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“But you, Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, until the time of the end. Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.” Daniel 12:4


So the 2014 Billboard awards show has come and gone and what did we see? A list of performances which many were filled with overtures or references to sex, a drug induced performance by a young girl (Miley Cyrus) who is on the verge of self destruction, countless tributes to occultists and people who have a genuine hatred for traditional Christian principles, and of course, the resurrecting of a dead pop star – Michael Jackson.

But what was more troubling was the fact that so many were seemingly driven by an unhealthy desire at the return of a dead pop star. One of the trademarks of the past when it came to the state of man just before God destroyed it, was the rise of occultism. Throughout the word we can catch a glimpse of man’s debauchery as he slipped into spiritual chaos and turmoil by the rise of not only acts of paganism, but by his appetite for unholy alliances with the dark realm of Satanic forces, namely demons.

From the garden to the great tower of Nimrod, man’s desire to outwit and out rule God is clearly seen. We can see that in throughout the word when God showed his prophets how much man fell into sin and wickedness. One of those traits was idol worship, idol sacrifice and witchcraft. The conjuring of dead beings – namely demons. Man despised anything to do with God and more desired the things of Satan, and the land was filled with terror. Seems we are now seeing this come full circle in these last days.

There was a time where people were content on memories, respectful memories, but it seems memories have taken on a more dark and sinister turn. Where the idea which says we can now resurrect the life of a dead being to not only give us that inner craving of being god, but prove anything is possible. Our worship of people has guided our hearts into the ultimate seduction, the seduction which says anything is possible as long as it glorifies self, if it glorifies our lust for power, and our craving to worship that image has almost become a reality.

I believe what technology has done with the recent events surrounding the hologram of resurrecting Michael Jackson to perform, is once again, I believe, a glimpse of our future under the coming beast kingdom. To be clear, the word says in Revelation 13:15 “And it was allowed to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak and might cause those who would not worship the image of the beast to be slain. The fact is, at some point in the future, technology will be so consistent with the god of this world (satan) that at some point, I believe this same technology will be used to not only bring about the beast kingdom, but it will help in the worship of the man of sin, as well as the image of the beast. What is this technology? I can only speculate, but man is committed in becoming a little god, his senses are driven to be like God and will do anything and everything he can to create the necessary tool which would give him the ability to be god.

We know that before God destroyed the world during Noah’s day, we have traces of information which lead us to believe, along with the help of fallen angels, man was corrupted with evil. That evil created abilities God hated, for it polluted man and it began to corrupt the land. Today, the desire to twist and corrupt man’s surroundings has never been greater, and we see that in the recent reports of DNA manipulations.

I believe that what the world saw on Monday evening with the rising of a deceased Michael Jackson, could very well be the technology to be used that the antichrist as well as the false prophet will not only incorporate, but by supernatural ability that only Satan could do, literally bring that image to life. Think it’s impossible? Let’s re-read John’s account in vs 15 “it was allowed to give breath [life] to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast might even speak.” There is no question that I believe some great advanced technology will be used which will allow Satan to literally bring to life his own image – thru the use of technology.

The world is ripe for the coming man of sin, the level of satanic worship has never been greater across the world, and our society has reached a point where anything which is supernatural would give Satan the ability he needs to bring about the great deception that is coming. Our world is heading into a period of darkness, demonic darkness and the church needs to pay attention to its surroundings at what is happening, before they too get caught unaware.



  1. Dr. Pamela Love says:

    Dear Christopher,
    I believe you are dead on. When God throws satan and the false prophet into the lake of fire there is no mention of the image of the beast which leads me to believe it isnt human and therefore can not be sent to hell.
    Singularity, transhumanism and the Multiple Micro Electrod Array Chip (which can control a persons emotions and thoughts) and, as you stated, holograms, all seem to fit perfectly to fulfill prophecy. I just wonder how the disappearance of millions of Christians in the rapture will be explained. Any thoughts on that?
    Thank You,
    Dr. Love

    • To be fair, I’m not a pre-tribulation supporter, yet having said that, it is my opinion we will see “supernatural” events that the spirit of the beast will declare is from “another” world or universe. I personally hold to the opinion that some sort of “contact” will be made upon this world. If you go into my archives, you’ll see an article I wrote explaining this more in detail.

  2. Harkheindzel says:

    I have been following your blog for a while and I admire the fact that you give update on prophetic or end time events that many people see nothing wrong with. Kudos.

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