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Are We Living in the End Times



God is the same yesterday, today and forever, his mercy endures forever, but so does his judgment. Psalm 148:8 says that God controls the weather, he orchestrates the winds and the rains, the warmth of the sun and yes, even a midwinter cold. I have asked the Lord why these things are occurring, why the unnatural cold that is hitting the nation today, why are we seeing open displays of wickedness in media, why the increase in violence across the nation, men, no more than 30 years of age going into shopping malls and shooting people dead, where children are being killed almost daily by their parents and then those same parents committing suicide, and why the coming shaking, which has been prophesied will occur, why is this happening? The Lord responded to me thus, “For the cup of iniquity in the nation has reached the brim and is running over. So judgment must come.”

The church is vastly unaware or are apathetic to what is happening around us, and this “shaking” that is coming will be both physical as well as spiritual, it will shake the church from its slumber and realize the hour in which they are in. Why? Because most Christians truly do not believe we are in the so called “last days” – they don’t. They have heard the promise of the coming son of man, they have heard the rants and hot sermons from the pulpits of the past of a coming time of trouble, but those sermons have grown silent, replaced with messages of personal success, pop psychology – not the message of eternal concern. Yet the people have turned away from believing we are living in the final years of humanity.

No amount of human denial will change the plans of God, what he said would come (and is coming) cannot be changed. For this is the hour of great testing, not rejoicing. It will be an hour of hardship, not peace. An hour of suffering, not plenty. An hour of persecution, not friendship. For this is the hour of coming tribulation, not success. It’s called the last days for a reason.


  1. Darcy Newberry says:

    Hello Christopher, nice to meet you and receive your emails. I am not trying to use you as a dream interpreter, but wanted to tell you that I dreamed of the numbers 40 and 9 last night, along with a ring and a baby in the same dream. The place in my dream was my former church, and my former Pastors Wife. I have looked on the internet for the meanings to these things, and find so many different things, it’s hard to know what is correct. I did find that 40 is symbolic of judgement. What do you know about it, if anything? Thanks, Darcy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    judgement happened are u guys still here?
    guess u got screwd huh?

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