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On Friday, December 20th 2013, the President, along with the financial forecasters all came to agreement that the nation’s economy is rapidly gaining speed as this CNN report indicates. 2 Years ago I had a vision in which I saw before me the world – a globe, which then turned into a coin, then back again. I heard the Lord say, “The end of all things are near”, relating to the economy. Which leads me to this unsettling news which came Friday. If the economy is indeed picking up as it obviously is, then it tells me that it will not be long term, but relatively short term, how short? I do not know. But I know this, God is in control in all things.

Back in 2010 I posted the following statement I am going to share which I believe confirms the word God spoke to me back in 2009/2010 and what is coming. Here is that original post.

April 29, 2010 at 4:46pm —

For some time I have been posting articles and stories relating to the economy and what is in store, especially with what has been occuring in our nation as well as in the EU, such as the case as the nation of Greece and the global economy. The other day I was going to post an article as well as a series of stories concerning the economy and where we are heading – then the Lord stopped me.

I have not disclosed what I am about to say until now, as I had not been released by the Holy Spirit to say what I am going to say, until today. So here is what the Lord revealed to me about our economy as well as the economy shaping the world right now. This is a prophetic word.

As I said in the above paragraph, my intention was to write something about the current status of what is happening in our nation with the direction of the economy, along with some interesting notes from several news sources, but God told me to put it away for he did not want me to post or write about this from the angle that things were going to get bad. Here’s why.

The Lord was specific and said “Do not write this for it will not turn out as you believe, you’ll be embarresed for it won’t come to pass.” I thought..whaaa? In every situation the idea was pretty clear, that things were going to get bad, even worse, but then here is what God revealed to me that is coming concerning our nation and the world. This is the prophetic message that God gave me which I have been released to reveal.

In the coming years the nation (america) will see a unprecedented surge of prosperity and wealth, not just in America, but in the world itself. There is a season coming, which we are now entering, that the world’s economy is going to grow and expand, like a balloon filling with air, this growth will be supernatural and NOT natural, men will declare that it is because of their own achievements, but this is a lie. The growth is due because God is going to allow the nations in this final season to prosper — BUT, this season will last — for a season and then shall the end come. This end is NOT the end of the world, or the “AGE”, but it will be the end of the global economy as we know it. This sudden collapse will be felt worldwide and out of this collapse will arise a new system, a global system which will set the nations together to make room for the coming world order. This will fulfill the prophecy of all nations coming together to form one economic system. How long this season of growth and prosperity is unclear, God only told me that it would be for a season, but that the season will be unnaturally extended, NOT for men to become wealthy, many will, but this is to serve one purpose and one purpose only – so that the gospel is sent throughout the world. Missionaries needing to go overseas, preachers needing to preach in Cities and Towns, Bibles to be shipped into every nation on Earth, they will all benefit from this prosperity NOT to gain wealth, but that this gospel will be sent out to the world — THEN the end (financially) will come.

So, we are about to see a growth in the economy, things are going to get better, but it is only a lull, the eye of the storm that we are in. Again, God is allowing this final season for a specific reason, which I will explain.

This past 24 months has literally sent the world into a tailspin, but there was a reason for it, it was a message from God to his church. God, at times, brings things into being to warn us of future events. This is what the crash of 2009 was, a warning to the church that time is almost up. It was a sign of something in the future that is coming, this economic downturn is a prophetic glimpse into our near future.

Now, read this very carefully, if you are a Pastor, preacher, whatever, this upsurge of economic growth is NOT for you to build bigger buildings, it’s not to see how much of a raise you can ask from your church, nor is it to see what newest car you can buy off the market. The ONLY reason why this uptick in the economy is going to occur is for one thing, for the church to spend everything it can on getting the gospel out in this season of economic growth — then the end will come and I assure you it is coming. Then everything will be done, then we will start to see the tremors of the great tribulation, for when the economy does collapse, gold, silver, sotcks and bonds will be worthless and then the true church who live by FAITH will emerge and show itself, but so will the persecution.

This is the word God has given me and which I am revealing to each and every person who will hear what the spirit is saying. Don’t use this time to store up treasures on earth which will fade away, but store up spiritual things which thieves and rust can not touch.

Again, we are about to see a great time of unnatural economic growth, months and years of plenty — then in a moment, in a quick flash, all will collapse. How much time do we have? I do not know…but I know this, growth takes time, but already we are seeing the affects of economic upturns in our nation, it will then move to europe, but I believe that MAYBE in 10 years, maybe 12, this will come to an end. But that is MY belief, but God has never revealed when this collapse is coming, but you know? It’s not up to me to know when, just that we must be ready. Preach the gospel, utilize every moment in sharing your faith, because there is coming a global event that will thrust us into the horrible events that God, thru his prophets has warned us about. But rejoice, for our time will be short and Jesus Christ will return and set things right.



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