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Christians are being played – big time.

From “Son of God” (a movie which distorted the deity of Christ) whose producers are new age Catholics, to Noah, a complete mish-mash of stupidity that I don’t even know where to start, and the upcoming “religious” film “Heaven is Real” which depicts an entirely new age propaganda piece, which will lure many Christians into deception, are all a result of the antichrist spirit which is alive and moving across the world. But I’m not done….

Now word is out that Sony has greenlit another “Biblical” movie and it’s called “The Redemption of Cain“. So, what could possibly go wrong with this movie? Well, the producer and “possible” director (Will Smith) is incorporating VAMPIRES into this new spin on the Biblical account in Genesis. (story here) If you thought Noah could not distort the Biblical account of the world before the flood, wait until Smith (a Scientologist) is behind the latest craze of creating a Biblical story and literally ripping it apart at the seams to produce something which is a distortion of the word.

So the question is, why is this happening? I believe it’s because of the day we are living in, where people no longer desire the truth, but instead, they desire everything but the truth. As Jack Nicholson eloquently stated in one particular film, “You can’t handle the truth!”, and in reality, most people can’t. The other reason why I believe we’re beginning to see more of these films come out depicting something completely devoid of the truth is to lure weak believers away from the foundation of the word, conditioning them to accept something which is not true, but a lie. That is the nature of deception, convince someone that what they believe is not necessarily true and replace it with a lie. That’s what is taking place right now, an attack upon the Bible in such a way that it will, eventually, yield a belief that one cannot trust the Holy word, but add to it mistruths and outright lies. This is the spirit of antichrist at work.

Christians need to pay very particular attention to what they are allowing themselves to watch or read, because there is a growing trend right now behind all of these films to do one thing – change people’s opinion when it comes to the Bible and truth. If we are not careful, we too, will find ourselves being lured into the end times deception and by that time, we too will find ourselves deceived.

Stay away from the vampires.



  1. Yes, they are tearing the Bible apart, but those Christian pastors with the fund to produce movies aren’t, so Hollywood who doesn’t care about Christianity but does care about making a profit has step in to a vulnerable market. We have Christians who are not being tough the true word of God, looking for it anywhere even the movies. So it’s not Hollywood it’s the church of today, and it’s lack to teach the public of GOD and JESUS! We must not blame the greed of America but look at the lack of support that the large churches are not giving to the smaller churches In communities of all races, rich and poor!

    • The church should never be in the “movie” business, but in the soul business. We do not win souls by the worlds methods, we win them by the preaching of the gospel.

  2. jasonlovelace says:

    Reblogged this on Standing For Him and commented:
    Truer words were never written….

  3. Stephanie Edgerly says:

    It seems like these films will be worse for non believers, rather than grounded in the word Christians. I don’t have a desire to see these films and programs, but I’m able to differentiate these from the truth. All you have to do is open up the Book and read it! 😊

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