“Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1

There are times where what we have been taught is not necessarily perfect truth. What I mean by that is, there are things we have been taught growing up in the church which was told to us as correct, but as we grew older and began to search the scriptures for ourselves, we begin to see that what has been taught for years regarding certain ideas, were just that – opinionated ideas.

Satan works through deception. Deception is one of the modes of operandi the enemy uses to deceive all who cross his path, and since man is made in the image of God, it is Satan’s plan and ultimate desire to see to it that every living mortal soul die lost and be eternally separated from God in a place called Hell. It’s not enough that he knows himself of his final end, his judgment has been passed and he is operating on borrowed time, even if that time has been over eons of time, or before time itself. Deception will always be his greatest weapon.

Satan deceived Eve, who in turn deceived Adam. Satan deceived Kings and prophets and servants of God of the past, he continues to deceive the world today and sadly, even those within the church itself. The word of God tells us that there is coming a time where Satan will once again deceive the world in such a way that even the very elect could possibly be deceived. This deception, while we do not know for sure, is soon to come to pass. But if we examine a few scenes from the past, we can determine what that deception might be, or to be precise, what that deception will appear as.

Genesis 6:1-4 gives us a glimpse of the world during Noah’s day, where man was evil and wicked, corrupted by sin and great perversion. We do not know when exactly it occurred, nor are we given an exact reason other than what is stated in the word, but fallen angels, desiring to corrupt the bloodline of humanity to the point where no opportunity could give rise to the Messiah (Christ), came to the earth, took upon themselves human form and procreated with the women of men. These beings were later revered as gods, deities to be worshiped and paid homage to. This is where the deception to the first world began, the first world before the flood and the introduction to the second world after the flood.

It is my belief that we are being, and have been, conditioned to to accept an unimaginable event which is yet to unfold. This unimaginable, unbelievable event that is coming upon this earth is to do one thing, thrust the world into the final chapter of human history and into the beginning of the great tribulation. This deception not only will be able to unite the world in one common goal which will involve science, technology, education, health, economics and religion, it will unite the world for a desire to depart from the need or desire of God and his son – Jesus Christ. This coming deception, I believe, will come in either something being discovered which man could not possibly have been built by human hands, but by something else entirely – another society. Or the discovery will come in the form of a message to the planet itself. Sounds impossible? Think again.

Recently former President Bill Clinton was on a late night talk show, and when asked about life beyond our solar system, he stated the following, “It may be the only way to unite this increasingly divided world of ours… think about all the differences among people of Earth would seem small if we feel threatened by a space invader” Clinton said.

Recently, NASA officials, including some of the top leading physicists such as Dawkins and Stephen Hawkings, have stated in no uncertain terms, that soon we will know if there is life out there beyond our solar system and the means, they believe, will be thru some sort of discovery. I believe they either already know, or are close to knowing the truth. That “truth” will be in the form of a lie. The only possible way for the world to unite under any form of positive agreement to lay aside centuries of hate and distrust, is if something outside our way of life is presented to us which will force the planet to a new idea. 50 years ago this would have been impossible, 100 years it would have been impossible, but not today. Today our world is more ripe to be deceived than previous generations. Our culture is indoctrinated with ideas of super human idols, X-men, aliens, UFO’s and supernatural abilities.
From the time of Gene Roddenberry and his creation of Star Trek, society at the time was just beginning to expand into new territory such as space as well as science. Roddenberry’s vision was one where he saw the world being introduced to another galactic world where man was actually not alone, nor the first to be created. In Roddenberry’s vision, his agenda behind Star Trek was a universe where God has been regulated to a fable, a cultural plight for only the ignorant and science and discovery became god. Man was his own master and there was no after life. Whatever you were going to do in this life, do it without morals, for there was nothing in the next. Star Trek, in my opinion, has been the most influential series to date, which has done more to shape and conform our society to accept the possibilities of alien contact than anything else.
Let me be very clear on this. I do not nor will never accept alien life. There is no such thing an alien agenda as we know it to exist. Instead, what I do believe in is in fact a demonic conspiracy which will one day, in the near future, come upon this world and deceive all those who have rejected the cross. This can only be possible by bringing into the realm of our reality demonic powers whose sole intention is to introduce another Christ, another messiah and ultimately another gospel.
The closer we enter into the final chapter of our world, the final stage of the battle between good and evil, many things will begin to occur which will startle many, causing men to question their identity. This is the spirit of deception which will one day come upon our world, and once that occurs, then the end will really be near, nearer than we expected and in the form of something we have long been told does not exists – Satan himself.



  1. Great post and a very interesting quote of Bill Clinton there.
    This that you are saying is about to happen, may I say it’s already happening! More and more people are having encounters with “aliens” (they call them that for they don’t know they’re demons deceiving them) like never before and becoming possessed by them, as in this video
    God bless you!

  2. karentraa says:

    Hi Chris, good post, very thought provoking.
    One thing; Eve didn’t deceive Adam……Satan did.
    Adam was right there with Eve……she just handed him the fruit.
    You guys gotta stop blaming the fall of Mankind on us girls. 😉
    Satan comes as an angel of light.
    I’ve seen him; he’s not ugly, red, or deformed.
    Good warning.

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