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“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.” 2 Timothy 3:1


America’s prosperity and general existence as it relates to liberty and freedom served one purpose – to spread the gospel across the world thru the means of the church. But that appears to be coming to a close. We can see how drastically the nation has departed from its course to resemble the patterns of other more oppressive forms of Government – such as Communism.

I have stated repeatedly, America’s last true leader who represented our values for Christian principles and who held the roots of our nation intact was Ronald Reagan. Yet I believe America’s spiritual decline began during his second term in office. It was clear something was changing in the course of this nation and I believe it was God’s timing to move this nation onto her final path of decline as it relates to the last days and her standing in the political world.

People say America’s greatest days are still ahead of us, yet if we judge the current condition of the world, the rise of opposition to our way of life, it’s obvious to anyone who has some level of discernment that things are not moving toward a revival of America’s past glory days, but a complete rejection of the past and instead, the embracing of a more socialist set of ideas, which, in the end, will lead to fascism and ultimately a Marxists form of Government.

So how does this affect the church? I believe it will affect the church in how she is able to openly preach the gospel and ultimately her ability to do so under a free society. The church across the world is facing a steady increase of persecution, from Pakistan to Iran and Iraq, to Syria and the Sudan. Christians are being tortured, raped, beheaded, flogged, and severely beaten under intense hostility from nations, mainly Islamic.

Yet God has provided protection to the American “church” simply because, as I believe, this nation’s changing idealogy will birth the spirit of animosity and ultimately we too, those who call themselves “Christian” will too experience the pangs of persecution the American church has not seen since it left England in 1620.

It’s hard to imagine martyrdom in America, very hard indeed. Even still, it’s rare to find a pastor willing to preach such a concept as “complete sacrifice”, but the truth is, every child of God should embrace the idea that says they might be called to lay down their life for Christ. When we understand that this age is utterly wicked, then cultural engagement by necessity must ultimately involve martyrdom. Martyrdom is the ultimate expression of cultural engagement.

Our mandate is to bear witness and point to the looming Day of judgment followed by the glories of the age to come as we identify with the groan for that Day that is presently being experienced by all of creation. This sparks a quite different tone than what is generally being preached in most of America’s pulpits. While the rest of the world is engaged in the re-imagining of an era without American Imperialism, they are systematically silencing those who would speak the love of Christ in a world growing darker and dimmer under the spirit of antichrist. The fact is, churches are being burned, pastors being executed, women and children raped and their throats cut and yet the American church continues to say “All is well. Live your best life now.”

Yet there is no other desire for the believer than to lay down his life for his King. The truth is, when even the mention of sacrifice when it comes to true Christianity is revealed, many will scoff and say it’s too harsh, too demanding. But Jesus said that unless we are willing to deny ALL, we are not fit for the kingdom of God. How many truly are willing to raise their hand and say yes. To come forward for an altar call to sign up for this?

It’s time the pastors in America take a cold hard look at what is happening in the world and even in our own nation and begin to weigh the reality that at some point in the near future, Christians, even in America, will quite possibly be required to lay their life down. Hard to fathom right? Something you don’t hear in church right? Yet the evidence is surrounding us almost daily. Legislatures passing laws which are restricting free speech. Cities and communities openly becoming more aggressive toward personal religious freedom and free speech. Law Enforcement equally becoming aggressive how it handles the general public and becoming more military in its actions. Long gone are the days where you could meet a police officer on the street and a mutual respect was shown – not today, today the officer has been trained to consider ALL members of society as a potential threat – even children. A complete distrust between Government and its people have reached a level of distrust that has never been seen since possibly the beginning of the civil war.

All of this, and much more, are signs that a change is taking place in America to resemble a more tyrannical system and that system will one day be hi-jacked by the man of sin himself – antichrist.

So what should we, the church begin to do? We must come to the cross to die. To die to our desires and our own dreams, our own plans and hopes. We must daily practice letting go of the things we cling to. The cares of this life are but a hazard to any child of God and should be forsaken. There is but only one course and one course only – preach the gospel until the end.

Are we the final generation which will see these events take place? Only God knows, but it’s obvious for anyone to see that things are getting worse, not better, fearful, not joyful, perilous, not prosperous for the believer and for one reason, it’s the last days. Let us realize that if we live in Christ, we are already dead – with him, so there is nothing to fear, only joy that one day we might be called worthy to lay our life down for the one who did so for us – Jesus Christ.




  1. karentraa says:

    This is good Christopher…….particularly the paragraph containing ” we must come to the cross to die……..preach the gospel until the end.” Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Larry Ross says:

    “The America that was is no more…the America that is will not long endure.”…Larry Ross….John 16:13….Jude v:7…Zechariah 12:1-3….Psalms 9:17…Luke 21:36.

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