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“For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind…” Hosea 8:7


A person could have called this back in 2008 when President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. President to endorse and support same sex marriage. Yet, here we are, 6 years later and since that time the nation has seen and experienced massive change when it comes to same sex marriage, from States recognizing gay marriage, to the courts protecting the rights of the homosexual, we’ve seen a major shift in the country when it comes to homosexuality.

Yet this change of sentiment toward abnormal behavior is now trickling down to our youth, and by the growing numbers of children as young as 5, who are becoming “aware” of their true identity, it’s proving to me that we are reaping the seeds of rebellion in this nation and it’s now affecting our youth. Seeds sown.

From the moment we are born, gender has already taken place from within the womb. During conception, we are given so many chromosomes that will determine us being a boy or a girl. Again, perfect procreation results due to the creation process God designed. The result is the birth of a child, be it a boy or girl. Yet we’re seeing more and more children growing up becoming confused by their gender and the affects will haunt us as a nation for years to come.

12 year old “Jazz” (whose real name has been protected) was born a boy, but his parents re-considered their thinking when “Jazz” began to question his identity. Upon careful advice from their doctor, who suggested the child simply needed to have some counseling to establish (or reinforce) his gender, his parents went against the grain and instead, began to celebrate the boy’s desire to become what he wanted to be, what he thought he should be – a girl. Thus, “Jazz” was born.

There is no question we are polluting and destroying our nation’s youth into having them believe it’s okay to question their gender, even though there is nothing wrong with being either a boy or girl. What this stems from is a growing segment of society, reinforced by the public school system, to indoctrinate children into the worldview which says if one does not “feel” right in their body – change it, even if they are only 5. It’s the destructive spirit of perversion which is destroying many lives today.

So where are many of these traits and beliefs coming from? The public schools.

The homosexual-transgender movement is working hard to indoctrinate schoolchildren that “transgenderism” and cross-dressing are normal and just another way of becoming “who you really are.” The way schools do this should be very frightening to parents. Using so-called “queer theory” constructs that contradict reality, the radical activists manipulate the psychology of vulnerable children. Take the following image (below) what the LGBT curriculum is teaching in many school system across America.


In one State, the indoctrination to support transgenderism is not only protected, it is encouraged! Here is just a few of the points the Department of Education supports in their ideology concerning children and gender:

  • Schools must differentiate between a student’s “assigned sex at birth” and his “gender-related identity.”
  • Schools must allow students to determine themselves as “transgendered” if this is who they feel they are, and that decision must be respected by the schools.
  • Schools must cover “gender identity” issues in policies, handbooks, written materials
  • Schools may discuss hormone treatments and possible surgeries with students.
  • Schools must address a student by an opposite-sex name if the student desires, and change school records to reflect that new name.
  • Parents can be excluded from the process if student desires.
  • Schools must allow “transgender” students to use opposite-sex restrooms, locker rooms, and changing facilities.
  • Schools must allow “transgender” students to play on opposite-sex athletic teams.
  • Schools must work to remove the concept of “gender”/biological sex from as much of school life as possible.
  • Schools must provide transgender diversity training for children and school staff.
  • There should be no tolerance for other students’ discomfort with transgenderism.

Transgenderism is being incorporated into almost every aspect of our society whose sole goal is to inform children (not adults) that it is considered “ok” to change (if they so desired) their gender sex. In Massachusetts an elementary school using a GLSEN homosexual activist to teach third-graders about cross-dressing and transgenderism, told her children in class that men can have operations to become women.

Schools around the country are beginning to support the idea which says children can decide, if they so choose, if they want to change their sexual orientation. But what they fail to realize is, that by doing so, they are incorporating a pro-gay activism mentality which is creeping in every way possible in this nation, from books and movies to television shows, whose goal is to produce a society devoid of traditional Christian morals and values, and instead, replace them with concepts of individuality, even if its perverse. This indoctrination is a Satanic one whose end goal is to bring thousands into further bondage as they grow older.

For every child who is encouraged to question, then change their gender, it will further lead to a greater bondage in the future as they become more indoctrinated into the homosexual community. That is the way I believe militant homosexuals are desiring to achieve their so called “rights” to pro-create, not thru conventional methods, but by gender role confusion. What better way to reproduce outside the normal methods, and instead re-produce via indoctrination to grow their future numbers. Makes perfect sense to me.

This is the warning we received in the word of God for the coming last days, which are upon us now: “For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function for that which is unnatural,” (Romans 1:26). The events happening right now where it involves children and gender confusion can be linked directly back to the same sex proponents. These individuals are corrupt, wicked and immoral beings who, by their own desire, seek to destroy the youth of America and for one purpose, to bring about a society devoid of values and traditional merits based on Christian principles.

Every child who is “confused” are confused only because of their environment they are surrounded by. If a parent or parents seek to further explore their child’s gender confusion belief, they do so at their child’s own peril. Gender confusion is a direct result of a lack of fundamental guidance from both the Father and Mother, it is the failure to reinforce core values of traditional gender roles. When a Father neglects his duty in raising his son, and instead leaves it to the mother, you’ll have a son that is void of certain masculine traits that only a father can give. When a Mother fails to instruct and guide her daughter in correct admonition regarding feminine roles, the result will equally be disastrous.

The word tells us in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” The idea is this, raise your child under the care and nurture you have been given by God, not by ideas taught by the world, for they are foreign to the believer. The result of the same sex marriage – the side affect, is children growing up confused and gender manipulated by a more darker and sinister world, who is being led by the spirit of antichrist. It is this spirit which is growing a segment of society who will not only worship the beast, they will celebrate his diversity because they were captured at birth to believe a lie – and be damned for it.



  1. When one reads the account of Sodom and Gomorrah in Gen. 19, you see that the crowd who were threatening Lot, was filled with children as well as grown ups.

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