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“Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” 2 Corinthians 3:17

Recently I received a notification from Facebook site managers of a complaint filed by someone against me simply because they did not like something I posted and commented about. The truth is, they were “offended” by something they did not agree with and did not believe they should see – even though it was something I stated on my site that they visited, yet, because 1 person complained, it was enough for Facebook to give me yet another warning about the content I post and deal with. So be it. But that’s why I have this particular blog outside of Facebook, it’s owned and operated by me and no one else, in other words, if someone doesn’t like what I have to say – tuff, hit the road Jack.

Yet what I’m seeing more these days is an aggressive few going after the majority to control and/or monitor those whom they disagree with. There was once a time where if someone disagreed with your particular point of view, then they and you would simply agree to disagree – not today, not in this politically correct climate, and let me just say for the record, the spirit that is behind this is nothing but satanic, for it is antichrist.

The culture of “Shut up” has so polarized this nation that its even affected our own Government. No one wants to work with anyone anymore, because they simply do not like what they had to say. Again, the climate today is growing more and more disdain toward anyone who disagrees with the minority select few who are gaining greater control, and eventually it’s going to affect the church in the near future.

Some might say that’s impossible, freedom of speech would prevent that…oh really? Tell that to Donald Sterling, the owner of the L.A. Clippers, who, in his own home, stated something that no one will defend, but even so, because he stated what he said, others are going to attempt to take away his property. Tell it to the former founder and CEO of Mozilla – Brendan Eich, who was forced to step down from his own company because of his stance against homosexuality. Tell it to Golden State Warriors’ basketball coach Mark Jackson, who was reprimanded by the NBA simply because he commented that he was opposed to same sex marriage. Tell it to Miami Dolphins safety Don Jones was fined and banned from the NFL this week after posting “OMG” and “Horrible” on Twitter in response to a televised homosexual kiss between seventh-round draft pick Michael Sam and his boyfriend. Each of these individuals were basically told to “shut up” by this current, politically correct culture.

But it doesn’t just affect society, it’s also affecting the church.

Today, pastors are literally skittish about preaching on social hot topics such as same sex marriage, abortion, gay rights, and Islam, not to mention many other things the Bible declares as sin, all because they are afraid of the consequences of taking such a stance publicly. It all comes down to money, they are afraid that if they do speak out on these issues, someone, at some point in time, will file a complaint and then that complaint will turn into an investigation which could leave that particular church losing its tax free status. Say it ain’t so, but it be so.

Yet this is not just happening in America, but throughout Europe as well, people, especially those who have an agenda, are coming out against anyone who would dare counter what is happening in our world. But as I said, I already know what is behind this current culture of “shut up”, and it’s a spirit of antichrist at work. Why? Because Satan is working overtime in preparing the world for his arrival, there can be no genuine voice of opposition to resist him when he steps on this planet in the form of the man of sin. The antichrist.

These are all signs, pointers to the coming last days which will yield an era or period of time where the gospel will be fiercely fought against. This is why persecution is coming to the church, no matter where one stands on his or her eschatology pipeline. The truth is, we’re being told to “shut up” because Satan does not want us to have liberty to speak our opinion. He does not want people to decide for themselves what is right or wrong based on the word of God. Satan wants us quiet and submissive, but my Bible says in Matthew 11:12 “From the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence, and the violent take it by force.”

We are in a spiritual battle, and because we battle the demonic realm, then its time we too become militant – spiritually speaking, and resist the enemy wherever he may be found. Too long we have remained silent, pressured to go into our closets and remain silent on the issues of the day, we must take the battle to the enemy and subject him to the forces of God thru Christ and the cross. That is the only way we will win this battle over evil and this culture of “shut up”, it’s time to tell Satan “Shut up” in Jesus name and take our authority given to us by the cross.



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