Contaminated by the Spirit of this World

Posted: February 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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“Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” 1 John 2:15

There is a reason why God is reminding us to not associate ourselves with this world, or the things in it (to separate if you will) for that spirit of this world, which is Antichrist, is becoming more open and more clear now than every before. Let me give some examples how things have changed in recent years.

When American Idol came on the scene, introducing millions to what was nothing more than a national singing contest, it started out innocent enough with its bubblegum flavored entertainment, middle America appeal, quirky judges and something that, for the most part, was family entertainment. That was the hook Satan played – and it worked.

As soon as Satan convinced millions of Parents and families – even Christians, that American Idol was nothing more than plain old “family” fair, then the mask slowly began to be removed and a more sinister face began to appear. Within the second season, the show began to be more “current”, like a well planned attack, the promotion of sex, the promotion of hedonism and the introduction of homosexuality began to become normal on the show. Compared to when the show first started, American Idol began to showcase blatant homosexuals, transvestites and lesbians to a level that many felt curious about why the shows Producers would encourage such antics in the first place, when knowing that millions of American families would be watching the show?

Notice the warning the Apostle Paul warns us about in 2 Corinthians 11:14 “And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” Satan is a master deceiver. His entire purpose is to deceive. This is why people get caught up into things at first, because Satan projects something which seems innocent and harmless, but allow it to saturate ones life, and before they know it, they too will become immune to the warnings God is trying to send them to break away from such a deception.

So why use popular entertainment like AI? The answer is simple – Satan used this gimmick to bring about his plan to normalize homosexuality. There is an equally interesting sub-plot to this and that is how American Idol was on the threshold of bringing about “change” when it came to sexual identity in the matters of gay rights. When American Idol started the push for more diversity within its framework, the nation itself was equally going through a time of moral transition of beginning to embrace the homosexual movement, the fact is, American Idol was more than just a mere singing contest, it was the flagship to help condition America to the coming social change which we are now seeing being reaped – the reaping of gay rights.

Even motion pictures, television programs and sports events have become much more darker in recent years that it’s becoming almost impossible for the believer to participate in its glorification of ungodliness and perversion.

One of the most celebrated sports stars in racing (Danica Patrick) whose sole accomplishment is her beauty, is glorified by way of sexual sensuality. In recent weeks (at the time of this article) she found herself divorcing her husband, only to then be revealed that she was having an affair with one of her teammates. Yet, she is glorified, celebrated, admired by young girls as their role model. For the record, Danica Patrick is not a role model, her conduct as a human being is not only detestable, but destructive. Yet, how many believers continue to partake of Nascar which is becoming more and more celebrating to immorality, blood lust and violence, on and off the track?

Our world is changing, the system of this world and all its components are gearing up for a new model of behavior and we, as believers, are going to have to make a choice, do we continue to partake of this world’s pleasures? Or are we going to do as God has said and “Come out from among them and be ye separate?”

The world, it’s entertainment, its politics its social policies are becoming more and more hostile to evangelical Christianity and why shouldn’t it? It hates everything we stand for! But more than this, the world is beginning to set the stage for a new world system, a new world environment where everything Christians hold dear, will be considered false and hateful and everything we as believers cherish, will be scorned.

The fact is, one cannot remain in the bed of idolatry and expect God’s blessings. As things begin to wrap up, the time is soon approaching where Christians are literally going to have to decide which ideology do they want? Do they want the God of this world, it’s fun, it’s entertainment, it’s music, it’s literature? Or will they say as Paul did in Phillip. 3:8 and count it all as dung? The choice will be yours to make. The fence riding many Christians are doing today is about to come to an end and depending on which side of the fence you fall to, will depend where you’ll spend in eternity.

Christopher Gregory



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