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Well, it’s that time again, when trees begin to change and the leaves begin to fall and a cool brisk wind dances across the plains, bringing with it shadows of the coming winter. October is by far a more celebrated season other than Christmas, but what comes with October is more than late night hay rides under a harvest moon and warm apple cider, it is also a season of death.

Halloween is a tradition not only celebrated in America, but across most of Europe. This time of season, many young people and adults find themselves worshiping the gods of death and the undead, not in a secret chamber or vacant cemetery hundreds of years old, they worship these ancient gods on their television sets or in a book purchased from the nearest bookstore. It’s called the Horror Film.

I have spent over 2 years researching and understanding the roots of America’s most sensational form of entertainment that has captured the hearts and minds of many, especially children and young teens. This is more than promoting a book to sell, it’s about exposing what needs to be exposed. Currently, there are no other book available on the market which deals with horror films – none. And while this book looks at the success and hysteria of what we call the “horror movie”, it is dealt strictly from a Biblical point of view to give parents the necessary tools to understand what is behind the scream.

Behind the Scream is a labor of love to warn those involved why it is not only dangerous, but spiritual suicide to participate in such dealings, but more so, for the Christian parent, it gives the hidden truth behind these types of films and how they came about. From secret Satanic circles to men such as Bram Stoker and Stephen King; Behind the Scream is an adaption to one of the most popular forms of entertainment today, but rooted in darkness.

To purchase a copy of BEHIND THE SCREAM: THE TRUTH ABOUT HORROR FILMS please visit or click on this link.

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