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“Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.” Matthew 24:42


It’s been a year now since I had what I term as “the vision”, the vision was one of many parts, yet pieced together to form one specific revelation. It was a revelation of what I believe to be a glimpse into our future. When I say “our” I literally mean the world, the nations and all the people – including the church. What I was given cemented with me that many of the teachings of the last days, primarily the removal of the church thru what is called in modern terms as “the rapture” as it pertains to the common teaching of the “pre-tribulation” theory was then revealed to me as false, based on what I was allowed to see. Please understand, I’m not attacking those who truly believe in this particular position, I just know what I know because I believe God showed me what he wanted me to see, and from this spiritual insight given, I can then say, without hesitation that I believe 100% of my being, that the church will still be on this earth under extreme situations.

What I am about to state in the following paragraphs are what I witnessed concerning what holds our future. Here is what I saw:

SCENE 1 –    I found myself standing in a town square, it seemed foreign, there were tall buildings around me and I noticed that they appeared “old world” meaning, they were not American Cities, but very European in context and structure. Yet what stood out was what was set up around me, for as I looked around, I noticed that surrounding me were bunkers, military placements which contained a vast array of military weapons, modern cannons which were embedded by waist high bags of sand. I then began to notice that there were soldiers occupying the area, U.S. as well as British soldiers, I could see their insignia, their personal weapons, their uniforms, yet they were waiting in the darkness for something, for it was night. Within moments the atmosphere changed, as I not only saw both groups of troops become alerted, I saw people of all nationalities come out of the buildings, in the midst of the soldiers, when suddenly I looked up to the sky because of the loud rush of noise overhead and saw the dark sky seemingly filled with plane after plane. Then I saw the bombs of all shapes and sizes, they filled the sky as I stood and watched them fall, by what seemed to be thousands, it was like slow motion, they all fell like bags of wet cement to the ground. The sky filled with bright explosions from the cannons below, then, within seconds, the free falling bombs touched the earth and the ground rumbled and shook and I was thrown back from the percussion of their intense force as they exploded. The people were all mostly consumed by either the impact of the detonations, or from the falling buildings above, yet as I found myself attempting to run, I stumbled across a child, a small boy no older than 2 or 3 years of age. Scooping up the child I found myself running into the halls of a church cathedral, walls of stain glass seemed to outpace me as suddenly the glass exploded around me as I shielded the small child as the explosive inferno filled the cathedral.

SCENE 2 – I was placed into a new segment of the vision and found myself once again in Europe, where, I do not know, yet I found myself in a time of peace. I was with several people, there were 4 of us, we were all Christians because they, including myself, had a mark upon our foreheads, it was a symbol whose design is one not of this earth, but it radiated with light, but only those who were in Christ carried this mark. (How do I know this mark was Godly? I will explain later within this outline).

We were apparently witnessing, there seemed to be an invitation by leaders to allow us to come into this area (or country) and for awhile it seemed as though things were fine, but as I once again found myself in a large building, I noticed hundreds, maybe even thousands of soldiers who, dressed in a strange, dark uniform, whose insignia I can only say was NOT of any one nation currently, marched past me without not taking notice, but their facial appearance was not of this world, meaning, whomever they were, they were all “different” in appearance, almost other worldly. I then found myself at a newspaper stand and picked up a newspaper where it read that “THE BEAST” was making war with the church. I then joined with a woman and another couple as we were tuned into the news media where it was declared that all Christians were now enemies of the state. We were all filled with alarm as suddenly we were forced to run for our lives, this happened very fast and swift as the atmosphere took on a more drastic visual as we gathered together in search of what we were to do.

I found myself separated by my friends and walking the streets, the pavement was one which you would find in Europe, not America. Suddenly, the piercing sound of screams, followed by the rat-ta-tat-tat of gun fire shook me as I turned to see the soldiers I witnessed earlier, shooting believers. I saw women, as well as men, running into the open, only to be shot dead on sight by these universal soldiers. My spirit told me to run and run quickly and fearing for my life, I ran into the building where I came out of originally. I searched for the woman and our friends, and stumbled upon them in a small closed space, they were hiding in the darkness, fearing their discovery would only mean certain death. We agreed to separate, when the building itself was seized by these universal soldiers and we were all separated from one another. I literally found myself praying for protection as I could hear shots being fired and the muffled sounds of screams from the outside. 

After several hours hiding in a small closet, in the dark, fearing for my life, not knowing the fate of those I knew, I dared to open the door, risking all, to then step out of the small enclosed darkened space and walked outside – the building was empty. I creeped outside, venturing to understand what was furthering taking place. There were dead bodies lining the streets, they were all saints of God who died in the faith, shot in the head, not in the heart, but in the head, more precisely, the forehead. Suddenly I heard the sounds of cheering, as if thousands were raising their voices in unison and I had to find the cause or reasoning behind their shouting. I walked past the newspaper stand, it too was empty, when I noticed that the entire area was vacant, save the bodies lying on the ground, I followed the voices and made my way closer to where they were all assembled.

I made my way into the heart of the City, there I quietly positioned myself where I could not be seen and watched as soldiers as well as the people gathered together, they numbered into the thousands as I watched them began to cheer in frenzy as hundreds of the same soldiers who were executing the saints of God, began to pull something that was out of sight, with ropes, they pulled and pulled, and as they pulled more, the people cheered more, till finally I could actually see what they were pulling, it was a beast, this “beast” creature was huge, it had the form of an octopus. Yet this beast spoke. I was shocked when it spoke and it began to blaspheme God and Jesus Christ with words I cannot utter. Then this “beast” declared all Christians enemies of the empire as the beast told his soldiers to kill on site all Christians, take none prisoners, the people cheered even more upon this declaration. Yet the beast told his soldiers to shoot in the forehead, not in the heart, but in the head. I do not know why. Then the beast gave soldiers help, and with its many arms (tentacles) the beast waved into the air and out of the ground came great cries and from the ground came these flying images who had a tail, its mouth breathed fire, and they were commanded, by the beast, to kill those who were named by Christ. I rose and stumbled away from the demonic imagery, praying that God would end this vision I was witnessing. Then they found me. I was shot at, but ran and ran, when I found myself running back to the place where it all began – the building. I ran inside, the flying demons behind me, I could feel their closeness and I begged God to stop this. Then, as I turned down a hallway, I saw before me a doorway, it was a door which was made of water, I was almost seized from behind, when I ran, almost jumped, thru the door made of water and as I did, the entire scene changed, as I looked back and saw the door vanish from site. I was terrified because I thought surely I would end up as those I knew had, but I sensed something was different, when I realized that I was no longer in the future, but the present and the vision ended.


Share with whom you desire this prophetic dream and draw near to the Lord, for the time of great darkness is coming. May we all be ready for that hour of tribulation.





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