but a literal divide shall come through the means of a natural disaster and that something will be an earthquake. It shall occur within the heartland of the midwest.

But this will only be one part of judgment. For the Lord spoke and revealed that because we love our lust, our open sexual perversion, because this nation relishes its fornication, the Lord says he shall bring upon this nation a NEW disease. This disease will affect every man, woman and child and it will stem from sexual immorality. God says that the nations best doctors, scientists and medical ingenuity will not hinder this disease from claiming many, and it shall indeed claim many lives. What AIDS was in the early 80s, this disease will surpass it and become the #1 killer in America and the world’s best medical leaders will not know how to deal with this disease. But God sent it.

The Lord says that because we relish in our greed, we will be consumed by it. Greed shall overcome this nation and it shall cripple it, how I do not know only that our enemies shall take advantage and ruin us.

The Lord says that America has turned her back against him, they reject his word, they reject his ways and they shall not change. So he shall reject them. The space to repent is nearing its end for this nation. America was given much, and much shall be required. We embrace immorality, perversion, fornication, false religions and false teachings and we want it so. So the Lord shall give us what we desire – destruction.

America will not stand. Her power will yield to the coming beast and at the foot of the image of the beast, shall America bow, she shall worship the beast says the Lord. But my people, my people says the Lord, will not suffer for her great evil, though it (judgment) will rest around us, the Lord will use this as a tool to show the people his love and many will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Yet many more will not. Yet the church will be victorious.

America is under judgment and her shaking is growing more intensely. As the flicker of light shall continue under the weight of the evil around us, that flicker of light will be encompassed but it will not overtake it, but the road will be much harder for the believer.

America has much to answer for and her future has been sealed, opinions, beliefs and doctrines will not, nor shall not change the mind of God – this will come.

Christopher Gregory


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