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““And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.” Joel 2:28

There has never been, nor will there ever be another move like the move at Pentecost in the upper room, where 120 gathered together and the advent of the Holy Spirit was introduced to all men and the beginning of the church age was born. Nothing will ever come close, nor should it. Everything which was done at Pentecost was done that every living soul after that event could walk in such power and authority because of the introduction of the Holy Spirit unto the world.

In Acts 2:16 Peter declares to those present, “But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel.” Peter is stating very clearly that what those who were standing, gazing in disbelief were watching was indeed the fulfillment of the prophet Joel’s prophecy (Joel 2:28), that in the last days, the last days of the old covenant and the entrance into the new dispensation of grace, which in turn started the “last of days” of man’s time on earth, God began his pouring out his spirit upon all flesh. This does not mean that it (Joel’s prophecy) was the “end” of the things after Pentecost, it simply means that what took place at Pentecost continues to this present day, where God is baptizing all who would receive.

So why then do many within the church consistently declare we need yet another “revival”? I believe it’s due to many factors, but namely it’s because many within the church have refused to walk in the power and authority they have already been given because of the cross, plus the arrival of the Holy Spirit on a global scale. When Christ went to the cross he fulfilled everything which needed to be filled – on the cross. Because Christ satisfied the debt to sin on the cross, this gave us (the church) specific rights under the new covenant which could not be given under the old covenant (law). Part of that was the operation of the Holy Spirit. During the dispensation of law, grace did not abound, it was the sacrificial system of bulls and goats which covered sin, but did not remove sin. The Holy Spirit, under the system of law, worked under the confines of the current dispensation, meaning, the Holy Spirit would not work with every individual, but on a select few. When the veil was eventually rendered in two (because of the cross), the Holy Spirit then came to the world in a new way, thus giving the church power and authority all because of what Christ did on the cross.

The reason why many within the church today consistently are seeking another revival is simply because they do not understand what they already have right now – the Holy Spirit. The truth is, and let’s be clear about this, revival’s never last. They were never meant to. The word “revival” is never once mentioned in the New Testament – not once. Nor do we see the early church seeking for “revival” why? It should make us all give pause and think as to why we keep uttering this phrase when in reality it was never found in the New Testament church! Actually, most popular preachers stated that an end time “revival” is coming across the earth, but that is not what the word says (read 2 Timothy 4:3), yet we are told to expect an end time “revival”.

Revival in the modern terms means; renewal of interest: a renewal of interest in something that results in its becoming popular once more. So, if we are in Christ and Christ is in us, are we not already renewed? Has not the renewing of the Holy Spirit within us make us fresh and revived daily? If so, then why do we continue to persist on the church going thru a ritual called revival? It’s because we have lost direction and understanding that what was given to us at Pentecost is equally enough to renew us daily in our lives. That’s right, you and I have revival daily where we become renewed in our minds and hearts thru Christ and what he did on the cross. (Romans 12:2)

But as I stated before, revivals never last, and the main reason why they do not last is because most revivals play on the emotion of the spirit of God and not the actual indwelling of the power of God. When Azusa street revival occurred in 1906, there was no question a genuine move of God occurred, but it lasted only 3 years and by the end of the movement, William Seymour was locked out of his own building, strange manifestations began occurring, false movements and false teachings were being birthed – at Azusa street. (It is reported that the false teaching on oneness ‘Jesus only’ was started at Asuza street). By the end of 1909, Azusa street was finished, only a small group of faithful followers remained, but within months, even they were dissatisfied and the building was eventually sold and shuttered. Some might ask, why Azusa? I believe we can see the reason why Azusa street was important and much needed, because God had a purpose, and end time purpose and that was the continuing fulfillment of the prophet Joel’s prophecy, that in the last days, God would continue to pour out his spirit upon all flesh. Azusa played a key role in the renewal of the gifts of the Holy Spirit and, consequently, it has played a significant role in the demonstration of the power of God across the world which continues to this day.

But the main reason why revivals do not last is because of flesh. People go to revivals, they get excited, they run they shout, they have an emotional experience that is very powerful and they are convinced this is the “Holy Spirit moving” and they ride that wave of high emotions and excitement, but within weeks they have a spiritual crash, the stimulus of the “revival” is gone, so what do they say? You guessed it, “We need another revival!”

And yet once again, good Christians fall into a religious routine, they have yet another revival and once that revival is over with, they go back to their lives and their day jobs, hoping that the fresh fire they experienced will last, but for most it doesn’t and they become disillusioned and some end up drying up spiritually, and much worse for the wear.

Now, does this discount the genuine move of God? Not at all. God is always seeking to give us strength and renewal in our daily walk, but it does not take a pumped up event to do so! That is why we need the Holy Spirit actively in our lives, seeking God in prayer in our personal lives rather than waiting on the “next” move.

It is interesting to note that only in America do we hear the declaration for another revival, but having traveled much of the world, the concept of revival is as foreign as the English language is in the deepest part of Africa. Meaning, it has become a staple to what I refer to as “American Christianity” which is so far apart from the early church than anything else presented.

In every revival, be in Brownsville, Toronto, or Lakeland, nothing truly changes – ever. Why is that? If revival truly does turn the world upside down, as we are often told, then why is there rampant violence in the world occurring almost daily? If another revival is the “answer” to the world’s problems, then what’s the purpose of the gospel? After all, it is the foolishness of preaching which changes sinners (1 Cor. 1:18) not revival. If revival is the key to yet another “big” move of God, then why is it that most church attendance is low in those revivals? Or the numbers of those who get “saved” seem to never last long after the “revival” has come and gone? Cynical? Hardly. Realistic, absolutely. The truth is, God has done everything he is ever going to do for the church in these last days – everything. There is nothing we need to add to the work of the cross, or the Holy Spirit other than drawing closer to God by keeping our eyes fixed on the cross and the Holy Spirit working in our lives daily. Everything God ever gave us to be a church that overcomes the powers of darkness is thru his Holy Spirit, from healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, that is enough for any of us to get excited and shout about, not pray for another “move” of God. That “move” we all benefited by occurred at the upper room during Pentecost, and its benefits have been ongoing ever since. So why keep searching for something to add to what’s already been done? If a picture has already been painted, then why would someone want to add another coat of paint to the finished product? It does not make sense!

We are in the last days just prior to one of the darkest periods the church will ever face and it must be stated for all to understand, we do not need yet another revival, what we need is to understand that because of the cross, because of what Christ did on the cross, everything we are, can become, and then be, has been taken care of because of the cross. Let us focus on that, operating in the authority we have already been given, not waiting on another supposed move, when God has already moved within us, thru his Holy Spirit, where we are vessels doing his work and his will consistently around the world, demonstrating the power of God before all, that might not bring revival, but it’s consistent to the early church and consistent with the word of God. Your revival is in the cross daily, thru the Holy Spirit, not in another built up meeting which eventually will grow silent. Know who you are in Christ and go and change the world, you’ve already got the power and authority, and stop waiting for the next move, and the next and the next, you’ve got all you will ever need within you, because of the cross.


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