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and that you be renewed in the spirit of your mind, and put on the new self, which in the likeness of God has been created in righteousness and holiness of the truth.” (Eph. 4:23-24)


It seems like the more each summer begins, there is a further departure from the biblical standard when it comes to holiness as it relates to the believer in these last days. It equally seems that as less of an emphasis concerning modesty is taught in the church, the more many Christians begin to shed their clothes with the coming of the summer sun. This is all directly related to the failure of proper teaching of the word of God as it relates to character and personal conduct as well as behavior.

The apostle Paul stated in 1 Timothy 2:9 “likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire,” anything which leads to lust or wicked behavior is not only wrong, but it is sin. This includes the “Christian” bikini.

The “Christian” bikini is a spiritual condition which represents the fading virtues within the believer and is a trait of one who is becoming less interested in following the pattern of Christian behavior, and more about incorporating the things of the world into their life, and the cost is a devaluing of their faith to the point where the person risks losing their faith in Christ in an attempt to reveal more of their desire to be seen by the world and be accepted – by the world.

The “Christian” bikini is a serious one that says they know better than God on character and prefer their own direction, even if that means compromise. The “Christian” bikini has no problem in becoming a stumbling block to those around them, and actually enjoys the idea of taunting others, especially men, with thoughts that will disrupt their daily communion with Christ.

The “Christian” bikini says the old ways are too conforming, they are not loose enough in this modern age where we are not to judge another, even if their actions are not right, but in actuality convey a message which says their heart is being conformed by the spirit of this world. The “Christian” bikini sees no problem with sin, or those ideas which bring a believer into bondage, for they have outgrown the need of a faith which limits their behavior and demands complete submission to the word of God, not to mention submission to Christ and his perfect will.

The “Christian” bikini seduces many in these last days and says God loves you no matter what you wear, even if it devalues them and strips them of all dignity. The “Christian” bikini is a thought that is independent of God’s prescribed order and instead, is rooted in rebellion, insecurity, worldliness and self. It rejects anything or anyone which would plead for it to come back to God’s perfect way of living.

The Christian should take every care as to not be led by the spirit of this age of compromise for the sake of independence, but instead, seek God’s perfecting grace, which will allow them to know and understand true submission, which in turn will yield a spirit of contentment, purity, grace and reflect a character of modesty and wholesome virtue. When people begin to strip away all of their morals and begin to accept the standards of the world, and forget God’s prescribed order for living, they begin the final process where not only will they begin to accept other things God strictly says not to accept, but will eventually begin to accept another gospel, for it is inevitable. When one begins to stumble into worldliness without Godly standards, the end result is spiritual death.

There is a reason why God wants us to live modestly, to refrain from embracing things the world embraces, because we are not of this world, but we are new in Christ. When the old man is dead to Christ, he (or she) must begin to allow the new man to come forth and begin to reflect the power of the cross within their life, because of the power of the cross. We are not our own, we have been bought with a price, and to begin to become swayed by the spirit of this age, (which is antichrist) the end result never leads a man or woman into a greater walk with Christ, it instead brings them into a place where they are once again brought into bondage, finding themselves seduced by the spirit of this world, and ultimately it will begin to bring the darkness back into their heart and life.

The “Christian” bikini stands opposed to the beauty and purity that Christ gives every woman and makes them polluted by the spirit of this world, and that in turn makes them degraded and seen worthless in the eyes of men. Stay away from the “Christian” bikini, and put on the whole garment of Christ, covered in his glory and beauty without guilt of compromise.






  1. Bobby Jones says:

    The posting is a good read except the posting is about Christian modesty and opposing spiritual nakedness.
    Yet the first thing you see is a lady in a red naked bikini,seems a little hypocritical don’t you think maybe even double jeopardy.

    I too am against nakedness according to scripture it is sin for a man to look upon a woman it causes lust in his heart but not only will he be judged but the women who causes the man to sin will be judged likewise.

    • Because we live in such a world, sometimes we must use examples (even visuals to a degree) to convey the message to get people’s attention. Actually, the picture is tame compared to what I could have used but didn’t.

  2. Pastor D'mento says:

    women who dress in any immodest clothing ie. skirts and dresses that go above the knee-line, see thru dresses/tops, bikinis, low-cut tops, short shorts are Prostitutes. 98.8% of western women in 2014 are prostitutes by the way they dress. Women in 1914 dressed respectably and when seeking a man, sought one for a devoted loving husband. 98.8% Women in 2014 are vile despicable using scumbags who dress like whores for one thing – its to get a man but not for a devoted loving husband. Some of these women tell men where to go just for staring at them dressing like a harlot – thus showing there hypocritical arrogance.

    A Woman who dresses like a harlot and/then takes photos of themselves in such a fashion is not only a harlot but also suffers from low-self esteem – Its puts men like me off them. Theres never any women who fit that 1.2% who respect themselves, there values and seek a man for marriage and family.

    Satan has corrupted women under 45. Yet society sits back and thinks its nothing.


    • I don’t know where your twisted view of women came from, but it’s horribly narrow minded and mysoginistic.
      98.8% of women are not prostitutes.
      98.8% of women are not scumbags.

      Women in 1914 dressed a certain way because they were told that a man viewing even their ankles was wrong.

      I’m not suggesting that we all run around naked, but shouldn’t some happy medium be found? Women shouldn’t be expected to cover up 90% of their bodies for the sake of not tempting a teenage boy who needs to learn to control his hormones.

      Everything is good in moderation.

  3. Evelyn Chipise says:

    Surely God has to help us.The world had crept into the church through false teachings.

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