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“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.” Psalm 9:17

Recently the Indiana House and Senate lost a considerable opportunity to ratify an amendment to the Indiana Constitution which states that marriage is between a man and a woman. The votes were there, the overall sentiment of support was there, public opinion was high, so it seemed everything was aligned to bring about change – so it seemed. Then it happened, men desiring not to be seen as backward or intolerant caved under immense pressure by a highly organized and well funded group of opponents backed by the spirit of political correctness. This not only squashed any attempt by the Indiana House to allow the people to decide a vote on this issue, but it pushed the issue back two more years, and considering the overall growing sentiment taking place in America when it comes to same sex marriage, the reality is, this issue will not have a snow balls chance in hell of ever seeing the light of day, and I believe it was planned this way. In other words, it was designed to fail, and those behind this measure were not liberal Democrats, but so called “conservative” Republicans.

Since 2008 and the election of Barack Obama to the White House, there has been a change in this nation that seems to be turning toward a more liberal mindset when it comes to social issues, namely same sex marriage. In a poll done by Bloomberg, 55% of Americans are now in favor of gay marriage, many of which consider themselves conservative. That same sentiment within the Republican base is growing all across America, from Indiana to Illinois, same sex marriage is becoming a sticking point to many a conservative and leadership is beginning to sway on the subject.

There is no question the tide is changing in this nation when it comes to traditional Christian values, especially when it comes to traditional marriage. Yet those within the GOP do not see the shifting taking place or they are simply not concerned where this trend is going. To be clear, where this trend is heading to is the normalcy of homosexuality within the United States.

There can be no more clear sign of departure from true Christian principles than what is shaping within the Republican party, and by all accounts those who have the power are secretly making backroom deals at the cost of the spirit of liberty. What this means is this, within a few short years, we will begin to see a full swing of beliefs toward homosexuality, namely same sex marriage within the party and a complete castigation of those individuals (Christians) who would stand opposed to the new platform taking shape. Bottomline, the party which once held closely to conservative Christian values will be the very ones to distance themselves from such mentality, even at the expense of some voters, the new establishment will have all but ended their connection to the evangelical mindset. In other words, all views are welcome in this new party except evangelical Christian views. This is what’s coming for the handwriting is on the wall.

The church needs to step back and realize that our values, beliefs and ideas will not be tolerated in this new social engineered society of the new Republican party, for the views and opinions of those who hold to Biblical truth will not be welcomed in this utopia of new age political spirituality. The church will find itself standing on the outside of this new political system and its only hope will be to understand that it was never welcome in the first place.

When oil and water try to mix the result is always the same, a murky mess not fit for any good. It’s the same principle when it comes to faith and politics, it’s oil and water and the results are the same – murky water. There is a reason why salt is not to be mixed with other components, it’s stable by its own right, so as we see this new political change in our culture grow to a more tolerable belief toward homosexuality, politics included, the church will once again revert back to its rightful place, where it should have been all along, separate and salty, judging the nation under God and his word. That is the place of the church in these last days, not mixed up with the political times we are seeing.

The politics of yesterday are forever gone, and in its wake there is but one growing system which is establishing itself as the system all will abide by, it’s not a new GOP, nor the Democratic party, it is the system of antichrist, and this system will cause every man, woman and child to submit their allegiance to and it will be same sex marriage that it will build its platform on. Then comes judgment.


  1. Bruce B says:

    This is a wise word indeed. Thanks for writing.

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