The End of the era of Hollywood Ministries

Posted: March 5, 2013 in Uncategorized


Television is a great tool to preach and teach the gospel, but it cannot take the place of personal, one on one relationships. The internet is a wonderful tool as well which serves the same purpose, but it falls short of human interaction. These mediums are simply forms of communication, but the real strength of Christ comes when we serve humanity face to face.

Too many times we’ve allowed personalities, ministry empires to be constructed to take the gospel across the world, but God never intended this. Jesus told each of us to “go ye out into all the world”, so why should we leave the balance of ministry to the “big guys”? Isn’t that the problem that got us into this problem to begin with? Relying on big names with massive egos and the constant need to beg for millions of dollars each month under the threat their “ministry” will fade away? And what if they did go off the air? Would we be better off? I say we would – and they should!

I have said this before, but the era of big name ministries and their fortune 500 empires are coming to an end. This is why many today are struggling to maintain the level of public exposure just to stay on television. Yet God has another agenda in store – you and me, to take this gospel into all the world. To be honest, God never called us to build massive empires under the guise of “ministry”; Big money, Corporate donations, CEO Pastors and starlet personalities have sadly pushed the gospel to the backseat and instead gave us men and women that could not handle the pressure of success and brought us scandal, idolatry, immorality and false teaching. The truth is, they are the product of our own creation. Why? Because we wanted Hollywood preachers instead of desert prophets. We wanted glitz and glamor over trials and preservation. We wanted style over substance, fame over meekness, pride over humility. This is the pattern of the modern church today and oh how we want it so.

When preachers and Christian networks have to resort to manipulating the people to give in exchange for merchandise like expensive gifts, ipads, tablets, jewelry and magic potion oils, we’ve lost the concept of giving out of love and support. When we desire to see our favorite pastor dwell in luxury while the majority of believers in that same body of believers are not making ends meet, there is something wrong.

This is why many ministries today hate the internet and social media, actually, if popular preachers who are on tv (all of them) had their ability to cut the internet plug, they would – why? Because they understand that since the expansion of the web and the growth of social media, personal websites, YouTube and Twitter, the fight for dominance and more importantly – money, not to mention teaching, is creating a literal fight for every person with a dollar to spare. The truth is, the big boys realize that their ability to control the message and the gospel is no longer under their thumb.

The evangelical church for years has scorned and blasted the Catholic church (and rightly so) for suppressing the truth from its own people, but haven’t we done the same in the past? During the 80’s and 90’s only the preachers with the most money could afford to take their ministry on television and radio, although radio was much cheaper, still, if you wanted to be apart of the big game and run with the big dogs, it would cost you money to do so. But that glass ceiling was shattered with the introduction of the internet and social media.

The truth remains, God calls each of us to go out and preach the gospel and it’s literally become more affordable today to do that than ever before, actually, virtually less than television and the ability to reach people today thru mediums such as the web is far more greater than the traditional mans of the past (i.e., television). The simple fact is, the old ways of winning the lost are going back to God’s original plan – people with hands on work. God simply is breaking the past barriers that have held up the gospel from reaching the masses and he’s doing it without the need of big name personalities and that’s a good thing.

Christopher Gregory

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