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(This is an original note posted on Facebook in 2011)

The Lord spoke to me to go into prayer and stay there until I heard from God. I then heard from heaven. There were things spoken to me which I cannot reveal for they concern my ministry and work, but I will explain what God spoke to my spirit tonight and it really shook my spirit. I then, once hearing this word of warning of future events, prayed God would confirm the word to me IN the word itself. I always say, let God be true and every man a liar. So here is briefly what I can share.

Sometime in the near future (I’ll get to that possible date at the end of this note) that the nation of America will revert into civil war. The plight of the poor versus the wealthy will cause much civil unrest like we have never seen, nor will ever again. You will see Cities and towns burned to the ground – literally and this is all due to the nation stripping the people to where there is no more ability to earn a living.

The Government will begin to heavily tax the poor and middle class, yet the wealthy will “seem” to get by, but they too will begin to feel the brunt of this plan. What will occur is a meltdown between the States and in the end, the nation of plenty shall be brought down by her own prosperity.

I then asked the Lord to show me in scripture to back this up, after all, we are to TEST all things, and although I know his voice, I wanted a scripture to back this up and quickly, the Holy Spirit spoke Jeremiah 25:12 into my spirit. Now, here’s the kicker on that date I stated I would reveal, I was stunned when I grabbed my Bible and flipped over to the text God gave me. Here is what it said, “And it shall come to pass, when seventy years are accomplished, that I will punish the king of Babylon, and that nation, saith the LORD, for their iniquity, and the land of the Chaldeans, and will make it perpetual desolations.”

Now, notice what the verse stated, that at the END of 70 years, God would punish the King of BABYLON. There is much debate about America being mystery Babylon. All I can tell you is, if we are to go by Israel and her establishing in 1948, that 70 year time frame is 2018, if 1967 (6 day war) it’s 2038.

Either way, I believe with all my heart, God gave me a clear understanding tonight of what is going to come to America. I have no doubt, that in the near future, we will see events unravel in this nation we never thought possible. Civil unrest. We will see riots, towns and Cities burnt and people’s lives changed forever. Every thought you can think of is coming to mind. But these are things God has warned us would come.

Regardless, the Lord spoke to my spirit to warn the people what is coming and to remind them to get things right. And one more thing before I end this note, the Lord spoke this to my spirit the other day, which I will now reveal. God is going to call MANY servants home, both YOUNG and OLD and many will wonder why they were taken, I can tell you why, God says that they will be taken to spare their weak hearts of seeing what will befall the world. bottom line, some people cannot take it or stand in that day and sometimes God calls people home BEFORE their time to save their souls.

So, please pass this along and record it as a record for future fact.


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