“Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another.” Romans 1:24

It all begins the moment we embrace same sex marriage.

Nothing just “happens” in life, nor do things start or end on their own, there is always something or someone which creates an action. When God created the world, he spoke it into existence, yet he spoke it. It took an action to bring the world into being. It did not just create itself, it (the world) had to have something occur [God] to bring it into being.

The same with evil. Satan’s fall began the moment he thought he’d be like God. Sin fell upon mankind when Adam disobeyed God by eating of the fruit. Everything starts and stops with an idea or action, the same when it comes to the last days, some things are triggers to future events and in fact, some are a direct result from that action. I believe there is a direct connection between what has been warned about which is coming and what is occurring now, I’m referring to the rise of homosexuality and its offspring – same sex marriage.

The nation has literally been changed within just a short time when it comes to same sex marriage, even the church is finding itself having to deal with the complexities of homosexuality and marriage while trying to remain neutral in the process, and it’s failing miserably. Yet when we look past the cultural issue of same sex marriage, when we discern with our spiritual eyes and not our physical eyes, we will begin to see what is really at work here – Satan.

I want to make something very clear here, whatever you might have heard, read or studied when it comes to same sex marriage, it’s not about marriage at all, that is what I would call a red herring. Satan has done a good job at keeping the real issue (which is not same sex marriage) or even homosexuality out of the light of revelation, but in reality the real issue is a greater deception – the complete perversion of humanity itself, in other words, his very DNA.

While the church world is arguing for or against same sex marriage (and let me be clear, we should be against it) there is something the church is missing completely, and that is the attack on the very fabric of humanity itself. Same sex marriage is not the end of our demise, it’s actually the beginning of the end.

When Noah was born nearly 5,000 years ago, he was born into a world where humanity was rapidly changing into an age of wickedness and perversion. Satan had sent his soldiers into the world to pollute and corrupt the bloodline to the point where man’s very genetic structure was being changed, even nature itself, the sea kingdom, the animal kingdom, were as well being compromised by this mingling of fallen angels and humanity. The corruption had reached such a level that God deemed the human experiment a failure and the only option was to destroy his very creation – save 8.

The flood was a direct result of man’s sin, but not just man’s sin, Satan’s deception. The destruction was a direct reaction to sin, in this case it was the mingling of fallen angels with humans which led to a greater curse – the giants. Then things went silent.

Now, nearly 7,000 years have passed since the great flood and long gone are the deceivers as well as the giants, but it seems a sleeping darkness has once again awoke to begin its march across the world for one final grasp at total world domination, and this time it’s using perversion to fulfill its goal – homosexuality, to be more precise,  same sex marriage.

As I have stated earlier in this article, it’s not really about same sex marriage at all, that is just one small aspect of what is currently at play here, it is more about Satan’s greater scheme and that is to bring about his great deception upon the world and use the concept of homosexuality to bring it about.

So what is that plan? I believe it has everything more to do with corrupting man and less to do with homosexuality. When same sex marriage is finally the law of the land in America, that is when things will truly begin to break out, not so much about marriage rights, for that will have already been settled. What same sex marriage will do is open the door for greater perversion that will not only affect society, it will change the dynamics of our entire world, which will bring about the final satanic deception, and it all stemmed from same sex marriage.

When you no longer distinguish between right and wrong, then morality becomes subjective, it has no more true value. When a society no longer respects the natural gender between male and female, it can then justify re-creating life however they so desire. This is will be the next step, the next phase of humanity in the last days once the issue of same sex marriage is finally dealt with. For setting in the wings, quietly waiting for its turn to shape and change humanity is science.

There is no other time in human history that man’s knowledge has grown more and expanded greater than the hour in which we live. The ability man has reached, when it comes to science, especially in the realm of cyber technology and computer engineering, is unlike any other time in human history. It would seem that man himself is becoming his own god – and he would agree. What same sex marriage will do in this final hour will be to blur the lines of morals, of right and wrong, to the point where anything goes as long as it gives humanity an edge on eternal youth, but mainly to conquer death itself.

The days of cloning have changed. We now have moved well beyond cloning and instead are reaching a point where the human mind and body will be intermingled with technology to such a degree that we will change the very fabric of our DNA. Think it’s not possible? Think again. New discoveries are being incorporated in today’s world that it now seems very possible to soon place a micro-chip into the arm or hand or even in the brain to allow the person to achieve a level of ability that surpasses normal men.

If technology and science continues to increase any ethical boundaries then the very real likelihood of “trans-humanism”, (people being part machine/part human) will be introduced. Human cloning and genetic manipulation will soon lead to an attempt to integrate human and animal body parts and traits. This all occurred in the past when fallen angels mingled with humanity, trying to corrupt the bloodline to prevent the coming Christ child. Yet this same spirit, this spirit of antichrist, is what is once again manipulating the world yet once again, this time it’s using an act of perversion to release a greater deception upon the world – the mark of the beast.

Same sex marriage, while corrupt and perverse in the eyes of God, is not the end all to what is happening in our world  – it’s the beginning. Jesus revealed this to us in the entire chapter of Matthew 24. It’s not just about homosexuality and the rights of men and women to marry their lover, it’s about what is deceiving them into progressing this issue upon the world at such time as we are in now – the last days, which should cause us all to take heed of Pauls warning in 2 Timothy 3:1, for we are witnessing Satan’s handiwork right before our very eyes – the birth of perversion.












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