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HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones is not only taking the fantasy world by storm, it’s changing television for younger viewers as well. Not since Harry Potter, has fantasy lovers flocked to a program (unless you include Twilight) as they have to Game of Thrones. In a nut shell, Game of Thrones is a combination of fantasy, porn, occult and political drama all presented from the works of George R.R. Martin. Basically, it’s another step toward celebrating immorality and occultism. Yet the overwhelming vast appeal with Martin’s hedonistic world is gaining vast popularity, especially in young viewers, mainly young men.

With its dark magic and almost porn-like prresentation, Game of Thrones is troubling simply because it presents Martin’s view of the world without Christ. It should be noted that Martin, an atheist, considers religion as the real problem within our society rather than the solution, not to say religion is the solution, but Christ himself. It is Martin’s view, which can be clearly seen in his books, that the world would be better off without faith, without the need for God as he states in a recent interview where he shares his thoughts on religion; “And as for the gods, I’ve never been satisfied by any of the answers that are given. If there really is a benevolent loving god, why is the world full of rape and torture? Why do we even have pain? I was taught pain is to let us know when our body is breaking down. Well, why couldn’t we have a light? Like a dashboard light? If Chevrolet could come up with that, why couldn’t God? Why is agony a good way to handle things?” (source)

It’s interesting to note that one of the major themes of Game of Thrones is the concept of many religions within the framework of Martin’s stories. The aspect of gods and dark magic, as it’s presented in the series, is nothing new, yet it once again presents the thought that says Christianity is nothing more than a mere fairy tale, while the premise of Martin’s world takes on a more darker twist to his occult campaign. In the third season, the introduction of the red woman engaged in human sacrifice by fire, was attributed to Moloch, the ancient god of the Ammonite’s who sacrificed children and in whom the nation of Israel fell into worshiping at one point in their backsliding and sin. Yet it is in Game of Thrones that Moloch and the red woman, who mentions the “silent sisters” which are represented as 7 pointed fire points within the series. 7 is the points of the satanic symbol of occult worship and it’s equally interesting to note that the red woman who is depicted in the series can be literally traced to the word of God itself as being the woman of Revelation, who rides the beast and drinks of the cup of iniquity. (Revelation 17:3-5)

by fire which was attributed to the Ammo nite/ Canaanite/ Phoenician god Moloch. Worship of the god was said to involve throwing children to the flames before a bull headed idol. The bull head as many know came from the house, or in this case throne, in which the Sun was residing in its procession. The bull would be the constellation Taurus.

Moreover the Red Woman makes a reference to the “Silent Sisters” whose symbol is a 7 pointed star when talking to Gendry. One could easily make the argument she was talking about the Pleiades which is a grouping of 7 stars in the Taurus constellation. – See more at:

by fire which was attributed to the Ammo nite/ Canaanite/ Phoenician god Moloch. Worship of the god was said to involve throwing children to the flames before a bull headed idol. The bull head as many know came from the house, or in this case throne, in which the Sun was residing in its procession. The bull would be the constellation Taurus.

Moreover the Red Woman makes a reference to the “Silent Sisters” whose symbol is a 7 pointed star when talking to Gendry. One could easily make the argument she was talking about the Pleiades which is a grouping of 7 stars in the Taurus constellation. – See more at:

That is, to bring into the realm of reality a world full of black magic and sorcery, seductresses and witches, all to portray what the world could be like. Actually, we have a clear view of this world as it truly existed in Genesis 6:5 “The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intention of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

Yet what is even more disturbing is how Game of Thrones is becoming popular with young Christians. The thought of any believer partaking of something which goes completely against the word is idolatry to the spirit of Christ. When a story, in this case the books and consequently the series, depicts, on purpose, a world void of temples, the cross, priests and ultimately the creator of the world, this is not an over sight, as I stated in Martin’s views on religion, he would rather present the viewer of a possible world of occultism, false gods and human sacrifice, not to mention demonic overtures, than to portray any hint of Christian beliefs. In Martin’s opinion, Christianity should be rejected and instead, the incorporation of paganism should, or can be embraced.

But it’s not just the presentation of occultism and paganism which is troubling in Game of Thrones, but the sexual themes and full nudity, as well as explicit sexual acts which have garnered Game of Thrones as an almost porn like portrayal of entertainment. Interesting enough that the producers of the HBO series has actually incorporated current or past porn performers in the series. Is it any great wonder then why Game of Thrones has found an increasing interest in young adult males? The graphic portrayal of sex, the presentation of occult themes and the overall violence, makes this series a troubling one for any viewer, especially Christians. In Ephesians 5:11 Paul warns us to “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.” It must be understood that the believer is fighting a spiritual battle, that spiritual battle consists of contending against the powers of darkness.

Game of Thrones is an introduction into the world of the occult, it praises the sexual freedom sin often embraces and lures people into a world that strips away the fabric of one’s moral compass, and instead, presents the enticement of evil, a seduction of evil. This makes Game of Thrones one that Christians need to avoid and stay clear of, the spirit of lust through images of nudity, the lust for violence and thirst for blood, and the worship of other gods, makes George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones a lie from the pit of hell that needs to be rejected that no Christian need part of.


  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I had no idea that Martin was an atheist, or that is was pushing occult in his books.

    The only reason why I read ASOIF is because of the political tale. I find it uncomfortable when it came to the cursing and sexual parts, but I usually skip past them. Personally, it is just a story for me. I read to learn how he creates such grasping political scenarios in a fantasy realm.

    Whatever it is, I believe we are accountable to ourselves when we watch a show, read a book, or even play a sport. We should know how to deal with the information the books presents and move forward from it. At the end of the day, we should let God do the conviction on whether one should or should not do something.

    • shannanclan says:

      Your argument is fallacious on so many grounds, but suffice to say that its pure relativism – in the face of – a concoction from the dark magic world of sorcery and the occult. they made the same argument in germany just before hitler seized power…when he mesmarized the unsuspecting with pageants that had subliminal pagan mysticism…woe unto you who cannot see the evil one is almost got you in the palm of his hand and you don’t even realize it!

      • Jeyna Grace says:

        Talk about an old comment. LOL. And my argument was not an argument but merely a stating of opinion and reason as to why I ‘used’ to read the books. I’m not sure if you understood my comment, but I was referring to the well-crafted political tale and well-written struggle for power. As an author, I learn from other authors, and I found Martin’s clever plotting as a teaching tool. So, how is that fallacious?

        Like I said, leave it to God to convict a person on what they should or should not do. Your comment makes no difference in my life and your claims that the devil has me in his palms is almost as though you’re saying God is not all powerful to guide His children in the right direction. Yes, woe to me, who is open to God’s conviction (in which He has done – in which I have stopped with the books and tv series all together).

        Might I suggest that you take a different approach in leaving such comments next time. Put aside the judgement and perhaps then, you won’t offend someone – which is far from the ideal way of sharing God’s teaching and love.

  2. Laura says:

    Was addicted to this series and the holy spirit convicted me not to watch anymore. I was disappointed, but I know this series has strong occult ties. God wants me to avoid anything that is not of the fruit of the spirit.

    • Amen, it’s not always easy, but some things are indeed best left alone. 🙂

      • Anonymous says:


      • spiritwynd says:

        I weigh everything against Christ. I get my answer very quickly if something is or is not of Christ. Even though I’ve never watched this program, after researching it online it took less than 30 seconds to know this is not of Christ. End of subject. I don’t need to know anything else. Something either is or is not of Christ. I’m sorry there are no gray areas!

      • Thomas says:

        I believe that the show is a clear vialation of whats right and wrong, but the respect that you give it is just outrageous, your comments above seem show that you think that show is some kind of witch craft. Which BTW its not it is fantasy therefore has no real meaning to our lives but is just there for people who want to be entertained. You might say that been entertained by this show is a bad thing but why is it bad. Surley if you live your life to love and respect god this show would have no bearing. A

    • Habiba Abudu says:

      can you tell me more how God has done so, curious to know
      – Habiba

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen from me too. I used to watch it too then they burned some people and i rarely even watch movies any more. SATANIC INDUSTRY

  3. Andy says:

    Spot on.
    You can not resist it.
    Babylon the Great city is fallen.
    It became the dwelling place of …..

  4. Tried watching a few episodes tonight. My head ached so much, plus I had such a heavy feeling while watching. I couldn’t believe how with all the gore and the sex, teens are actually into it (and are allowed to watch by their parents!) When I turned off the TV, the headache disappeared. I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit to google “game of thrones satanic” and stumbled into this site.

    • monk johanan says:

      me too! 1 episode! no longer! this is an evil work of darkness!

    • Saturnia says:

      How like you Christian pleasure haters to have a go at the wonderful amazing totally addictive game of thrones. It is my duty to tell you that your boring controlling prison religions were invented by the global elite because they wanted to enslave and divide the masses. I really had to laugh at the person who stopped watching game of thrones because of the holy spirit. It wasn’t the holy spirit contacting you just your over active conscience which censors any form of entertainment. I heard a joke which made me laugh. When you talk to God it’s called praying. When God talks to you it’s called schizophrenia. I suggest that you watch lots of game of thrones and just soak up its brilliance. Set yourself free from your prisons without walls and live.

  5. Franklin Torres says:

    I too started watching this series and boy there is everything wrong for a christian. From pornography to idle worshipping, blood sacrifices, fornication, murdering, lying, name it and it is there at full blast. Literally the series focus on these things more than the story it self. The holy spirit convicted me and I will def stop watching this garbage. There is no good intentions or rightousness on anybody in this show , everybody seems to b evil lol

  6. Futsy says:

    Great show for those who can separate fantasy from reality. If you can not tell the difference between history and fiction then please stop watching.

    • Okay says:

      It has nothing to do with history versus fiction. It is a matter of being good or bad for people and society as a whole.

  7. Matt says:

    “All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the Lamb’s book of life, the Lamb who was slain from the creation of the world.”

    Nothing new. More trickery/deception from Satan and his agents. By their fruits, you will know them. There are many warning signs in these books, that reveal a hidden, deeper meaning-meanings and themes which should be avoided by Christians. In Christ there is no lie-he is truth itself. These lying tales, are nothing more than literary indoctrinations, into the new God-less world. Remember, the eyes are the windows to the soul. By subjecting yourself to such things, you become a partaker in it.

  8. Danielle says:

    Thank God someone has some sense to see through all of this !! Thank You Holy Spirit too!!

  9. Rev Al says:

    Just reading GofT book at the moment because I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I’m a fan of Lord of the Rings which is also full of fantasy and magic. When I compare the two, although I think Martin is very good at character development and plot every bit as much as Tolkien, there is a gaping chasm in what lies behind the two stories. LOTR portrays a similar ‘mediaeval’ world at war and there is bloody violence and dark magic aplenty. However, it is overwhelmingly a story of discipleship, redemption and hope, of Christ-like sacrifice overcoming the powers of darkness. GofT has none of these things.

    I don’t think Christians need to be frightened of the metaphor of ‘magic’ (or even darkness) in stories – it can be an excellent way of communicating spiritual truth. CS Lewis uses ‘magic’ to brilliant effect in the Narnia Chronicles. Jesus’ healings could be viewed as ‘magic’ in the sense that they are ‘super’natural. But his (and his followers) healings are contrasted with what Simon the Sorceror attempts (Acts 8). ‘Magic’ is not the issue in a story – it is the SOURCE of the supernatural and the one who is wielding it and whether good is more powerful than evil. The trouble with GofT is that is utterly bleak – there is no hope, no redemption, no ‘good’ magic, no source of ultimate goodness, no God! It is soul destroyingly nihilistic.

    I note with concern that instead of ending the novel on a point of hope and goodness it ends with something satanic and sinister – Danaerys breastfeeding 2 dragons! In nearly all classic literature (including Revelation in scripture) dragons are representative of Evil and a human breastfeeding one is beyond creepy! In conclusion, I won’t be reading anymore Thrones books, but I think I would encourage Christians to read and engage rather than dismiss and avoid – we have a dark world and people to save (including GofT fans), not a dark world and people to run away from!

    “In this world you will have trouble…but take heart for I have overcome the world” (Jesus Christ – Light in a dark world).

    • Obviously you did not read what I warned about, it was not about the books per se’, but about the tv show on HBO, which is nothing but pure porn.

      • Rev Al says:

        Dear Mr Gregory,
        I did read it, so don’t appreciate your lazy presumption! You talk about ‘Martin’s world’ and the ‘framework of Martin’s stories’ to build your argument (which is good by the way) so I think my comments about the literature from which the TV adaptation is drawn are legitimate. Thanks for posting your thoughts and encouraging feedback and debate. God bless.

  10. TwilightZone says:

    I tried to read the book. No. Just no. Who watches, reads and is okay with the sincerely explicit marital rape of a fourteen year old girl? The disturbing relationship between the queen and her brother that led to an eight year boy being scarred for life and thrown out a window? The writing was gorgeous, but that doesn’t matter. The devil is pretty too, but that doesn’t make him less evil, and it certainly doesn’t make game of thrones more acceptable. I have never and will never watch the tv show either,
    because this was not an awe inspiring epic novel. It was porn.

  11. Spider-man says:

    Sometimes I like to read bullshit like this and laugh. Game of thrones is awesome. It has everything: violence, dragons, and boobs. If you can’t grow up, you can go and watch Sesame Street. It’s entertainment. Im a Christian and I don’t care.

  12. The Viper says:

    Allah Akbar!! Titties and Dragons pleases the lord. Hashishaluja!!

  13. sabretruthtiger says:

    The show has no soul, the good NEVER win and it’s constant emphasis on torture porn, complete disrespect toward women and the total lack of empathy, compassion and sprituality reveals that Martin is an agent of the Satanic New World Order.
    This becomes painfully obvious when you observe all the occult symbolism such as the Lord of Light, obviously being Lucifer, all the strong, principled males dying while the evil survive, the Hollywood witch obsession which is also related to the NWO feminist agenda and tied in with ancient Babylonian masonic Isis worship.

  14. Check the topic of subliminal messages in Youtube. This man is probably a satanist posing as an atheist. These people perform spells and rituals and use the media to supernaturally reach the masses. People these days are so open to everything, they make an excellent prey for these people.

  15. Bible reader says:

    This article will be only understood by those who train their conscience on God’s Word. Anyone else, even one who calls himself a Christian or any other, will find this article a waste of time and will laugh at it.
    Ephesians 2:2 and 1 Corinthians 2:14.

    I belong to the first part. Thank you for the great article.

  16. sabretruthtiger says:

    The Luciferian themes are blatant from ‘Lord of Light’ referring to Lucifer of course, to the silent sisters, to the continuing Hollywood obsession with witches which ties in with the new world order’s feminist social engineering agenda, to the constant themes of hellish torture and above all the massacre of women and children and the fact that Martin sadistically kills all principled, good, characters.
    ‘Evil always wins’ seems to be his message, so one can never get invested in a good heroic character because Martin kills them, which leaves a bleak, evil world full of nihilism.

  17. Josh says:

    In the end it is just a story, a story written from many ideas of medieval history. So sadly enough game of thrones is more real at depicting our world than any other fantasy stories you people deem evil. Besides, this is an adult book(not for children) so preferably you should rather be scrutinising the parents who expose children to adult themes ( this is the only evil going on here). I recommend this book to anybody the right age as it is a fantastic book. And I recommend to all those sceptics who believe whatever is not of God is the devil, is to grow an imagination! Obviously you going to see the world in black and white if you do the have one…..

  18. pilgrim says:

    My people PERISH for LACK OF WOSDOM, THE FEAR OF GOD IS THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM. Unfortunately there are so many people professing to be believers, yet there fruits bear out their true identity.Love NOT the things of the world for these things will perish, BUT the WORD OF GOD STANDS FOREVER! I do not want to be judgmental as I myself have stumbled in this area. I am best off mostly to limit my television watching, as 95 PERCENT of all that comes forth out of it EXALTS itself AGAINST the Word of GOD, OH if you do not believe me here is a way to TEST THE SPIRITS
    1. get THE HOLY BIBLE out open it up to THE TEN COMMANDMENTS.
    2. Now turn on your television, or whatever form of media you think is OKAY….
    3. THEN…. check every thing you SEE, HEAR FEEL and check it with GOD’S HOLY LAW
    4 OKAY,,, HOW DID all of these things go against GOD’S HOLY LAW?
    6 You will be surprised at how much filth you have allowed yourself to mindlessly be exposed to, worse yet ,YOU MAY AT ONE TIME BEEN CONVICTED but now YOUE CONSCIENCE HAS BEEN SHUT DOWN WILLFULLY!
    8. Do you really want to please God?,, remember David said ” I will set no wicked thing before my eyes”
    9. THE eye gate is a place we need to guard like our hearts, you should heed the warnings in scripture regarding this.
    10 Remember the enemy of your soul never gets tired ,takes a break, and never gives up!
    HOWEVER ,the word of GOD says ” Resist the devil AND HE WILL FLEE!”

  19. rock says:

    If you have the Spirit of God dwelling in you and can discern the spiritual then you will perceive straight away that this program is an homage to the devil – remember the scene where the queen is paraded naked in the street, how she falls and looks up at the castle on a hill, anything come to mind? Well, that’s the Lord’s walk to Golgotha!!! To the unseeing: it is a mockery of the cross, that’s what the devil likes to do. Everything that is pure-Godly-true the devil will counterfeit or mock it.

    Free from all appearance!!!

  20. rock says:

    Free from all appearance of evil!!!

  21. Christine says:

    What is Love?

    I never fully understood why Jesus decided to hang himself on that cross. If it’s death that was required, He could have just laid down in a nice warm bed and peacefully gone to sleep. God would have still raised him up on the third day. But no, he CHOSE to hang on the cross, tortured,bleeding, bruised.


    Because He loves me.

    What has Jesus hung on the cross got to do with me right now?
    You see the curse of the law allowed all sorts of..curses.
    Sickness, poverty, disease, failure, stagnation, loss… I could go on.
    We were all under the curse..all this was brought in by sin. Sin from Adam.
    But God wanted us to be in his presence, right with him. And free from the curse.
    So he sent Jesus. And then the exchange happened; all the curse was laid on him,all the blessings and freedom from curse laid on me. The beautiful exchange.

    So as I watched the doctor tell me I had 5 fibroids in my womb, so many that they obscured the uterus. I laughed.

    “Can I have a copy of that report?”

    “Of course, why?” He looked puzzled

    “I want to show it to my Dad”

    Leaving the practise I could not help but burst out in laughter as I read the report Really? Seriously? 5 ke? What about the parliament? The devil is a fool, he doesn’t know that I know what REALLY happened on the cross.

    Then tears came flooding as the fast as the laughter had erupted.. Tears of joy…
    That’s why He DIED on the cross, for moments like this! When the devil tries to put sickness me, I can laugh him in the face and say ‘devil, you are a liar!!!, He was beaten so I could be made whole, He did not have to! But He did! So I could be free from pain, from bleeding, from fibroids that could render me infertile. He took that curse and gave me the victory!!’

    So I laid my hands on my womb and with holy anger, casted out all the demons of fibroids in the Name Of Jesus, boy did they fly out like the little wimps they were. They KNEW I KNEW! I Knew the truth!! I am redeemed!!

    So going back to that question, what is love? I realised that Love is paying the ultimate sacrifice for the happiness and joy of another. For God so loved the world..

    “Your womb is perfect, there are no fibroids” not a single one. It’s perfectly normal.”

    I smiled and looked up at her, “I know”

    So who am I? Am I different from other human beings?No.

    I am an ordinary, sinful woman perfectly loved by a great and mighty God…and I KNOW IT.

  22. Ethan says:

    You people are actually batshit crazy. Do you listen to yourselves? Talking about a fantasy drama show like you were born within the culture of superstition from the middle ages. Game of Thrones isn’t evil or Satanic or any of that rubbish. It is not George RR Martins interpretation of a world without God. It is a fantasy world created by a talented author who isn’t afraid of sex and violence unlike all you brainwashed repressed fools. If you like GoTs then watch/read it, if you don’t, then don’t. Nothing about morality here folks. Just some gritty fantasy. Please, get out of the dark ages.

    • Saturnia says:

      Well said Ethan. I too find it hard to believe that there are people who still think like this. Their. Lives must be so boring. A well balanced broad minded adult enjoys adult themes in our entertainment. Finally we have a fantastic fantasy series that is just for adults. I love the harry potter series but it would have been even better if we could have seen Bellatrix getting it on with the dark lord.

      • ace says:

        Any idiot who needs violence or sex in a show for it to be intelligent has already proved the extent of his own intelligence. Just because someone disagrees with the content in a series, regardless of your own personal beliefs, does not mean they are “living in the middle ages”.

  23. Jaime says:

    The world in game of thrones doesn’t seduce me at all, on the contrary every time an episode finishes I think of the world we could have had without the teachings of God and Jesus. I have to admit I find fun watching this story but it also helps me to see how bad and evil can be the human nature without the knowledge of our true God.

  24. 123mermer says:

    This is stupidity, what do you think after watching this show, I will be seduce by evil and i will start to terrorize, murder and rape our town. If it influence you to do it, it means your connection to God is lost or broken. This fiction it is made for us people to enjoy, not turn us into evil crazy killing monkeys. Not because evil is potrayed in show it does not mean that it will influence us to do, this is a very terrible article. The show is potrayed how dark ages and medevial period worked during that period, Some events were influence by the events even from our own events, it means battle during 1600s influenced the novel. One more point, if the devil is shown on Gospel shows, does that mean he can influence me because i am watching it, if your faith is strong to God, this will not be an example for you.

  25. Godisdead2movie says:

    I love the show even more now because of this article, because I too see religion, and the primitive need for a diety to govern one’s life as a problem. Especially religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. All religions of enslaving one selve’s to a mythical being. Religion has been used by kings and priests to control the weak minded for their own selfish gain. Religion, and faith in a higher power will die. It is inevitable. This is the age of individualism and godlessness. The carnal man will finally be celebrated. A life of abstinence no longer glorified, but an indulgent life treasured. If this really is the intent of the author, then I should be promoted even more to cleanse the masses from the lies of the Abrahamic faiths.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t bother with these brainwashed m8. We’ll just leave them in their hole to squabble and patiently wait for Season 7 with the knowledge that R+L=J is confirmed

    • ace says:

      In the end it’s all just a gamble.

      No one is forcing you to follow anything. We will all die one day. We will all pass to the other side. You and me both, and everyone else here on this forum. We will all die one day, and find out if the being was “mythical” or not. You can do good in your life, or not.

      The point is… would you rather take that risk, and gamble all of eternity?

      I would rather spend my tiny span of a life here, doing the best I can, doing good, in exchange for the better end of the bargain. A man’s lifespan is a fraction of blink compared to eternity. A small price to pay if you think about it.

      The choice is always yours… to gamble, or play it safe. That’s way more exciting than anything that happens in some Game of Thrones series. Don’t you think?

      Enjoy your godlessness, because at some point it will all end & it will be time to find out, whether or not, there was a judge watching you at every waking moment of your life.

      Will you have made the right gamble?

  26. Hi, I think it was interesting what you thought. I was searching the net to find out whether GoT is/is not satanic. Well. I do think the violence and sex there ARE disturbing. As I watch it online, I can easily move the story forward and skip those stupidities. But I understand the story was inspired by true events and unfortunately there were dark times in history. 😦 I do not take it seriously, though. And I am rather interested in plot and the characters. Because, even if I like it or not, there are people like this, I want to know their train of thought and I learn how to deal with them. So I take it as a psychological thriller.

  27. Abraham Bruce says:

    I used to read the books until I was convicted by the Lord to give up all novel reading. They are a Christian’s excuse to explore dark worlds and dark themes that have nothing to do with God. As society becomes darker and darker so does it’s “art” and “entertainment.” GoT is pure evil – it is a dark and pornographic soap opera for the every more eager and perverted masses. You can just imagine fat old perverted and lost George Martin fantasizing over the rape and incest scenes, and his dark master smiling in the shadows. No thanks. Let’s have some reality folks. Let’s have the Bible and a ministry to a doomed world.

  28. Anonymous says:

    May God bless and keep you Christopher . An excellent article.

  29. Albert says:

    God bless you brother. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always for taking a standing against these viles of the Satan.

  30. Anonymous says:

    the writer is a member, the people creating the tv show clearly are involved in the 9th circle order also,i just saw one off them at comcon flash the devil sighn to a man who called out hail hail …thats why i ended up here,looking up more info on the to young writers and producers i agree that religon is the ruin off this earth,the fake ones are..god is love and religions are not…only cause off people trying to push there stuff on others. religon and spirituality is personal and should be kept personal ..if everyone kept there personal things as such to them selves they approched there brothers and sisters with opening line,,everything youve been told or heard about being a true christen is a lie a fake counterfiet created buy satan to drive you away,,,being a christen is not what youve been told,, this world would be great,the born agian christens we have shown this to are witnesses to that.if people could help everyone get close to god and tell them ,do not believe the lie.god is love he never puts others down,and share there amazing storys off incredible supernatural things god has done in your life ,hearing his voice,angles singing, blow there minds,do you think those people living the lie of being fake christens and judging others for being gay or the million other things these people are conditioned to think christens are judging them for, if we could only loss all the fake so called loving christens be judgment and bad vibes to scare them all away from god .no wars over horror murder and death over a thing that is so personal..said im looking for there info as the tv show iv noticed as exstr amount of satanic things pictured like the eye always is being shown witch repo to satan the story line[[ is not ]]]satanic as its mostly true history.but there are many many extream satanic things in this show so many i can see that these books will be the new tollkin that the satan worshippers will be forcing there children to read it,you hit the nail right on the head about the red women and the lord of light,,or as satan is called luciefer the light bringer.and the dragons are fire made flesh also a repp off satan. supernat world is not evil its all around us ,,its a part of life so the sups in the story arnt satanic but they guys directing and producing are most certinaly involved in ninth circle order ..with all the symbolism there flashing its clear they are members ….its not a shock to us that the young people today are not forming a personal relash with god, as the counterfeit that the devil with mans help has created to keep them away in the from off fake christens, and it just turn kids off,if the young people only new that this fake thing this counterfeit these groups off people that preach in a way,that makes kids hate faith is the devils work and so many christens have helped it happen without even knowing they were doing it… just buy being victims off the fake faith themselves. god says unconditional love,he says have the mind of a child..these kids are not seeing that …or feeling it ..they feel judged..we have helped so many young people become so full off faith ,some have even gone to live in the bush and on the beaches like it says ,he shall clothe you and feed you like the birds..some of these kids live day to day on if the first things we tell the young people is everything youve heard or been told about being a christen is a lie,its fake ,its made buy the devil to turn you away from jesus, and the father,you can watch game of thrones cause your aware ..of this and you can see the truth…being a true christen is not what you think or have been told.that gets there attention its no shock people dont wont to know jesus and the word while there being feed such rubbish buy so many so called christens all they have to do is read a comment or hear a christen speak and they turn away from god .its they way there being spoken to ,there not being told the truth .that god loves them and that they are perfect they way there are,an being created in his image there instead they FEEL,dont do this,and dont do that your going to hell blablalook at me,im better and holier then you are ..there not being told in a loving way about all the deception,about the truth that everyones been indoctrinated with this fake way off being a true christen,when you tell a kid this & tell them the truth ,u see there eyes light up and sparkle ,cause they already new this, they new there is mad creator that loves them,they only turned away cause off the lie and all those that preach it to them.

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