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“Flee from sexual immorality. Every other sin a person commits is outside the body, but the sexually immoral person sins against his own body.” 1 Corinthians 6:18

There is no question today that sex sells. From America and across the world, the exploitation of sex has never been greater, and by any account it has no intention of slowing down. We market sex to any age group – including children. Nothing is out of bounds in this current society. Yet there appears to be a growing resentment toward innocence within our culture than ever before, and that hatred is being directed at the one thing God holds dear – virginity.

Recently a young woman by the name of Hanna Kern tried to auction off her virginity (source), raising nearly $900,000 dollars within only a few weeks, the blonde sex symbol had a change of heart and eventually backed out of the deal. Yet the sentiments remained, she had no desire to be a virgin. Yet Hanna was not the first to offer such an opportunity, Catarina Migliorini in 2013, auctioned her virginity online, netting nearly $800,000 dollars as well. There have been others, and it seems virginity is no longer something to be protected and cherished until marriage, but it’s become a means for financial gain and ultimately exploitation.

The fact is, purity in these last days is under attack, and no one is safe.

The words says in John 10:10 that Satan comes to ‘steal, kill and destroy‘. No other example of true genuine hatred of virginity can be seen than in the act of premarital sex. In our current society, virginity is a mockery. Hollywood has done more to mock and make fun of virginity and its Christian foundation than even the cross. The truth is, the world hates God, it hates anything to do with purity and innocence and because virginity plays such a role in God’s formula for marriage, Satan uses the things of his kingdom to distort and ridicule that which God has said is good. Virginity is a long standing source of humor, with movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin” and “American Pie” making any virgin watching feel like they’re under a spotlight until they make the plunge. So the pressure toward young people in this current age is under even more stigma to lose that which God has given them out of pure hatred. Again, the main reason behind anything which would pollute and distort that which God deemed as pure can be traced directly to Satan.

When people give in to their passions and engage in sexual behavior without the covenant of the marriage bed, they are polluting the model God has given man to follow. When young people go into a sexual covenant with another person to lose their purity without being married, what they have done is bring upon themselves the judgment of God, and the penalty is very severe. The risk of disease, the emotional as well as spiritual bondage they will endure is such that they will not be able to have a healthy relationship because of the unique and spiritual aspect premarital sex brings. Then there is the risk of pregnancy.

When a person allows their body to become an instrument for fornication, they have allowed their body as well as spirit become a perversion unto God. The truth is, any sexual union between two people (a man and woman) without the covering of the marriage union is a perversion in the eyes of God. It is sin, and sin, once it has its way, leads to death. Again, this can all be traced back to one individual – Satan. When the spirit of perversion compels couples to tempt God and tempt his ordered path, they become enchanted by the spirit of the age whose sole intention is to destroy the purity of God’s creation.

Sex belongs in the covenant of marriage. Sex between a man and a woman who have committed themselves to each other in the eyes of man, as well as God in a marriage decree, is the only form of physical expression God will not only honor, but bless. Anything outside that realm is idolatry, it is perversion and it is sin. There is no blessing, no honor, no glory in premarital sex. The only thing it will bring is spiritual death, and in some cases – physical death. If people would honor themselves more and seek God’s way of living, then many would not be faced with the choices those decisions have brought. But there is hope and that hope is in Christ. 1 John 1:9 says that if we confess our sins, God is faithful to forgive us our sins. But those who walk in disobedience only know wrath.

Our culture hates purity, and its war on virginity doesn’t look to be ending any time soon. But for those who have committed to keeping themselves pure until marriage, and those who have been forgiven from their past mistakes, will be and are being targeted by the spirit of this age, the spirit of antichrist. They must ever walk in the path of righteousness and holiness, even in the face of ridicule and mockery. God demands righteousness in his children, he expects us to keep our temples pure and holy by keeping the object of our faith in Christ and what he did on the cross. That is the life those who walk in Christ and desire to remain must determine for themselves and wait until marriage to satisfy the desires of their flesh. God will honor nothing less. Anything other is sin, and sin shall never enter into the kingdom of God.




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