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There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.” (Proverbs 14:12)



Something’s bugging me and I can’t let it go. It basically started yesterday evening and lasted throughout most of the night. No, it wasn’t indigestion, wasn’t GERD, it was something else that I could not let go of until I found myself doing some research. Then I found it, it was the connection I had been searching for and it was startling.

For years the homosexual camp in America has long desired to get a foothold into our culture but they were, for the most part, regulated to the Colleges and Universities of our educational system, where, without fear of being singled out and thrown back into the closet, they could cultivate and indoctrinate the young minds that came into their social web of deceit. But then the times began to change and the individual gay man or woman became bolder and more vocal in larger numbers and they were not satisfied with just one small aspect of our society, they wanted more and they came up with a game plan to make their perversion more acceptable in our culture like never before.

It didn’t take long till the gay activist and their agenda took other areas of relevance in our culture, from books to movies to television, especially in pop music. Pop icons such as Lady Ga Ga, an openly bi sexual woman and Katy Perry, who just recently announced that she is also bi sexual, and I might add is a former pentecostal christian who was raised in a pentecostal church. The fact is, the homosexual defenders maintained a certain control, but it wasn’t until recently that they had snagged the biggest gift of all time to further their political social agenda – the White House.

There has never been a time in our society where any particular group or people has been given a literal pass into one of the most trusted places of leadership than the homosexual organization has been given under the current Presidency of one Barack Obama.

From Obama’s mysterious and unexplained relationship with one Larry Sinclair who, for a brief time, revealed that he and then University student Obama, had a brief, one time sexual relationship but was quickly silenced, to Obama’s campaign organizer and now czar over the national public education system – Kevin Jennings.

The fact is, there are serious questions just why Obama has maintained a close relationship with the homosexual movement. But it’s very obvious to me why he maintains such a close association to these men and women – he’s gay himself and he supports their agenda. There is no other way one can explain his sympathetic nature to this part of our growing segment in our nation other than he himself is a gay man.

So, let’s look at who Barak Obama aligns himself with and then you decide for yourself if you come away with the same conclusion:

Kevin Jennings.

Jennings is the founder of GLSEN — the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network. This is the same Kevin Jennings who you have to thank for the fact that “gay” clubs exist in many schools across the country today. Also thanks to Jennings, GLSEN sponsors the so-called “Day of Silence” in thousands of schools across America, when students are encouraged to take a vow of silence to show solidarity with their LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered) classmates. And courtesy of GLSEN’s website, you can get a list of recommended books for every age group, starting with kindergarten, to introduce children to the subject of homosexuality.

In Massachusetts, GLSEN is famous (or infamous) for what’s become known as “fist-gate.” And here’s where the distasteful part begins. On March 25, 2000, GLSEN sponsored, along with the Massachusetts Department of Education, a taxpayer-funded conference. Its goals included putting Gay/Straight Alliances into more Massachusetts schools, and expanding homosexual teaching into lower grades.

Many gay-friendly teachers (who received development credits for being there) and administrators attended, along with students who were bussed in from their home districts.

One particular workshop was listed as a “youth only, ages 14-21” session, run by three self-professed gay presenters. Thanks to two members of a local Parents’ Rights Coalition who secretly taped the session, we know exactly what happened. One of the teachers asked the assembled students what “fisting” meant. Following a descriptive definition, another of the adult presenters proceeded to demonstrate the proper formation of the hand for this sexual act. After a student of about 16 said that it didn’t sound very appealing, the third adult presenter calmed his concerns.

This technique, she explained, “often gets a really bad rap,” and that it was “an experience of letting somebody into your body that you want to be that close and intimate with.” Other homosexual acts were discussed and described in detail.

In 2002, GLSEN sponsored another conference which included a seminar on “Gender in the Early Childhood Classroom” which explored ways of setting “the tone for nontraditional gender role play” for preschoolers. Remember, it is Kevin Jennings who created this group, which is run by the current Administration under his leadership and receives Government funding.

So why would President Obama devote so much time associating with these people who are adamant in indoctrinating our children as young as 5 with the gay and lesbian concept and beliefs? Let’s read from Obama’s own words in a speech in August 2008. “I believe we can achieve equality for the millions of the LGBT people in this country, and with this team [LGBT] I know that the LGBT community will play a major role in our campaign to bring change to Washington.”

So, it was very clear during the campaign that Obama had a personal stake in the moving in of the homosexual agenda into our schools, he wasn’t happy with just its influence in our culture thru media, he wanted, along with others, a more effective imprint of this philosophy in the hearts and minds of our children. I repeat, there is no other purpose or reason for his staunch support other than Barack Obama is a closet homosexual in his heart.

In March of 1995 to the Human Rights Campaign Fund Leadership Conference called “Winning the Culture War.” Here’s a small portion of what he said: “In Massachusetts the effective re-framing of this issue was the key to the success of the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth. We immediately seized upon the opponent’s calling card – safety – and explained how homophobia represents a threat to students’ safety by creating a climate where violence, name-calling, health problems, and suicide are common. Titling our report ‘Making Schools Safe for Gay and Lesbian Youth,’ we automatically threw our opponents onto the defensive and stole their best line of attack. This framing short-circuited their arguments and left them back-pedaling from day one.”

Kevin Jennings wrote the foreword to the book Queering Elementary Education, which offers essays on “Locating a Place for Gay and Lesbian Themes in Elementary Reading, Writing and Talking.” (Interestingly enough, Bill Ayers wrote a glowing blurb for the back of the book.)

The point is, why surround yourself with people who have a clear agenda other than you are apart of the same? The fact is, this President is sympathetic to homosexuals simply because he is one. There can be no other reason for his strange, abnormal behavior other than he himself is gay or bi-sexual.

But let’s look at one other recent endorsement of Obama.

President Obama’s recess appointment of an outspoken supporter of gay rights to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is causing alarm among social conservatives, who worry that she’ll strip religious rights from schools and businesses and “revolutionize” social norms in the workplace.

The appointment of Georgetown University Law Center Professor Chai Feldblum to be one of the EEOC’s five commissioners went largely unnoticed on Saturday, as Republicans zeroed in on Obama’s naming of pro-union labor lawyer Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board.

While Feldblum’s work to end prejudice against gays and lesbians has been lauded by many in the legal community, conservative groups say her appointment to the EEOC will have detrimental and far-reaching consequences.

“She wants to change the moral bearing of this country,” said Andrea Lafferty, executive director of the Traditional Values Coalition. Lafferty said the hiring of a transgender teacher in a school, for example, would be “traumatizing” for students who are “still growing and learning about sexuality.”

“We send children to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic. Having a transgender or ‘she-male’ teacher in the classroom should not be part of that equation,” she said.

Feldblum’s public comments and causes have raised alarm among social conservatives. In a 2004 speech at UCLA, she said “gay sex is morally good” and boasted about a project she launched, known as Workplace Flexibility 2010, which she said aimed to “change the face of the American workplace” and “revolutionize social norms.”

The Obama administration is standing by its decision to appoint the Harvard-educated attorney to the EEOC, an independent federal agency that enforces laws against workplace discrimination.

The fact remains, this President, unlike any other President, has aligned himself with the gay movement an thus, bringing in his own anti-christian beliefs. Doesn’t it make you wonder why this President still has not found a church as every other President has done? Does it not bring into question as to why this President has aligned himself with individuals who, by their own words and deeds, have an agenda of their own, to force the ideas of homosexuality upon the children of our nation?

There is no other explanation other than this President is a homosexual and a supporter of this lifestyle. The homosexualist vision for America’s future is characteristically hedonistic and selfishly narcissistic, for it is defined by that which it opposes and seeks to destroy: Judeo-Christian family-based society.

Although they are practiced at making themselves appear to be victims, rather than aggressors, hatred toward the heterosexual community occupies a major role in the motivation of the Gay/Lesbian activist leadership

But I must remind those who continue to support this President of God’s position on anyone wanting or living this lifestyle. “Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites.” 1 Cor. 6:9


  1. Nice conclusion, you make the point very clear, this is where the rabbit meets the road. If you are using this as an excuse to stay out of the game or reinforce your own inner journey for a time I understand. The desire for peace is good and the right to happily multiply is also something not to shy away from. The new powers of leadership being taught around the world dissolve all this. The pressure from all outside parties is real, because we are still trying to understand how we can all work together. Granted some barriers to go well beyond what we will ever need to know or discuss. When something good is taught there is this understood commonality of acceptance or rejection. This post is definitely about rejection. So then there is a racial barrier where text provides superiority, which is still a rejection due to ego. There is also positive things about this when you are a true role of guardian. If so what are you protecting and what community have I just stepped into, I am not here to agree of disagree, just commenting on the charisma. If have shared similar thoughts over the phone with friends and felt sad and lonely afterwards, many years after. Whilst empowered with strong foundations like this I got what I wanted and became devoted to what I wanted, which left a lot of things neglected. The relationship never lasted because I let the goose out the bag, laughed when I thought appropriate and was surprised how every action created another testing reaction from the one I most wanted to impress. They had there own goals to overcome and had started a secret pursuit of happiness. We all go through phases and as these transitions happen and we look out the window at the world that passes by quickly with trails things seem blurred and its great that is outside. Inside the train, plane or automobile is your own perception which we project on the eye which tells a story about what is going on inside. Whatever you have just enjoy it, most politicians have been depicted flying the bright colours, which means this is a trend that not yet understand, but i its fun keep it in. Good luck.

  2. waycross48 says:

    THANK GOD for Christian Schools!! But that doesn’t help the children who’s parents can’t afford to send them to these schools. It seems that we’ve lost control over how our children are educated regarding sex. Children are so warped in their thinking regarding sex these days. I think it leads them, in some cases, to experiment sexually in ways they normallly would not even consider. Is it too late to take back the control we’ve lost over our public schools? I pray it is not. God Bless

    • The public school system is beyond repair, it’s too late. The best thing is to pray over one’s child daily, educate them STRONGLY in the things of the Lord and pray God opens a door for another option.

  3. 1kings171 says:

    Many Americans are overcome with sin in their own lives to be of resistance. Many of the denominations are infiltrated by tares, masons, witches, Romanists. Rome, the Vatican, is still at war with the born again followers of Jesus Christ.
    Their are public domain PDFs of books which speak of how the RCC plans to take down this nation from top to bottom and hand it over to the perversion of Romanism. They speak of Catholicism taking our schools, political offices, hospitals, military, colleges, courts, law enforcement…. In catholic schools they taught evolution and took it into the “protestant” schools. Then “sex” education and all the other acts of fornication. The “Jesuit priests and lay priest” have been a powerful force in this agenda. The nuns and monks also. Yes, it is a conspiracy! and Satan runs it through demonized men and women “by any means necessary!” Rome permits all manner of VICE! For she is a whore!

    “We are determined . . . to take possession of the United States, and rule them; but we cannot do that without acting secretly and with utmost wisdom. If our plans become known, they will surely be defeated.” —by Charles Chiniquy, “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome”

    Here is a list of quotes of public domain PDFs: all but four can be found online for free….

    “Romanism – A Menace to the Nation”, by Jeremiah J. Crowley, 714pages
    ….. page #112 & page #113 – In the allocution of September, 1851, Pius IX. said : “That he had taken this principle for a basis, that the Catholic religion, with all its votes, ought to be exclusively dominant in such sort, so that every other worship shall be banished and interdicted.” “You ask, if the Pope were lord of this land and you were in a minority, what he would do to you? That, we say, would entirely depend upon circumstances. If it would benefit the cause of Catholicism, he would tolerate you ; if expedient, he would imprison or banish you, probably he might hang you. But be assured of one thing, he would never tolerate you for the sake of your glorious principles of civil and religious liberty.”

    THE POPE, CHIEF OF WHITE SLAVERS, HIGH PRIEST OF INTRIGUE by JEREMIAH J. CROWLEY (A Roman Catholic Priest for Twenty-Four Years, Author of “Romanism–A Menace to the Nation” — also in free PDF online. The papal octopus is on page 430 of this PDF.
    Romanism is a Monster, with arms of Satanic power and strength, reaching to the very ends of the earth, the arm of superstition crushing the American child, that of subversion crushing the American Flag, that of bigotry crushing the American Public School, that of ignorance crushing the credulous dupe, that of corruption crushing the law of the land, that of greed grasping public moneys, that of tyranny destroying freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, all over the world —

    “Days of Our Years” by Pierre van Paassen; 1939, p. 465 – “For today, Rome considers the FACIST regime the nearest to its dogmas and interest. We have not merely the (Rev [Jesuit] Coughlin praising Mussolini’s Italy as a “christian” democracy, but Civilta Cattolica (House organ of the Jesuits): says quite frankly… Fascism is the regime that corresponds most closely to the concepts of the Church of Rome.

    “The Crisis; or, The enemies of America Unmasked” (1855)
    page #13- ” This,” said the Jesuit, with a quiet smile, ” you suppose to be the system of your own country?” “I do not suppose it,” said the American, “I know it.” “Now,” said the Jesuit, “listen to me a few moments and I will tell you what I know. Your president is elected by the conclave of cardinals at Rome, the same who elect the pope. Your people nominate the candidates. Our confidential agents select from the number, the one whom they believe to be the most favorable to the interests of the church. His name ‘with those of the other candidates is reported to the cardinals and the pope. When their decision is announced to the confidential friends of the pope and the cardinals, in the United States, they send forth their orders through the priests ; and the whole Roman Catholic vote is thrown for the candidate who is favoured by the church.

    cont’d….Is it not true that in many very essential points this country is governed by foreign influence? Is it not even highly probable that Roman Catholic prelates have a voice in the selection of candidates for very high as well as low offices, even for that of the president himself.”

    (All Roads Lead To Rome, p127) Michael de Semlyen cites the Catholic Research Information Bureau (CRIB) as giving the world a strong and sober warning: Don’t be deceived. The Roman Church is like a chameleon. Tolerant, friendly, highly moral and authoritative in Protestant England and America; but where there is a Roman Catholic majority, she is very different and no friend of freedom, always blending in with the landscape, but never quite what she seems to be.

    “50 Years in the Church of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy – “How sad will their awakening be, when, with our out-numbering votes, we will turn them, for ever, from every position of honor, power and profit! What will those hypocritical and godless sons and daughters of the fanatical Pilgrim Fathers say, when not a single judge, not a single teacher, not a single policeman will be elected if he be not a devoted . . . Roman Catholic? What will those so-called giants think of their matchless shrewdness and ability, when not a single Senator or member of Congress will be chosen, if he be not submitted to our holy father the Pope? What a sad figure those Protestant Yankees will cut when we will not only elect the President, but fill and command the armies, man the navies, and hold the keys of the public treasury?”

    “Then, yes! then, we will rule the United States, and lay them at the feet of the Vicar of Jesus Christ [the pope], that he may put an end to their godless system of education, and sweep away those impious laws of liberty of conscience which are an insult to God and man!”

    “The Church of Rome says that she has a right to punish with the confiscation of their goods, or the penalty of death, those who differ in faith from the Pope.” — ibid, p. 376.

    Catholic clergy themselves admitted that there was a conspiracy against the United States and that Catholicism planned to take over America. For example: “The Shepherd of the Valley, the official journal of the Bishop of St. Louis …, declared in 1851: The Church is of necessity intolerant. Heresy she endures when and where she must, but she hates it and directs all her energies to destroy it… If Catholics ever gain a sufficient numerical majority in this country, religious freedom is at an end. So our enemies say, so we believe” (Charles Chiniquy, 50 Years in the “Church” of Rome

    All history tells us that wherever the Romish priesthood has gained a predominance, there the utmost amount of intolerance is invariably the practice. In countries where they are in the minority they instantly demand, not only toleration, but equality; but in countries where they predominate they allow neither toleration nor equality.— Lord Palmerston.

    Make peace if you will with popery; receive it into your senate; shrine it in your churches; plant it in your hearts; but be ye certain, as certain as that there is a heaven above you, and a God over you, that the popery thus honored and embraced is the very popery that was loathed and degraded by the holiest of your fathers; the same in haughtiness, the same in intolerance which lorded it over kings, assumed the prerogative of Deity, crushed human liberty, and slew the saints of God. —Canon Melvill.

    “I know the Jesuits never forget nor forsake. But man must not care how and where he dies, provided he dies at the post of honor and duty.” ~Abraham Lincoln (“50 Years in the ‘church’ of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy pg. 472

    “Your enemies are devils incarnate” ~Abraham Lincoln speaking to Charles Chiniquy about Jesuits (“50 Years in the ‘church’ of Rome” Pg 371)

    Catholics First and Citizens Next – “Nationalities must be subordinate to religion, and we must learn that we are Catholics first and citizens next. God is above man and the church above the state.” –Bishop Gilmore.

    “50 Years in the Church of Rome” by Charles Chiniquy- “Rome is in constant conspiracy against the rights and liberties of man all over the world; but she is particularly so in the United States. Long before I was ordained a priest I knew that my Church was the most implacable enemy of this Republic. My professors of philosophy, history, and theology had been unanimous in telling me that the principles and laws of the Church of Rome were absolutely antagonistic to the laws and principles that are the foundation stones of the Constitution of the United States.

    “1st. The most sacred principle of the United States Constitution is the equality of every citizen before the law. But the fundamental principle of the Church of Rome is the denial of that equality.
    “2nd. Liberty of conscience is proclaimed by the United States a most sacred principle, which every citizen must uphold .… But liberty of conscience is declared by all the Popes and Councils of Rome, a most godless, unholy, and diabolical thing, which every good Catholic must abhor and destroy at any cost.
    “3rd. The American Constitution assures the absolute independence of the civil from the ecclesiastical or Church power; but the Church of Rome declares, through all her Pontiffs and Councils, that such independence is an impiety and a revolt against God.
    “4th. The American Constitution leaves every man free to serve God according to the dictates of his conscience; but the Church of Rome declares that no man has ever had such a right, and that the Pope alone can know and say what man must believe and do.” — ibid, p. 375. And when the papacy takes over there will be bloodshed.


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