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“Therefore, behold, I will bring foreigners upon you, the most ruthless of the nations; and they shall draw their swords against the beauty of your wisdom and defile your splendor.” Ezekiel 28:7

God spoke into my spirit last night while in prayer to send a warning to the nation of America, for his wrath is soon to come upon this country for the iniquity she has promoted. This nation relishes in idolatry and wickedness. The nation thumbs its nose at the word of God, the very foundation to which this nation was built upon. The people have become sloth, gluttonous with sin and perversion. Even many of the Pastors have done wrong, manipulating the people for money, ignoring the hurting and the weak and those who struggle in their walk. They have made merchandise of the people – for money.

This nation seeks entertainment over weeping, it seeks pleasure over humility, it seeks riotous living over virtuous living. The cup of iniquity has reached the nostrils of God and he his fury will be set across the land. So here is that word the Lord spoke which will come upon the land, “The whirlwind shall increase. The fire shall not be quenched and the land shall shake says the Lord.”

To clarify: We will see larger, more intense tornado’s occur within the nation. The fires represent major forest fires in the western part of the country which will cause much destruction and damage. The shaking is a coming earthquake in the heart of America.

There is coming a shaking where God is about to take this nation within its hands and turn it upside down – because of sin. He will bring the enemy into the land, the terrorist, the blood thirsty heathen which serves not the Lord, but another. These will all increase in these last days.




  1. Laura Foote says:

    Thank You Christopher, would it be possible to share this? I am a firm believer of our Lord, our time is very,very soon, Laura 🙂

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