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“For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions” (2 Timothy 4:3)


Not long ago (nearly 5 years to be exact) I ventured to suggest that the day was coming when Christians would begin to accept and embrace things that years ago they would not dare consider as a believer in Christ. But here we are, 2014, and the list of Christian singers and even preachers, are beginning to give their full support on issues which are detriment to the Christian faith. Still, the question must be asked – why? Why would someone willingly embrace same sex marriage (homosexuality) when the truth is, it is a sin as well as affront to the cross? (1 Cor. 6:9) Yet within the past 2 weeks, two very influential powerhouses in Christian entertainment in the medium of Contemporary Christian music, have lent their full support to same sex marriage, Amy Grant and Dan Haseltine (Lead singer for Jars of Clay).

The social engineering through political correctness, (that spirit of antichrist), is infiltrating within the modern church to such a degree that many within our ranks are succumbing to the social pressures of this current society all under the guise of tolerance. Yet their view of tolerance is anything they support and believe in (i.e., homosexuality), yet those who remain firm against it (Christians) are now finding themselves facing the challenge of being called a bigot, intolerant of what society is now deeming as normal. Homosexuality is not normal but perverted in the eyes of God,and no amount of grandstanding on this issue will change that fact.

Yet now the doors are beginning to open wide for acceptance with this issue with Christians such as Grant and Haseltine giving their full support to this perversion. The slippery slope has now become a landslide, as I believe with these two very influential individuals within the Christian community have opened the door for more influential people to literally “come out” of the closet they are in, to give their support to same sex marriage. This is the enemy at work because the church has failed to deal with sin and the failure of pastors to preach the word of God as they should.

But it’s not just homosexuality the church is being shaken with, it is also the emergence of the Roman Catholic Church that is beginning to sway many Christians, especially popular preachers as well as Pastors, in their acceptance of the Catholic church. Recently, Tony Palmer (a roman catholic bishop), spoke at Kenneth Copeland’s church and presented a message from Pope Francis to the Pentecostal/Charismatic circle, and that message was this; it is time to come back to the church.

There is a major shift of beliefs that is changing regarding the Catholic Church and the evangelical church. This movement seems to be picking up steam as more evangelical preachers, such as Kenneth Copeland and now James Robinson, are giving their full support to not only calling Catholics “brothers and sisters in Christ”, but they are embracing the idea of the church coming under the union of the Roman Catholic veil. This is the spirit of antichrist and not of God. But it was Robison who told Pope Francis that “In Christ we are brothers”. But are we? (source)

Jesus said in John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” The Catholic teaching denounces this as the only means of salvation is not faith alone (Ephesians 2:8), but in the precepts of the Catechism, which are a series of works that one must perform in this life before salvation can be obtained. So why would James Robison give his clear support to Pope Francis and the call for unification? I believe it’s because he has become seduced by the spirit of antichrist that is seducing many to accept the idea of a one world religion which in turn will produce a false prophet, who ultimately will pave the way for the arrival of the man of sin – the antichrist.

There can be no union between true Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, the idea is foreign to the word of God, and his word clearly forbids us associating with the powers of darkness (Eph. 5:11). Yet we are seeing more and more of believers and even preachers, giving their full support to immoral concepts (homosexuality) as well as embracing false religions and cults (Catholicism). It is only because of one thing, we are in the last days.

The closer we get to the appointed hour that Christ will return, the darker and more dangerous the times will become (2 Timothy 3:1) and the more many will fall away from the faith (2 Thessalonians 2:3) and will begin to embrace and follow false teachers, false prophets and false signs and wonders. We are now in the beginning of that stage and what’s worse, it’s only the beginning. Already I am seeing popular preachers beginning to adopt secular titles, embracing such things as “life coach” and calling themselves prophets, yet they deny the cross and instead, embrace a belief which removes the weight of sin and the need to repent, rather they embrace diversity and support the idea which says everyone is God’s children and all is well. All is not well, for hell is gaining numbers daily.

The only answer to what is happening in the modern church today is a return to the preaching of the cross, the need to repent of sin, a complete separation from this world and the denial of perversion and the resisting of merging with cults. We who are in Christ are a called out people, we are not to embrace the false spirit of the age, but instead, we are to expose the powers of darkness which is sweeping across the world, that spirit of antichrist. Preachers must preach, Christians must study and pray, and the church needs to awake from the slumber it is in, unless they do, they will fall by the sword of conformity and apathy.









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    the church has failed to deal with sin and
    the failure of pastors
    to preach the word of God as they should.

  2. Kaye says:

    You should at least do your research before writing. Amy Grant’s interview is over a year old, not within the lady two weeks. And no where in the interview does she voice anything but the love of Jesus, who welcomes all of us. If someone enters into a saving relationship with Christ, it is up to the Holy Spirit and local body of Christ to then encourage/convict that believer to live a life worthy of Christ’s sacrifice… Amy Grant has never been a fire and brimstone evangelist but she has led thousands if not millions of people into a relationship with Jesus. You article is unfair, not researched well and a rush to judgement.

    • Joy says:

      Jesus does love us but He also calls us to repentance. We need to pray for people and share God’s truth in a loving way that He makes no one LGBT and share how to be free in Christ. It’s about surrendering our will to Jesus and letting Him lead our lives.

  3. henryfrueh says:

    Looking to singers who have money at stake has always been absurd. But the slide has not begun with embracing same sex marriage. That is just another by-product of a church full of compromise and in love with this world. The entire church construct is geared toward personal fulfillment and earthly success. For the most part the visible church does not practice the faith once delivered to the saints.

  4. Peggy Crain says:

    We are finding a remnant in the Church as a whole who is holding to the truth of God’s word. They always say that God loves the gays; which is the truth; but why can’t they then say that the sin they are participating in is an abomination to God. Is it fear they will not be received as before and thus the money want flow? I say if you are in the public and have the opportunity to speak God’s word, speak the truth and let the chips fall where they may. Who knows if they tell the truth someone in sin might receive the word, repent of their sin, and be saved. Isn’t that why the gospel is proclaimed? To let people know there is a Savior who can save and deliver them from their sin. I pray God will open the eyes of all public figures and show them what an AWESOME responsibility to the “GOSPEL OF TRUTH” they have.

  5. LJ says:

    Back in 2008 I saw a video of Joyce Martin of the Martins at a gay church (Open Door in Little Rock) giving testimony of how their church had the same spirit of her church. The video has been since taken down, probably because her following is traditional Christians. Also at the church was Kenny Bishop and Kirk Talley. There are more out there that will support homosexuality. We might be surprised. I was at a Gaither Homecoming once and he welcomed Marsha Stevens, an open lesbian by recognizing her and giving her a hug… That is why I don’t listen to So Gospel

  6. Scarlett says:

    I used to follow James Robison a bit, but left off when he began hawking a common Vitamin B-12 supplement, (ala Jim Baker mode) on his program for an exorbitant price; which could easily be purchased OTC for a fraction of the cost. I became aware that he’d lost touch with the common man, apparently due to his own affluence. Who knows? His long suffering wife, Betty, stays primarily in the background.

  7. Evie Fishkin says:

    I am not standing in judgment of Amy Grant. We can all can be misled or be misunderstood. I do believe there are too many Churches are compromising and or teaching false doctrine. Sad. We are in the time God is dividing the sheep and the goats. Those who know their Shepherd will not follow a stranger. When a young believer I went to a fellowship. Because I know the Shepherds Words (Bible) I knew the teachers were not from my Lord, but the voice of a stranger. I did not go back to that fellowship. Those who do not have the love of the truth in them will fall into apostasy. Sad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We are Christians and we should not accept this kind of lifestyle

  9. Joy says:

    I am praying for Amy Grant as I do with all people, to completely surrender her will to Jesus. We need to share God’s truth in love that He makes no one LGBT as Satan wants us to believe. We need to share the truth that we all struggle with stuff and things from Satan will come into our minds (especially since she has a song called I Have Decided and she mentions turning her back on the deceiver). We need to say that Jesus loves us all so much and He has a better way for our lives. With a committed relationship with Jesus, we can be overcomers of any sin, including homosexuality.

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