The Coming Pope – A Coming Deception Prophecy

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Uncategorized



For most of the morning and mid-afternoon God has been dealing with my spirit, but I was not sure why – as I asked the Lord what was going on, I felt an impression that it was about the coming Pope. Something has been bugging me about this announcement, something I was not sure why God would stir within me as to why? Today I believe I have that answer.

The Lord spoke this into my spirit about this new Pope “Confusion and Deception”. Here is what the Lord spoke to me about this man – “He will bring confusion to the people by the deception in his words.”

Do not be surprised if he is a young man or “younger” man from the past Popes. This man’s heart will be evil, dark and twisted – he is the forerunner to the coming false prophet. I don’t know how, but he will unite the religions under some sort of banner of world peace whereas the other Popes simply made a small effort – this man will do it.

But deception and confusion will come with him AND he will deceive even born again believers in some way, I do not know how. But I believe this man they are about to unfold upon the Catholic church will impact the entire world. It’s all paving the way for a mass deception that is still waiting to be unveiled.

Christopher Gregory

  1. Jane says:

    Very Dear Christopher. Absolutely, positively mind-boggling. Thank you. The Lord Bless you.

    • Scarlett says:

      I’ve sensed this in my spirit concerning Pope Francis. He appears to be successfully drawing many evangelicals into the RCC ecumenical trap.
      Signs of the times.

  2. […] just what is coming upon this world. Now, just a little over two years since that prophecy I gave (view here), it’s becoming clear that this man – Pope Francis – is doing exactly what the […]

  3. The Holy Spirit spoke to me in 2004 that the hurricanes we had in Florida were releasing a spirit of confusion worldwide, especially hitting ministers and their wives. (anyone who teaches/the true word of God.

  4. Sam says:

    It’s not possible to be deceived by the Pope if you realise that as long as he is a catholic & is head of that “church”, you know that he is not born again, therefore whatever he speaks is from the devil. He may tell lies in the company of christian ministers about what he personally believes to try to dupe them but as long as he is masquerading as the “holy father” remaining head of the largest cult in the world & endorsing it, then he won’t deceive a true born again christian.

  5. harpertwo says:

    Thanks Christopher: Isn’t Francis behind the “Interfaith Movement” ? He is pro-Islam which is an antichrist religion; “They [Christians] put forth a most monstrous thing when they say God has a son. this is from the Qur’an a book 180 degrees different than the teachings of the Bible and from what Jesus taught, yet there are many Christians today that are embracing Islam claiming that we Christians and Muslims worship the same god, Yahweh the Elohim of the Bible is as different from Allah the god of the Qur’an as the Sun is to the Moon, the Sun being Yahweh and the Moon being Allah, a good analogy since the Allah of the Qur’an has no light, he was a moon god before the Madman Muhammad took this pagan deity as the God of Abraham. Allah at one time was and might still be the name many are referring to as the Elohim of the Bible but for sure he is not Yahweh the Qur’an refers to.

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