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Be on your guard; you will be handed over to the local councils and be flogged in the synagogues.” (Matthew 10:17)

On Tuesday, June 24th, 2014, Charismatic pastor and televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, along with several other evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal leaders met with Pope Francis at the Vatican to discuss ways of bridging together both the Charismatic branch of the Pentecostal movement with the Roman Catholic Church. Copeland, along with others at the meeting, singled out discussions which give hope to the popular Pope that the dialogue between protestants and the Catholic church will unite the two for a greater cause – the eventual return of protestants back into the Catholic church.

Whether or not one agrees with such a meeting, the truth is, a sinister plot is taking place within the corridors of hell to bring about the greatest plan of the ages – the extermination of Christians in these last days, and what’s worse, the enemy is using spiritual leaders to try to bring about our demise.

From Charismatic leaders sleeping with false teachers (the Pope) and false religions (Roman Catholic Church) to our own political leaders such as President Barack Obama, who is making it law which says no one can discriminate against homosexuals, even speak against the lifestyle itself or face the full penalty of law. Just recently Vice President Joe Biden stated at a recent gathering of gay rights activists, “I don’t care what your culture is,” meaning, the administration is clear, either the church accept the policies of protecting homosexuals and same sex marriage or face strong civil (and even possible criminal) penalties. The solution to the church in the mind of this world is to silence their voice, then ultimately silence their life. Think it can’t happen? In Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Iran, Egypt and Libya, Christians are being jailed and/or beheaded for their faith. In the U.K. anti-discrimination laws are now in place which prohibits any Christian, especially religious leaders, from speaking out against homosexuality, or even other sins the Bible classifies as immoral and wrong, like adultery.

The prophets of old were very clear what was going to occur in the final end times just before Christ returns, full warfare upon the body of Christ. Jesus said the world hated him first, and if it hated him, how much more will it hate us? That world is the world system, the kingdom of Satan which is striving for a time where it can operate freely without the hindrance of the church. John saw a time where the antichrist will one day make war with the saints, even then he shall overcome them. Revelation chapter 7 reveal a great number of believers who will come out of the great tribulation that John says have given their life for the gospel. We are seeing the masterplan beginning to be fulfilled.

Men such as Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren and others, are men who have been moved by the spirit of this age to deceive the body of Christ and bring the church into bondage – spiritual bondage, in this last days. This is the method I believe Satan has been planning to bring about our greatest challenge that is soon coming in the last days – the final solution.




  1. San Juan says:

    Bullseye! Chrisopher, you hit the nail squarely on the head

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