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“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:” Revelation 13:16

Things are looking pretty bleak within the United States, and by all accounts, changes are coming which will affect every man woman and child. The nation which prided itself for liberty and justice for all, is becoming a nation of aggression and oppression for many, from the poor, the sick, the uneducated, the conservative, and ultimately the religious. Especially the religious. From preachers and even pastors being arrested, to children being forced to relinquish their rights to worship or even mention the name of Jesus in schools across America. There is a definitive push within this current Administration to squash the rights of those within our society, those in whom the Government believes are a genuine threat to their ultimate plan, which is to bring about a world system not based on the independence of man, but on the collective thought which says personal ideology must conform and give way to the greater good of the community. In this case a global community, where independent thought is discouraged, and collective reasoning is celebrated. Even if that means the sacrifice of personal freedom. The greater good as a whole is what is to be desired.

As we see society breaking down before our eyes; from violence and political corruption, it seems as though nothing is safe from the spirit of the age which is reducing this nation from her former glory. The militarization of our police, who once proudly declared to “protect and to serve” has been replaced with “all are suspect”. The day has arrived where it’s no longer safe to trust our law enforcement, where police brutality is on the rise, where shootings and cover-ups are systematic of the growing opinion that the ordinary citizen can only be trusted as long as they are willing to obey and not question those in authority. This is a result of the breakdown within our own culture where the anger that is growing between both the people and those in authority (police) are a direct result of sin in the nation.

When you have two groups of people, one police, and one the American citizen, and both sides are growing increasingly aggressive toward one another there can be only one outcome – disaster. We see it happening all around us with the recent shootings where ordinary people are being gunned down without due cause in situations where the outcome could have been resolved differently. Where police officers are being equally shot and killed by gunmen, who, by their own admission, wanted to kill a cop. It’s a direct reflection of the breakdown in our society.

Our court system is breaking down where laws are being created, not by or thru the legislative process, but by radical judges whose personal agenda are taking precedent over the will of the people. When Federal judges can overturn the will of the people and thus remove the voice of the people, then the people have no genuine voice. This leads tyranny. We see this in recent months where one judge overrode the people’s opinion and will and struck down traditional marriage in favor of same sex marriage. We see that in the case where the Supreme Court which had long held in the past the right to “remain silent” is no longer a valid right. We see that in the recent ruling by the U.S.Supreme Court with their ruling that will allow unlimited donations into the political process where only the ultimate rich and the powers that be – the 1%, will dictate by their wealth, who the people will vote for. No more will we see the common man rise to a level to lead this nation, not by the vote of the ordinary citizen, but instead, it will be those who are created in the financial institutions and back room chambers of the powerful and wealthy that will determine who is permitted to lead this nation. The people will simply vote for which CEO is more acceptable in their eyes.

But it’s not just our social institutions or political structures which are being torn down, it’s our spiritual foundation as well. The reason why false doctrine is running rampant in the church today is because the people simply do not care. It’s the same reason why there is no great outcry when an innocent person is gunned down in the streets of America, why political corruption and betrayal is ignored, why our courts are literally getting away with injustice – because the people simply do not care. We have grown to simply not care anymore, and when a people no longer values the liberty they have been given, in time, in due season, that same liberty will fall to oppression and ultimately slavery. Look at every empire of the past, from the Egyptian empire, the Roman Empire, the Persian Empire, even more recently, the British Empire, they are all gone. Forgotten ghosts of the past. America is the final Empire and her reckoning is drawing near. Even now the hoof beats of her end is growing closer and closer. But it is not by chance or surprise, but with God, all things are permitted for a season, a season to be born and a season to die.

America is facing her struggles because we are in the last days, it is these last days which is bringing about changes all around us, nothing will be immune, not our Constitution, not our Bill of Rights, not our 2nd Amendment and even our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They all must bow to the coming beast. That is why every person, free and bond, rich or poor, will be subjected to a system that will not be based on personal liberty, but on control, political and religious control, and it will be guided by one man, that man who is antichrist. 

It is the duty of the believer to recognize what they see and are seeing taking place in our world and understand what hour we are in, for our time is extremely limited in what we have to do in this final hour. We should not be surprised by the growing hostility taking place around us, but understand that what is happening in this nation is because it was foreseen years ago to which is now becoming a reality. Trust me, before this is over with, it’s going to get a lot worse. I see the day where checkpoints will be on every major highway across the nation, where every citizen will have to carry a national ID that will have to be presented wherever they go or travel to. The day is coming where personal freedom will be regulated to that which is permitted by the State, where every action or every deed done, or every word spoken, will be questioned and regulated. The day is coming in this nation where the personal ability to own a weapon will no longer be valid or lawful. How this will occur is beyond my understanding, but I know it is coming. Equally, the ability to buy or sell will be based on allegiance to the world Government and her financial institution. The day of the American dollar is coming sooner than one might think. This is the hour where the tares and the wheat will grow more distant and where it will become clear who is saved and dedicated and who is not.

This is the conclusion of what was once referred to as the American way of life, and the beginning of the global society. Welcome to the end.






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