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““I tell you, my friends, do not fear those who kill the body, and after that have nothing more that they can do. But I will warn you whom to fear: fear him who, after he has killed, has authority to cast into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him!” Luke 12:4-5

In 2 years time, suicide hotlines have seen a near double, almost triple increase in suicide calls. The CDC made a stunning claim recently when they stated that suicide has now passed automobile accidents and homicide as the #1 killer of Americans. Think of that, more Americans are dying from suicide than from a car wreck.

Just recently I have noticed a trend in our world nation where murder/suicide is ranking as the #1 issue of the day. A Father in New York throws his 3 year old off a 54 story apartment building then jumps to his death as well. A husband in Louisiana shoots dead his wife, mother in law, his boss and then turns the gun on himself. A woman kills her young child and then proceeds to blow her own brains out. The list goes on and on. Yet the question must be asked – why? Why is this happening?

There is a spirit which has been unleashed upon this world and its a destroying spirit. There is also another aspect and that is a lack of fear of death. It seems people today literally have no fear of death anymore, much less of eternity. People, who have no value for life, are showing a genuine lack of fear for death, eternity, hell and even God. When people no longer fear anything, when they take no thought for tomorrow or their life, then we have entered into a period of great trouble.

There used to be a genuine terror among men when it came to death, especially hell, a righteous fear, but no more. So much so that it was not uncommon a few years ago to have preachers who would not even attempt to take on the subject of punishment in the afterlife. But times have brought about a change. The day has seen a lack of the fear of the torments of hell. Men are no longer in awe of the power of God to punish the sinner. And whenever punishment is no longer commanding then what is left to deter the sinister actions of mankind?

When death is no longer feared for the unbeliever, when death is considered no more of an issue than going to sleep, then something dreadful has taken place in the heart of man. Jesus spoke of a time in the future where the heart of man (which is already filled with darkness and deceit) would grow so evil that he would do great, evil things. Today all one has to do is look at our current society and its lack of fear for God, hell, and death, to realize the prophetic words by Jesus is coming to pass. The warnings seem to almost echo with the sentiment of “Live fast die hard”.

Even when I think about the fact that in our society capital punishment was intended to be a deterrant, but instead the crime rate continues to rise. Not even the threat of death by injection or electric chair or hanging is enough to keep people from doing crimes worthy of these punishments. Well, hell is no different!

      1.People used to cringe at the thought of hell, but not now.

      2. It seems that hell has lost it’s demand for reverence.

      3. Men no longer fear the prospect of going to a place of punishment.

      4. Therefore, hell is not enough!

As we grow closer to the coming of the son of man, the world will grow unbelievably wicked. What we are seeing right now taking place among us is directly attributed to the signs of the end times which will release great turmoil upon the world. That’s why the cross means so much for a world lost in so much darkness. The light, which is Jesus Christ, is the only hope for those lost in Satan’s deception. The hope for the violent is Christ, the hope for the rapist is Christ, the hope for the murderer is Christ, it is Jesus Christ which is the hope for the nations.

As believers, we do not fear death, for death has no more power over us (1 Cor. 15:55). There is no fear of death, but a healthy fear of God. For it is God who designed us and created us, wonderfully and fearfully. But without Christ there is no hope. We are at the point where men will fall away from great fear which will come upon the land in the future, but for us, the believer, there is no reason to fear, but rejoice, for it proves our redemption is drawing nigh.


  1. Very sad to know that suicude rate is higher than car accidents. Suicide – every human should not do it. The lost will go to hell if they do it for they die in their sins. The believer – how are they repent for forgiveness of their sin of murder after death? Judgment comes after death. Repentance is not for the grave, basically.

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