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“Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.” Psalm 105:15

If one pays particular attention in the past several instances where people who crossed into North Korea, the pressures to get those individuals out who were wrongly held in detention under an oppressive regime such as Kim Jong Un’s, such as Lisa ling’s sister, the American couple who were illegally detained, and the recent WW2 American veteran Merrill Newman, they all were eventually released. Not so with American missionary Kenneth Bae, whose only crime was spreading the gospel to the North Koreans. The church needs to pray for God’s intervention because we have a more direct and powerful means which does not depend on international diplomacy, but a fear of God. In times past, when the saints of God were imprisoned wrongly, the City was struck by great earthquakes, sending fear into the hearts of people (it’s a dangerous thing to persecute a Christian, but a wonderful thing to be persecuted for a believer).

It’s a very dangerous thing to meddle with a born again believer – a very dangerous thing indeed. When the Apostle Paul and Silas was thrown in a prison cell, at midnight they began to sing and praise the Lord, even though they had been beaten and shackled in an inhuman way, God heard them and the finger of God moved for them in the form of a large earthquake which struck the City. Fear came upon all and Paul and Silas was set free out of fear.

Mr. Un, like his father and grandfather before him better re-think some things when dealing with a Christian, because when God rises up to deal with a situation, it will take more than his friend Dennis Rodman to defend his actions, it will take the entire universe, and since the universe was created by the same God I serve – Kim ain’t got a chance. I hear in the spirit Kim will go the way of Herod due to judgment from God.


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