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“You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons. You cannot partake of the table of the Lord and the table of demons.” 1 Corinthians 10:21

It always ends up the same way, you walk into a restaurant and led to a nice quiet booth with a window view and you anticipate a nice quiet evening with friends or family, then you notice it, your foot begins to tap to the music being played on muzak. It’s actually not uncommon for any of us to get caught up in some measure to certain kinds of music, and the reason is simple, we’re emotional beings. Music, regardless what it is, be it country, rock, pop, blues, jazz, rap, soft rock, etc., etc., it all stems from an original source, yes, even Christian music.

It is impossible to separate music from the spiritual – impossible and here’s why, everything man does, be it literature, be it creative arts, such as film or television, be it a Broadway play, comes from a spiritual source, because man is a spiritual being and because he is a spiritual being, his influence what he does plays heavily on that spiritual connection. Again, in this case music, it all stems from something it never comes from nothing, all things created comes from the creators themselves and whatever is guiding or directing that individual. This is why someone gifted in music, can write lyrics to a beautiful song and pull the emotional heartstrings, because that emotion is revealing something more that is coming from the heart of its creator. That’s why a song can resonate such power to people listening, because it reflects an emotional appeal.

Probably two of the most profound writers in music, without question, were Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Both of these men had a profound impact on early rock music and it revolved around their lyrics. But what was guiding behind the scenes which these men produced such hits as “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” or “Let it Be”? The answer will be very surprising.

Let me state once more for all to understand, man is a physical, spiritual being, and because man is both physical as well as spiritual, he is directed and guided by one of two things, the spirit of God, or the spirit of Satan, there can be no other medium in which man can walk in this world and not be guided by one of these sources. The word says in Jeremiah 17:9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” The truth is, unless the heart has been radically changed by Christ thru the cross, then the heart is being guided by the spirit of this world and its god – Satan, and worse, those who walk in such darkness, is being guided, influenced and used by the same spirit.

Yoko Ono once said (of the Beatles) they were not aware of all what was coming through them, she said they were like four mediums at a seance’ that had gathered together and a spirit appeared and channeled through them. John Lennon summed up the whole Beatles influence they had on the world by quoting Aleister Crowley’s theme of “Do what thou wilt”. Lennon advocated a spiritual connection to how he was influenced, even guided in his ability to write many, if not all of his music when he stated “I sold my soul to the Devil.” Lennon and McCartney openly stated that the majority of what they created with their music was given to them from another source, and that source was Satan.

It must be understood that Satan is the originator of secular music, be it under the label called Country, Rock, or Pop, whatever it is, if it’s secular, if it’s rooted in this world, it is not of God, but of the enemy. Equally, it must be understood the connection Satan has to music, for he himself was part of God’s kingdom at one time behind all of what we call “music”.

Ezekiel 28:13 says the following “Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.”    We know that Satan, once called “Lucifer” was leader of worship for almighty God and, it can be argued that at one time, Lucifer (Satan) was involved with music in heaven.

Regardless of this fact, when it comes to the spirit of this world, music has played a vital role in it and its authors in leading people astray. To be sure, there is nothing good which can come from secular music – none. Again, we must remember that anything which comes from a source which is not Godly and not righteous and instead is based on immorality, evil desires, lust and perversion is from Satan and should be rejected. We can see this influence in music by its impact on individuals who regularly listen to it.

Some would ask, “What’s the harm?” Well, my answer to that is, what’s the harm of a little poison? Rat poison is 95% corn meal and 5% poison, it’s not the corn meal which kills you, but the 5% poison which will kill you. When someone listens to music such as Country for example, the spirit behind that music begins to work on the individual and over time, that same person begins to think differently about things which they would have originally agreed to accept before they listened to such music.

Example, alcohol. Almost every, or all, Country songs produced, be it the past or present, puts a stamp of approval on the consumption of alcohol, and worse, it’s glorified, even though it destroys countless lives in the process, that glorification stems directly from an influence and once again that influence is Satan. Yet thousands upon thousands of people listen regularly (even Christians) to this type of music.

From Toby Keith, Blake Shelton and Hank Williams Jr., the advocacy of whiskey and sin are a cocktail mixture leading millions of young people astray into a world of bondage. This is the spirit at work, the spirit of deception. Music is not bias, it embraces all, and it that music is being influenced by the enemy (which it is) then what right does the believer have in partaking of it? If it’s another spirit, if it’s rooted in another gospel, the gospel of self, then by what right does the Christian have in partaking of its fruit? For the enjoyment? For the melody? If it’s of the enemy, then why are you listening to it?

Some would argue it’s not harmful, but since when does Satan not tempt with anything which is fruitless? Satan is a deceiver, he never uses anything which is not rooted in darkness to corrupt us if he can, that’s his method of operation – seduction. If it does not appeal to the flesh, it has no real power and therefore is not something Satan will use to bind the person, even a believer, into partaking of it.

The danger of drinking from the cup of the enemy is this, it pollutes the spirit of men, especially born again believers and it slowly corrupts their way of thinking. Music has a powerful connection to our emotions and feelings, this is why Satan is behind it, because he understands that music is a powerful took to rally people against God. That’s why music, mainly secular, be it Country, soft rock, rock and roll, rap, they all play on emotions such as love and lust, especially lust. Have you ever noticed that when you listen to a heart rendering love song it yields the subtle feelings of emotions that either sadness sets in or loneliness, OR, it can yield lustful thoughts and emotions?

One of the 70’s most popular singing teams (brother and sister) were the Carpenters, they scaled the charts over and over, with great success as Karen Carpenter sang with such passion that almost every word she sang pierced the heart of those listening. But the truth was, there was a spirit behind Karen, and that spirit was depression. Karen eventually succumbed to the demons within her own life, a life plagued with insecurities, loneliness and heartache. Satan destroyed a life and though talented as she was, Karen Carpenter yielded herself to the spirit which taunted her and she paid with her soul.

This is why music can radically change our behavior and if its rooted in such destructive, seductive luring lies, its result is that the person listening to it becomes blinded from the truth of God’s love and instead, becomes snared in the vices of the enemy. This is why when Christians listen to secular music on a consistent basis the Christian then becomes influenced by the the cares of this world, which is why Jesus told us not to do. Again, it goes back to the question, do you desire to be lulled by the enemy, even if it soothing to the ears?

The danger of drinking from the cup of the enemy is, it pollutes the minds and soul of the believer, it undermines everything God desires to build up in us and in turn attempts to destroy the spirit of God, his Holy spirit in such a way that the believer is under minded in their walk to the point where the Holy Spirit does not have latitude to work. Bottom line, if its of the enemy, it will eventually kill the believer who regularly partakes of it. This is why Paul said to think on other things rather than those things which are based on the occult (as most secular music is), lust, adultery, lust, sexual perversion, immorality, violence, hatred. “Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” Philippians 4:8

Music can be a powerful thing when it is uplifting and rooted in Christ and God’s Holy Spirit, but music which is soundly rooted in the occult, rooted in the flesh, influence by demons and produced by the god of this world (Satan), can produce a vessel which will produce a lukewarm believer, and, if not taken care of, produce a heart void of God and eventually, if not corrected, the loss of the soul. It’s that serious. So think carefully the next time you desire to toe tap to that next popular tune, because if truth be known, that tune was inspired by demons meant to seduce you and your soul. Be careful


  1. Wayne says:

    I respect what you say because of the power of music. But to throw it all under the bus seems a little harsh-I feel the power of God in Mozart…but according to this post-it is the power of Satan that has “really got me now”- sorry for the pun

    • Music is not neutral, it comes from one source or the other and we can judge that source often times by how a person lived or “lives” their life. If they are living for Christ, then that music will represent itself in some fashion to the message of the cross, but if it’s something other, rooted from the life of someone in sin, then that spirit will produce or yield a spirit of the world and not of Christ. Some of the greatest composers lived a wicked life, maybe some did know Christ, but we do know from history that many, or most, did not follow Christ. So their music, while it might be considered “important” by the world’s standard, it’s not important from the Christian point of view.

  2. Knowjesustoo says:

    Christopher, thank you for sounding a warning. The word of God confirms what you are saying, it doesn’t matter whether one respects you or not. Truth is truth. I do remember very early on in my walk with Christ (I was a young adult), one of the first things I did (led by the Holy Spirit I believe) was to ditch all of music. It actually pained me at first. But then, it freed me. Shortly after this, I went to a college for a symphony performance. Now I’d been in band for years as a youth, and listened to plenty of music in the world. I experienced something I’ve never experienced before, nor forgotten. The symphony music caused a HUGE stirring in my soul, and truthfully, it was rather creepy. It was a very powerful force. And frankly, I would never want to feel that again.

    That was over 20 years ago. Music has been something I have struggled with, in my walk with God, because I think it has been the means often used against me. I have continued to seek The Lord and have faithfully been led by Him to continue my understanding. I am concerned for believers with regard to CCM as I believe there are wolves in that industry, leading believers astray. And I have concerns about the hypnotic nature of music, even in worship at most church gatherings. I think there is a strange emphasis in the typical church structure, and a desire for “experiences” and “manifestations of the Holy Spirit”, usually ushered through repetitive words and trance-like, rhythmic beats.

    I’m not at all negating singing or instruments, I have no bias against these. I do not fellowship with believers who think music or instruments are evil …. But, I stopped listening to all music for about a month, as much as possible. I found I had more peace, studied the Word more intently and fruitfully. I rarely listen to music anymore; and when I do hear a song (any song, most of which would be considered Christian music), I am beginning to discern the affect of that song on me.

    I love singing praises to God, but don’t like the strange words often found in today’s “Christian” lyrics (treating Jesus as a lover, “calling down” the Holy Spirit, calling “God my dawg”, Jesus freak, etc). So many words are not truly honoring to our Lord and SAVIOUR, and/or they reflect an unbiblical viewpoint.

    Am I being a little narrow minded? Some may say yes. But we are supposed to have our senses trained to discern good and evil. That’s what I believe The Lord is helping me to do. I just hope all believers will be led by God’s Word and His Spirit, and not by one’s own desires.

    Be blessed.

    • Only those caught up into “religion” use the term “narrow minded”. When our heart has been transformed by the cross, then everything else changes, doesn’t mean it will change over night, it doesn’t, but if we allow God to guide us and allow ourselves to yield to his direction, guided by the spirit, then all of these things will begin to fall off. Music can be a very powerful weapon, and Satan uses it well. I could hear a Carpenters song, or a nice 70’s mellow song, or even Barry Manilow tune and I’ll find myself thinking things which focus on ME and not on Christ. And while it won’t condemn our soul, it does in fact hinder the spirit of God to fully work within us. It’s like junk food, eat enough of it and it will pollute your body.

  3. debmanynames says:

    Thanks so much for this article, Brother! I have found that otherwise reasonable Believers simply stop using logic when it comes to music! They know Satan perverts everything good in this world, yet refuse to acknowledge his evil work in this area! Even when I show them in the Scriptures that Satan was the worship leader in Heaven & that his expertise in still in that venue, they simply refuse to accept that he can & does use music to move them away from Christ! Isn’t it interesting that the one thing Satan specialized in when serving God, folk somehow think he can’t touch as God’s enemy! Some have gone so far as choosing to “hear” God’s Word through music, rather than reading their Bible! I ask them to show me where the simple gospel message is being spoken through song, and of course, they cannot. We must pray for these misled sheep, that God will open their eyes to the truth about music, that they won’t be misled by Satan’s schemes, & that their hunger for God’s Word will not be diminished!

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