I have only shared this vision once and I have not since, but today I heard something similar to what I saw that I will once again share publicly, it was a vision of the end of Christian Television as we know it.

About 4 years ago I was in the middle of prayer, when suddenly my mind literally went blank from what I was praying, it was as if God had erased or shut down my prayers and I sat quiet, when suddenly an image appeared in my mind which I could clearly see, it was the image of a television set. I then watched the TV set turn on and suddenly I saw Jan Crouch on the television. She looked exactly as she does currently, same hair style, same facial features, same body type – it was Jan Crouch, but the difference is, there was something wrong, for 2 things were occurring. 1. There was no Paul Sr., he was no where to be seen, I believe in my spirit God was telling me that either Paul Crouch Sr. was dead or so ill and frail that he could no longer be apart of the daily broadcasts. 2. Jan was crying as her mascara streamed down her face. There was a real sense of worry on her facial appearance, it was a look of sincere terror or great worry. But what she was saying was even more disturbing.

I watched in this vision as Jan began to sob and cry and weep to the people as she kept saying over and over, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” And then – the network signed off. This is the image which I saw that followed:


It was very similar to the old standard image of sign off symbol. Then the channel flipped and suddenly I saw another Christian network appear, it was Daystar. I watched once again a preacher stand before me in the television screen and it was Marcus Lamb. His features was identical to his appearance today, however, his countenance had changed, he was weeping, tearfully before the audience. Marcus, like Jan Crouch, seemed to be fearful, as if something was coming or had occurred, as to what I do not know, I have a guess which I will relate at the end of this note, but for now, what was being said by Marcus Lamb was the same thing Jan Crouch, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. Then Marcus faded into darkness as the station went black, once again showing the sign off signal and then the television went dark and the vision ended.

I believe God was showing me the end of Christian television as we know it. There is coming such a grand deception that many will be deceived. But I believe what is being established in this nation and across the world is a hatred toward genuine Christianity. Say what you will about Christian television and it’s founders, that’s not my purpose for this writing, the point is, there is still truth, however small or remote, being preached on Christian television, Jesus is still being preached. That in itself gives some light. Yet something so sinister, so evil, so vast, will sweep the land, that at some point in the future, Christian television will not either be permitted to air its message of hope, or, the economics of the nation will not allow or permit Christian television to run as it previously did. I believe it will be a little of both.

2 Timothy 3:1 says, “But know this, in the last days, perilous times will come.” The genuine term or rendering of the word ‘perilous’ literally means difficult or dangerous. Whatever is coming, it will literally be so vast, so great that traditional Christianity will not be permitted in the future. What the Lord then spoke to me, which comes into my spirit is this, the day is coming when those who have television ministries will say, “If only we had more time.” None will escape this. The church is going to revert back to the early church in almost every way possible, and along with that reflection of the past, this current last days church – the remnant, will face great and unbelievable persecution like they have never seen. The church must prepare itself and plan for what is coming and realize that while it is day, they have light (freedom) to work, but the darkness is already sweeping the land, more today than ever before. That is the vision God gave me of the end of Christian television.



Recently (at the time of this writing – September 2014) The Lord gave me another portion of this vision that I originally saw in October of 2013. This dream occurred three nights ago. Here is what I was shown. I stood in a room, alone with a television set. I recall sitting down in front of the TV, when suddenly I began to hear music playing, not just any music – gospel music. Actually, what I began to hear in the dream was the music and singing of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. It was a popular song, as I began to feel at peace as I listened to this welcoming melody.

Yet something began to alarm me within the dream, as I noticed that to the right of me sat a small remote control unit to the TV as I picked up the remote and began to search for the SBN network (Sonlife Broadcasting Network). I began to flip through the channels, trying to find the network where I normally watch SBN, but to no avail. Actually, that is what kept flooding my spirit, it was as if the Lord was trying to tell me thru symbolism what he wanted or desired me to know, that at some point in the future, Christian television as we know it today will be gone.

I flipped through the higher level numbers where normally SBN, TBN, and such would normally be at, but yet they were gone, actually, what I noticed in the dream was this, all of the channels that held these Christian networks – including SBN, were gone! They were removed. As I frantically searched each channel, I suddenly began to realize what the Lord was telling me, those channels I had desired to see, especially SBN, was removed – gone! It was then that all of a sudden, the music and singing of Jimmy Swaggart stopped and at the precise moment, the television went black and the dream ended.

The Lord was showing me yet once again, the day is coming where all of the Christian networks that we have today, be it TBN, Daystar, SBN, CBN, The Word Network, will be terminated. I do not claim to know how this will come about, but I do know this, at some point in our very near future, Christian television as we know it to exist today, will come to an end. Be it through Federal regulations, Government control through hate crime Legislation, however it will come, the end result will be the same – Christian television is coming to an end at some point in the near future.

Heed this warning.





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