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”If I can find 100 holy men according to my standards who will intercede for your land, I will not destroy it with a mighty Earthquake. But if I am not able to find these category of men in your Land (USA), I will surely destroy it with the Mighty Earthquake I have been showing you in dreams and visions and have also shown to the other prophets, I said only 100 Holy men who are not defiled by the American Culture” soon I will come down in person and walk among the People of your nation, I will attend your church services and hear your sermons and see for myself the oppression of the vulnerable and the neglect of the Homeless to see for myself what has frequently and constantly appeared before my Council. Only 100 Holy Men I seek else, I will surely destroy this Nation just as I did to Sodom and Gomorrah I have given out my word to make know my future intentions towards your Nation. Thou Saith the Word of the Most High God.”

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