“Can’t we all just get along?” — Rodney King


The other day, I happened to flip the channel to a particular well known preacher who was selling his food products as he believes the church will come to a point in the near future where food will be scarce and in limited supply. Not that I don’t agree with that particular view point, I found myself instead focusing on what he was discussing than what he was selling.

In the short time I listened, I began to hear a plea for the church to come together in unity, which sound good right? After all, who doesn’t want believers to be in one spirit and one mind? Other than Satan – no one I know. But it’s who this man wants the body of Christ to be incorporated that bothers me. From Catholics to Mormons, this man boldly proclaimed they were apart of the family of God. This is yet another example of the encroaching deception which is occurring within many Denominations, the belief which says that all religions, be it Mormonism to Catholicism are genuine and true. But it’s a lie.

Since as far as I can remember, there was a genuine separation between false doctrines and false religions and genuine truth, basically I understood who Mormons were, who Catholics were and who the Jehovah Witness’s were, and more importantly, why there was a genuine distinction between these groups. But as time progressed and the church focused on more pressing issues than they did on outward events shaping our world, the body of Christ began to lose focus on what was happening around them, as well as what was beginning to take shape by many of its rising spiritual leaders, a new idea, and this new idea had a name – ecumenism.

From the evangelist Billy Graham, or James Robinson, to Paul Crouch, founder of Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), there is a growing segment within the body of Christ to welcoming all faiths, even if those of other faiths promote another gospel, there is a call to bring in everyone, regardless of beliefs of doctrines and it’s wrong. Some might say we are closing the doors to others who want to know Christ, yet this is far from what is happening, or what is being suggested. The grace of God knows no boundaries, the cross is open to all, but it must be understood that when we come to Christ, we reject the old ways of what we knew and understood, and we accept God on his terms thru his son. When a person comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, they come to the truth and then walk in that truth, rejecting anything outside the truth of the word and the message of the cross. The issue is not about seclusion or isolation, the issue is allowing others to come into the body who haven’t been changed, who haven’t submitted themselves to the cross, who teach another gospel, who refuse to put away the false and embrace the truth. It’s all for the sake “unity”. The problem is, it’s Satanic in origin.

Satan has schemed a plot to create a world system, a world religion where he is worshiped and not Christ, this is why Ecumenism is so deadly and so destructive, it removes the truth and replaces it with another – a lie. This is the problem with bringing all faiths under one roof, because it removes the object of our faith (the cross) and it brings another object into its place – antichrist. Yes, antichrist. When preachers ignore the warnings of the Holy Spirit and instead begin to embrace others whose message is to deceive and bind men into a religion of falsehood, they are succumbing to the spirit of antichrist. That is the entire plan of Satan in these last days, to build a foundation of lies and deceit which points the object of worship to him and not to Christ, this is his plan in the final years and one in which he will become very successful in doing, and sadly, many preachers are falling for this lie.

To be clear, the born again believer who has placed his or her trust in what Christ did on the cross, not works, not in another gospel, but in the finished work of Christ and him crucified, has no relationship with those who have not accepted such truth, they are foreigners, pilgrims to such individuals. Be it Catholics or Mormons, they have no truth whatsoever in their beliefs and those who continue to embrace such deceit are aiding the enemy and his desire to build his own kingdom in these final years. The walls of Satan’s temple have been built and now only the roof remains to be established. This is why the apostle Paul stated in 2 Corinthians 6:14 “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness?” The Christian who is following Christ must never join hands with those still blinded by darkness, for the mixture is like oil and water, a pollutant to the soul.

There is a move taking place across the land to deny the gospel and replace it with another gospel and the only way we can hinder this tide of corruption is to expose it for all to see what it is, a Satanic lie. The kingdom of antichrist is rising, its spirit is growing and those who yield to it will find themselves bowing to its god, but then it will be too late.







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