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For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts. (2 Timothy 3:6)

There is a great deal of people these days, professionals in matters of the mind, as well as social behavior, who are building quite a name for themselves, and their focus is on helping people overcome their problems, be it addiction or other behavioral problems. These individuals often come with a hook, and that hook is enough to make the person who is desperate enough to reach out just for the sake of sanity, and for most it is their last hope. The problem? What these “professionals” are offering will never change the real problem at issue – which is sin.

It doesn’t matter how many degrees in Psychology someone might have, if they don’t have an understanding of the cross and how the hope for any person bound by sin thru addiction, behavioral problems like drugs, sex, lying, abusiveness, whatever the problem, unless the person offering any hope to such a person will only fail on the more deeper level. This is the problem I have with television personalities such as Dr. Phil. The hope that is offered is only superficial and does not deal with the real problem at the inner level. If a person can only treat the outer layer, which psychology attempts to do, then it truly is only putting a mental band-aid on the problem and it will not treat the core condition. Again, the problem with man is sin, it does not matter if it’s alcohol addiction, pornography, adultery, being an abuser, whatever it is actually stems from the real source of the problem – sin.

Yet we have a culture today which glorifies man made formulas that tries to do what only God can do – thru the cross. The rise of psychology as the answer to the social problems of society is a direct result of our denial of the gospel of Jesus Christ. For psychology cannot change the nature of man, nor can it truly understand the human condition, which is a result of sin, for psychology professes there is no such thing as sin, therefore those who advocate psychology end up relying on formulas such as rehab, therapy, counseling and even prescription drugs to solve a problem that truly has only one answer – the cross of Christ. But the world will never accept this truth, for accepting this fact would undermine the quackery of the use of psychology and its tenants as the hope for troubled man, and instead, it reveals the true hope for those bound by sin – the cross.

Yet one man continues to blind the world, even the church itself by his continual promises of saving people from their problems thru his methods, but not God’s – Dr. Phil.

Since his inception via the hands of Oprah Winfrey (a practicing new ager) Dr. Phil has garnered the trust of millions in his down home spun self help suggestions, but he never truly offers anything to help the soul. That’s the problem. The word says that if the blind lead the blind, they both fall in the ditch. The problem is, Dr. Phil, like so many others before him, tries to lead many into deliverance minus the cross, the end result is they all end up in the ditch, why? Because they don’t have anything truly which helps the person who is bound by sin. And it is sin we are talking about here.

Dr. Phil is the world’s answer to the problems of sinful man. The problem with Dr. Phil’s reliance on Psychology as it relates to the overall condition of man is it treats the person but not the issue. The addiction but not the cause, again which is sin. Yet Psychology has become the “go to” device for the world of science and medicine, it is the intellectuals religion of choice. But God considers it foolishness.

The only answer to the darkness of man is the cross. The only answer to the problem of man is the cross and not psychology and most certainly not Dr. Phil. It’s the cross.



  1. San Juan says:

    This is an extremely well thought out, well written and accurate article about the new kind of popular, charismatic ‘celebrity’ experts (cult gurus) who are skillfully enticing (for greedy profit) the public and Christians away from Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ. These New Age Cult ‘celebrity’ experts have infiltrated all areas of American life‚Ķ Business, Medicine, Sports, Education, Entertainment, Religion, Science, etc. Frightenly and sadly, both them and their followers will doom their own life and souls.

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