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” And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” — Revelation 13:16-18

The following is a vision I received in 2010 of what is coming to America just before the final events known as the Great Tribulation.

I found myself walking in a grocery store with certain family members as well as with, whom I assume to be friends as I knew them by name and they knew me. Everything seemed usual, there were 2 for 1 sales on chips, soda pop, buy one get one free items, basically it was life as normal.

I gathered my food items into the cart and I then began to head toward the check-out, again, everything was the same, there was NOTHING different, it was life as normal. I stood in the check-out line and then, when it was my turn to move up, I placed all the belongings on the track and as the woman rang things up, she then gave me the total, it came to be over $20 and I reached into my wallet and was about to pull out several twenty dollar bills and a ten dollar bill, I also noticed I had a rare $2 bill so I said to myself, no, don’t use it, give her two one dollar bills instead. When I heard her state as I was counting out the money, “Access code?”

I had no idea she was meaning as I was about finished, when she asked me again, as I looked up, “Access Code?” I looked at her in a curious sort of way as I had no idea what this woman was talking about. “I don’t understand? What do you need, what’s an access code?” I asked her. She looked at me, when a friend of mine, a young woman that I apparently knew because she knew me, walked over to where I was and asked me what was going on, it appears to me that she must have worked there, and I feel I either had dated this girl or had a close relationship with her as I told her that the young cashier was asking me to give her some kind of access card. The cashier looked at me and her and as I was beginning to get irritated, I asked her, “What is this access code you’re speaking of?” and she told me, “it’s a code that you have to have when purchasing with cash, it is a number that has been assigned to you till you get your main card. You can’t buy anything unless you have your access number and it is authorized by our system. It’s a set of 4 numbers, 3302, or 1234, or something in that alignment.”

I told her, “But I’m paying CASH! Cash!” But she told me that I should have been given a number, an access code by now as everyone had one. I believe this told me a few things, for it seems to appear to me that I had not been in the United States for very long and it might have been where I was on a lengthy missionary journey, which would explain why I didn’t have a code myself. The young girl who I knew standing beside me caught up in all of this, gave her her access code, but I stopped her and said, “No I won’t participate in this.” and I asked her what was I supposed to do, the cashier gave me a 800 number to call and I went over to the side and I took out a cell phone I had and began to call it. I then spoke to a woman on the other end and she asked me all sorts of questions, and I told her that I do not have an access code and I didn’t appreciate it none since I was paying cash, but she told me that it was now a Federal law. I told her I didn’t care. I then asked her a point blank question, “Is our nation heading into a one world system?” I have no idea why I asked her that, I have not a clue, then I noticed that she hung up on me,

The next part of the dream was even more strange but revealing. As I was about to leave, a police car rolled up onto the outer parking lot, it seems I was several stories high and as I walked into the elevator, I warned the young people who were with me at the time as I was leaving, that there was something wrong going on and that they needed to be alert, that our nation was preparing to go into a world system. I have no idea why I said that other than it was to tell me what is in fact coming for us as a nation.

I got into the elevator and as I was coming down, I could see three policemen waiting for me, they were sheriff deputies, somehow they were alerted to the situation and as I stepped out, an older man in uniform softly but firmly took my wrist as I said to him there will be no resistance. He told me he appreciated that and he did not handcuff me, but led me to the car along with the other three, one of which was an FBI agent.

I was informed that I was requested at the White House for it was an emergency. Now, I know that sounds strange, but it was what I was told. As I arrived in the D.C. area, I saw many people, all sorts of people walking toward the white house, they were like me, they did not have an access card for whatever reason. As the officers and me got out, I noticed that one young policeman stayed in the car, he was the driver, and I knelt down and placed my arm on the open window of the door and told him what was going on, he looked at me with sincerity as I told him that we were being lied to and that our nation is going into a one world system. Again, this is now the THIRD time in the dream that I had heard the words WORLD SYSTEM.

I began to walk toward the Capital, there were many people walking with me, discussing why they didn’t want this access code, many were celebrities, I saw country singers, rock singers, actors, all of the great entertainers of Hollywood, who, by their own refusal, did not have an access card/code and was now, like myself, being forced to get one.

Please remember, this was NOT a mark!!!! Please understand this. There was no intention or requirement for a MARK!! This was, in my belief a PRE-MARK of the Beast!

I then heard a voice as I was heading along with the people speaking out of a large open megaphone that we should have received papers, but that all will be provided. The person talking was none other than Michelle Obama!!!

As I entered into the large Washington building, I believe the Lord spoke to me not to fear and I was not to worry, but be an example and follow him.

The last thing I saw was families walking inside, I even saw one particular man, a country star, walk up to me, cowboy hat and all and I told him this was bad and he looked at me and agreed. He had a look of sadness on his face for the America that he knew, that he sung about and the one that gave him the freedom to sing and prosper in life was now being taken away, he was just like me and everyone else, there was no rich, no poor, we were all the same.

Then the vision ended.

Now, what was the Lord showing me?

 I believe that just before the mark of the beast comes, there will be something very similar to it, but is not of a man, but of a system, prior to a man. It is a card, not a mark, so this leads me to believe that what is coming is coming to this nation only because of poor economic conditions and that something has occurred in our nation to make us do this. Probably an economic collapse.

 I also believe this will happen as we venture into a WORLD system as a whole. I believe that somehow our current debt has or will have rendered us a poor nation, for I saw rich and famous brought down to the same level as the poor in this nation. The Lord has shown me that what is coming is going to affect everyone, EVERYONE.

 The last thing which stood out to me was Michelle Obama. She was behind this in some sort of way. I don’t know for sure, but I believe, if I’m correct, that the holy spirit was showing me that Obama has a role in this to play out and that I believe what he will do is bring us as a nation into a world government system.

Obama is merely the man in office who I believe God is going to use as the one to send us into this new phase JUST BEFORE THE ANTI-CHRIST arises.


  1. Eliza says:

    Very interesting. The Lord knows what is coming and we will see what plays out. God bless you:) One thing we can be sure of is that we need to be alert and to watch.

  2. Donna says:

    I have thought all along that Obama was not the anti christ,but he is in office to help issue in the anti christ. it’s strange, but people just look at me when i say this. All we can do is hold tightly to the God that made all things! Preachers have been preaching for years about the end times coming. Isn’t it about time people start listening?



  4. Michele Renecle says:

    Excellent , I feel strongly that Obama is going to usher in the new world order. Thank you Christopher

  5. Nansi says:

    What about Christians who receive the ‘access code’? Does that mean that they have received the mark of the beast or is this something that EVERYONE must go through?

  6. Nansi says:

    In your blog, you explained the access code as the world’s new currency, Its used so people are able to buy food and other items. Will Christians receive this, later on, and be thrown into the lake of fire? Any tips to avoid the mark?

  7. Nansi says:

    I’m sorry but I can’t believe you said that. Please, I don’t mean to offend you but, we are living in the last days.Can’t you feel the antichrist spirit? The world is getting more evil by the day. And the bride (true Christians) are getting brighter by the day. 2016 is the year of an American election which will play a big part of the coming of the antichrist. Who knows what will happen shortly afterward or before the election. War? Famine? Invasion? But I know I’m prepared and not just for the rapture but the persecution of Christians too. Jesus died for me and so I will do the same. I won’t be here on earth during the great tribulation so I don’t have to worry about that but the arrival of the antichrist, I have God on my side and whether I die or be raptured. I know at the end I will be rejoicing with my other brothers and sisters in heaven. And I want the outcome to be the same for you.
    Lord have mercy on your soul, may god bless you in Jesus Christ name.

    • #1 I do not believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. #2 Most Christians who claim are ready or see a persecution coming are mostly Americans and have not a clue as to what persecution is (I happen to live in China). #3 We have been in the last days since the cross, Paul the apostle makes this claim in his letters. #4 The antichrist is not a man (again, read your bible) and will not come onto the world scene until there has come many fulfillments to prophecy, and yet not all prophecy regarding the end times has occurred. Lastly, American Christians are so caught up in foolishness that they fail to see or grasp the real work that stands before them, like over 2 billion people have yet to hear the gospel, so while AMERICAN Christians keep talking about the rapture, millions are going to hell daily because they have yet to hear of Christ FIRST coming, let alone his second. I live in China, where the population is nearing 2 billion, yet I pastor a church in China, I work as a missionary to these people, yet I am one of only a few here – why? Because the western mindset is not on the great commission, but the great escape. Stop looking for the rapture, and start reaching out to the lost.

  8. Nansi says:

    You’re totally right though I’m not American. I live in Australia. Yes, your right that we should be reaching out to many souls who have not heard the gospel. But it’s a personal decision, whether not they accept christ. Thank you for your side of the story. But here’s mine. An antichrist is a MAN. Here’s going to be like Jesus. Everyone will love him, he’ll do wonders, miracles, send fire from heaven basically a show-off. Then once his 100% infested with Lucifer (Satan). You will see his true colours.The antichrist is already here its just a matter of time when it showcases himself as the messiah or ‘God’.
    It’s not the time to argue but to show love. And great job on Spreading the gospel. May god bless you. AMEN.

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