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A nation is founded on its principles and its views where everyone, regardless of race, color or sex is protected and defended, even if those views are not likable or even socially acceptable. The very nature of the first amendment is to protect the words and views of all its citizens. That was the concept of this nations founding Fathers. But another voice has clouded that belief and it’s goose stepping across this nation and devouring all in its path, this spirit of antichrist is coming under the guise of intolerance.

I’m not a-political believe it or not, I have no political affiliation one way or the other, however, I believe Christ and the cross grants every man liberty to walk in the light of grace and mercy. It was God himself who gave man freewill, but it’s Satan himself who brings men into bondage. While it’s true, God hates rebellion, he hates ignorance and willful sin, he allows man to make his choice in life, that in itself speaks to his vast love for us that he allows us to make decisions that might not be his will, that even might hurt others and even make decisions which would impact a person for all eternity, yet God affords every man, woman and child the freedom to accept him or reject him, accept his perfect way or reject it. That is the love of God.

But there is another spirit thriving in this nation, this spirit of antichrist which is setting the stage for a global society which will, over time, select those views it wishes to protect, and silence those other points of view which it considers to be hostile to its agenda. This is the prophetic glimpse I would like to share I foresee coming in this nation which once was one which celebrated diverse ideas and protected evils ones.

Within the past month, we have seen a growing rallying cry by many in this current political climate to regulate or even hinder views which goes against the current popular view of tolerance – that which is now intolerant. With the recent announcement by the NBA commissioner not only implementing a life time ban against one Donald Sterling (Owner of the LA Clippers) for comments made against minorities (we do not support nor condone his words), under pressure from many anti-intolerant groups, the commissioner will seek to strip Sterling of his ability to own his enterprise. The motivating factor was all under the guise of intolerance.

The spirit of intolerance which is rapidly growing in this nation holds to one view and one view only, any type of expression or view that society deems as contrary to the principles of inclusion and respect that form the foundation of our diverse, multicultural and multi-diverse society which includes homosexuals, will not be tolerated. Those who would voice such disagreement, even under the freedom of speech, will not have a protected status in the coming future.

Throughout the UK as well as Canada, the issue of anti-discrimination laws and intolerant views are now the rule of law, meaning, anyone who would speak out against one particular race or sexual identity (gays and lesbians) are now considered a violation of these laws and the penalties are severe, which includes jail time and heavy fines. Already this same spirit of intolerance is shaping within the United States, with the recent court ruling toward a Christian photographer who rejected a client to photograph a same sex wedding, the courts ruled against her and she is now subject to fines and even possible jail – in America.

In recent weeks Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich was forced to resign due to pressure from gay affirming social groups and a growing resentment to traditional Christian principles. Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A found himself on the firing lines for his own personal views on gay rights, as well as his financial support for prop 8. What is happening in this nation is a complete shift toward a more intolerant view on tolerance.

So where will it end? We have no further to look than our Government. In recent days, Senator Markey and Congressman Jeffries introduced a Bill which would put teeth into any type of view, be it online or on television which would be deemed “hateful” or intolerant. The fact that two prominent elected officials are willing to regulate what we can say or do, is another glimpse that our nation is falling into step toward a one world Government, where individual thought and belief, even Christian views, will be no longer tolerated. This could very well be the anti-discrimination laws for the United States that already exists in parts of Europe as well as Canada. (source)

The world is slipping into a culture where Christianity and Christian views will no longer be accepted, or it will be highly regulated – in America. This is because this nation has turned away from God and his word. We have allowed the wolves to creep into our Government as well as in our pulpits, which only lead to one thing – tyranny.

The nation is changing and not for the better. The day is coming where pastors, in this nation, will no longer be allowed to openly declare his views on sin and immoral behavior, for they will be silenced out of fear, fear of economic sanctions, which many simply will not be able to sustain. The time is coming where one day, in America, personal liberty will be forever regulated by the State, not by individual freedom. And it came under the guise of intolerance.

The end of free speech, regardless of whether or not that particular speech is right or wrong, has officially ended in this nation. When PRIVATE conversation (Donald Sterling/NBA) is now considered hostile to society and the repercussions are that an individual must be stripped of their protected enterprise, then we have reached a point where any type of speech, including that speech which is deemed hurtful by a society, is a further indication that this nation has turned a corner from one of freedom of speech and tolerance, to tyranny. Welcome to socialist America.



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