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Demon: A Greek word “daimonion”, meaning an evil spirit or spirits, comparable in meaning to pneumati too akathartoo, meaning unclean spirit.


The Catholic church is reporting an increase in exorcisms being conducted world wide according to a recent report. In this disturbing report from the Vatican, it states that there has been such a dramatic rise in people participating in witchcraft, voodoo, sorcery and the occult, that its given rise to a dramatic increase in the number of people becoming possessed by demon spirits. Such a disturbing trend that the Vatican itself has begun training its priests to handle the load of people becoming victimized by demonic spirits.

Case study: Gary Indiana – A nine year old boy walks backwards up a wall and ceiling as startled medical staff looked on. Child social services were called, police were called, and went authorities went inside, they came face to face with what several authorities could describe as a literal “hell house”. Where over 200 demons, manifesting themselves in open communication, alarming onlookers, where even the police officials left the haunted house fearing their own lives. A Catholic priest was brought in, a clairvoyant was brought in, and the result was utter terror. (story here)

Case Study: A nurse of an undisclosed Hospital spoke of an occurrence that she personally witnessed.  She describes a patient’s terrifying vision just minutes before her death. “She was given a patient who was passing away and had been unconscious for several days,” a nurse writes of her friend who worked in an oncology unit. “At one point during the night, the nurse went into the room and the patient was at the top of the bed and looked at her and said, ‘Don’t let them take me.’ The nurse was freaked out and asked the patient who was going to take her, and she said ‘that black thing up there’ and pointed up in the air. This patient died within minutes.”

From ancient times to modern, the presence of evil has left its mark on the hearts, minds, and history of humanity. Demons are real, and they are powerful. If people ignore them, they do so at their own peril.

The apostle Paul reveals the truth about demonic strategy in 1 Timothy 4:1, and his words have great meaning for today. “Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.” The Greek word here for “depart” is aposteesontai, meaning to slide back from; “giving heed to deceiving spirits.” or wandering spirits; and didaskalias daimonioon, meaning the teaching of the demons.

This is why we are seeing many people, especially believers being caught up in false signs and wonders. From gold dust to so called “angel feathers” to diamonds falling from the ceiling (or sky as they claim) mystics, pretending to be ministers of the gospel, as filling the pulpits of many a church across this nation and even some in other countries, all for one purpose – to deceive.

Demons are in essence, Satan’s children; fallen angels or spirits who followed Lucifer in his rebellion against the throne of God. They worship the devil, not God. When Christ encountered demons early in his ministry, he dealt with them, and they confessed something about him. “Let us alone! What have we to do with you, Jesus of Nazareth? Did you come to destroy us? I know who you are – the Holy One of God!” (Mark 1:24) Christ wasted no time when dealing with demons, he cast them out.

Since the establishment of the early church and the church age, demons have become a symbol of everything Satan is – evil. Demons exists for one purpose, to deceive, ruin and destroy God’s most perfect creation – man. They hate humanity, they hate mankind and they will do everything and anything they can to destroy those they come across. Nothing is out of the realm of possibility when it comes to the demonic spirit and its goal of destroying and sending to hell all those they can convince to worship Satan in the process. Make no mistake demons have many followers and many are disciples and they preach a gospel of perversion of lies.

It must be understood that under no circumstances will Satan ever acknowledge that Jesus Christ is eternal God, the incarnate way, truth and life. Instead, Satan, and namely, his disciples, presents Jesus as one of many equally good ways; he is an aspect of the truth; he is a fragment of the life. These disciples utilize many different forms in their presentation of Luciferian teachings. They come as angels of light (2 Corinthians 11:14), deceiving the masses with their sensual ways. They proclaim Jesus, but never acknowledging Christ as the way, but another Jesus, who is just “another way“.

These disciples come not as priests or monks, disguised as robed beings which would hinder anyone to follow them, these disciples come as something other than a religious figure, they come as something people would want to accept and follow. These come in the form, in many cases, as pop stars, music icons and wizards of music.

At the recent 2014 Grammy’s, pop star Katy Perry, once a follower of Jesus Christ, now a follower of Satan, performed an actual wiccan ceremony that was nothing but Satanic. Yet the media as well as the youth ate this demonstration of satanic ritual for all its worth.



Pop singer Kesha openly advocates having sex with demonic spirits as well as openly professing herself a Satanist.



But it does not simply regulate with pop stars, demonic influence can be found in something that is making inroads in our culture, through the world of magic and illusion. From energetic superstars of magic, Criss Angel and Dynamo are becoming trends in the physical world of magic, producing imagery that many believe, because of former associations with the occult, these men are practicing more than simple slight of hand, they are proving themselves to be grafted into the secret teachings of the dark arts and compelling the masses of their vast ability, all the while convincing naysayers and the concerned that it’s simply just a “trick”.

It must be understood that not all magicians are contacting the world of the occult, but there has become more great concern over Criss Angel as well as Dynamo who are breaking boundaries in that there can only be one genuine explanation to their strange and dark ability – it is demon inspired. 

Even Manly P Hall, an early 20th century mystic and scribe of the occult, openly admits there is a direct connection between performance magic and ceremonial magic, this is what few seem to realize or understand in today’s quick and easy desire to be entertained – people are being deceived by demonic spirits and they do not know it.

Sadly, the church is still very much far behind in the scope of dealing with demons, but it was not always this way, yet, the rapid increase in demonic activities, shootings, strange events in the sky, to individuals who have no previous connection to the occult, are literally going out and committing acts of great violence, are simply yet another sign we are in the last days.

The word tells us in Matthew 24:37 that the world will resemble Noah’s day, which was filled with demonic activity, from rituals depicting human sacrifice, to preachers of unrighteousness. Today, demons are manifesting more due to an increase in occult and satanic activity and also New Age teachings that are becoming more popular in the general community. We may also just be hearing more about this demonic activity as more clergy are talking openly about it and not keeping it in a cloud of secrecy.

The church of Jesus Christ has a great responsibility. Jude 1:3 states, “Beloved, although I was very eager to write to you about our common salvation, I found it necessary to write appealing to you to contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” The truth is this, the world is being conditioned as well as prepared for signs and wonders performed by the false prophet and by demons, not to mention the coming man of sin. What we are seeing on television, movies, in our music as well as our literature is the onslaught of demonic propaganda which is capturing many hearts and minds, all while the church is asleep in their self recognition and pursuit of wealth and their best life now. This is not how we should be. We must be ready to witness and proclaim the gospel, cast out demons and confront the enemy wherever he might be if we are going to make an impact in this final hour. (2 Timothy 4:1-2)

Demons are real, they are active and they are determined to take many to hell, destroying lives in the process, and the only hindrance they will face, or should, is the church. We will overcome only if we are willing to overcome the enemy, because we’ve been given authority over the enemy and Satan does not want us to know it, yet that is our weapon, the cross, in the name of Jesus. Once we grasp that, then a warfare will really begin.











  1. Deborah Anderson says:

    That Gary Indiana thing happened in south central Los Angeles. Dcfs came to the home because of complaints They ran out due to the fact of possessed mother. Same story different location.

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