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A Poem by Christopher Gregory

Everyone goes to heaven, cause no one goes to hell.
Everyone gets a pass for eternity, from flames torment as well.
Everyone goes to heaven, cause no one thinks they’re bad.
Everyone goes to heaven since God can’t still be mad.
Everyone goes to heaven, we’ll all have a grand ol’ time,
We’ll drink some beers and play some cards and smoke till break of dawn.
Everyone goes to heaven, surely God will let us in, from Mormons,
Priests, Sinners and Saints we’re all the same to him.

Everyone goes to heaven, yet someone locked the doors,
Seems someone forgot to tell the Father,
for no one’s here to meet us on these dark eternal shores.
I thought everybody goes to heaven, but sadly I’ve found I’ve been wrong,
For this isn’t heaven welcoming us, but the cries of torments song.
Now it’s too late for us, we thought we knew the way,
Doomed for eternity, our sins paved the way.

Everyone goes to heaven, what a dreaded lie it is,
for there is but ONE way to heaven and it’s to repent of our sins.
Now I’m lost for eternity, in shadows dark I stroll,
forever believing the lie that others gladly told.
Everyone goes to heaven, what a lie I once believed,
my fate is sealed, the book is closed – yours too if you believe.

Not everyone goes to heaven, the word of God declares,
Only those washed in the blood, forgiven past all care.
They are the saints of God, who’ve repented of the past,
They believed not the lie so many of us once had.
Please tell me once more, before my eyes close from fear,
The story I should have known, but now too late to hear.

Everyone goes to heaven, please tell me no more lies,
eternal damnation for me, and for those who believed – as well.

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