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2 Timothy 3:1 “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty.”

Duck Dynasty was sacrificed on the altar of political correctness yesterday and nothing more can be done to reverse this spirit of antichrist which is silencing all opposing voices – namely the Christian voice. Where is this heading? After New Mexico became the 17th State to pass gay marriage, the next ultimate step after this Duck blowup will be the drafting of anti-discrimination laws regarding speech against gays and lesbians, the penalties severe. Think it can’t happen? What do you think is happening right now? The “system” is testing how far they can pressure or silence Christians from speaking out against homosexuality. The UK has laws already in force to punish Christians, especially preachers, from speaking out against gays – here’s are some examples:

London – it is illegal to say homosexuality is a sin.

Ireland’s civil registrars could be jailed up to six months for not officiating at same-sex ceremonies. Churches can be fined for not allowing their property to be used for same-sex celebrations.

France forbids negative speech against homosexuality. Christian street preachers, pro-life demonstrators and a Christian couple in a private conversation were charged with violating a UK law against words or behavior “likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.”

While obscene “Gay Pride” marches are allowed, Christians’ right to associate are viewed with suspicion. Silent protests, counseling and prayers at abortion clinics can result in arrests for stalking in Austria.

A Christian doctor in the UK was fired for e-mailing a prayer to colleagues. A judge ruled Christians have no right to abstain from working on Sundays claiming it is not “a core component” of their beliefs.

Parents have the universal right to educate their children. Yet homeschooling is criminalized in Germany, while Austria threatens families with taking away their children. Sweden’s graphic sex education is mandatory for children, where an 11-year girl underwent two abortions without her parents’ consent.

Christians in Europe face arrests, fines, vandalism, and professional penalties due to a growing trend of social intolerance and government restrictions and what is happening right now, here in America with the Duck Dynasty folks is just the start of a systematic weeding of ANYONE who would dare speak out against homosexuality.

Welcome to the last days – enjoy the ride.


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