“For many will come in my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and they will lead many astray.” (Matthew 24:5)


I want to share with you (the reader) of a dream I received last night where the Lord was showing me of what is happening right now within the world as well as within the church. What I am about to state is a prophetic warning of great deception that is coming, and he who has an ear needs to pay very careful attention to what the spirit of God is saying or risk becoming deceived in these last days – it’s that serious.

In the dream that I was given last night (Saturday August 16th, 2014) I found myself standing outside of a large building which stood upon stones, blocks of rocks that kept the large framed house up off the ground and gave protection from not only the elements, but also of what I was about to be shown.

I noticed that it was dark, but not pitch black, I would say it was dusk, with the last shred of light from the setting sun having disappeared under the horizon. I noticed the ground was not covered by grass, but dirt, almost muddy, soft in places yet firm in other section of the land around me. The ground was of yellow to tan colored but no grass. It was all barren.

I soon began to instantly have a sense of fear over take me as I looked and suddenly appearing all around me was snakes of all shapes and sizes beginning to appear, it was as if they had waited until the light from the sun had shown its last frame of light as they began to gather around me. At first I kicked a few, and a few snapped back at me, one in particular whose head was diamond shaped, snipped at my feet (I was wearing boots) and yet it seemed to leave me alone which I was not sure as to why?

I began to notice something odd about what I was seeing with the snakes, they were all moving like cattle in one direction – toward a shroud of darkness which appeared before me. The mist was black, pitch black as the snakes began to gather in large numbers. Hundreds, possibly even maybe a few thousand seemed to be nestling near and within this misty shroud of darkness, this cloud of blackness that settled upon the ground. I then looked down near to where I was standing and noticed a large python slithering past me, it was fat – very fat, as it slid along past me, and that was the same with the other snakes which I found odd, for they did not desire to attack me, even though I was in obviously great danger, it was as if I was allowed to be within their presence either by their own design OR, something other had placed me there in their midst to see what was happening, and they recognized me but did not try to attack me, for if they wanted to, they could overcome me without question as there was so many snakes.

I looked down at the large python and began to notice as it was going the same direction as all the others,that something was moving inside it, it was as if it was changing from within, I attempted to then reach down and pick up it’s tail and to my astonishment it did not intervene, but as I took hold, it slipped out of my hands and I found myself holding onto dead skin it had left behind. Then suddenly I watched the large python find itself in some brush and all of a sudden, the top of its head opened up and out flew a butterfly, a beautiful butterfly as it spread its wings and flew away.

My attention then turned to the house in which I was standing outside – protecting it as one would protect something of great value, a guard or watchman. I noticed that other houses that were not built on the rock had become overtaken by the snakes, but because the large house itself was set upon these large rocks or blocks, nothing could sway it. Yet I saw an army of snakes beginning to form just outside and even within the mist of darkness as if the shroud or mist was controlling these snakes and to my astonishment, they seemed to act like they were preparing for something unbelievable – invasion.

I asked someone near me who stood outside the large building to help me destroy these snakes, that we could do it while many were being soothed by the cloud, like a window of time was given to kill many of these creatures, but to no avail. Then I saw the large army of snakes beginning to come against the large building, attacking it, the earth itself seemed to move, but it was not the ground, but the hundreds, if not thousands of snakes that covered the ground which were coming against the building, only because the house sat upon the large rocks were the snakes not able to penetrate it.

Then the dream ended.


Here is what the Lord showed me as to its meaning:

The house that was sat upon the rocks of stone was the church.

The darkness represented the lateness of the hour (the last days).

The snakes were demonic forces that were gathering for one final assault against the church.

The land not having any grass is the condition of the world – spiritually barren.

The shroud of darkness is Satan himself.

My role standing outside the house represents the role of the watchman, the prophet warning, guarding and defending the body of Christ.

Now, I need to explain the butterfly and its meaning, as I believe this is the central core to what I saw happening with the snake and what I believe to be a genuine threat to the body of Christ. The snake was changing shape, it was losing its skin to reveal something more dangerous – something beautiful to behold. For out of its mouth came a beautiful butterfly. The butterfly represents a NEW kind of deception, one which will be easy to look at, it will be easy upon the eyes and it will look harmless, even Godly, but it is DANGEROUS. By far, this new design and appearance will come in the shape or form of something good and true, but the heart of it is a lie. Here is the meaning of the butterfly:

The Lord himself spoke to me the meaning this morning while in church, for I could not rest from the moment I arose out of bed after receiving this vision. The Lord says that there is coming a form of Godliness, a message or idea that will LOOK like one of Godliness, but behind the mask it is nothing more than deception behind it. Whatever this message or idea is, it will come to the church first, then spread outward and tragically many within the church will be deceived by it. Paul warned about this in 2 Timothy 4:3 “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions,

This deception will be the deception which will bring about the great falling away from the faith. Whatever it is, the Lord spoke to me to say that it is coming and it is by Satan’s great design to deceive the body of Christ to be moved away from the truth and cause many to lose their salvation. Then the deception, this evil plan will be complete.

Warn your pastor, your preachers, your family and friends who believe in the cross and believe that we are living in the last days, that something evil is coming and Satan is gathering his disciples together for one great battle against the body of Christ in these last days. This is where we will know who truly is and isn’t in the faith – by their reaction to the deception that is coming.



  1. Barbra Delores Moss Harris says:

    This reminds me of a dream I had last fall. Jesus was hovering in the clouds headed left (west) announcing his soon return for the bride of Christ. Behind him, floating from right to left, was a very (physically) handsome man that I thought was perhaps a prophet. There was great beauty, magnetism, Charisma! His head was held high! As I turned to view his face better, Jesus stopped me with a command not to look upon him because he is evil; he is the enemy, he is the antichrist. Jesus told me to warn my family & friends not to follow this deceiver,
    Not to believe in the lies, but to hold fast our faith in God Almighty!

  2. smooothlegs says:

    the Beginning of sorrows has Begun Jesus watchmen have Been Warning Amen And for some time I have been Weeping and Praying ! this is confirmation of What is to come we are in the end of days,
    And Perilous times with Such escalation has COME! Love the Truth AND Strict Adherence to JESUS Willfully Seeking JESUS in Obedience! The Fear of GOD Has Griped Me and I stay IN the Fear of GOD. JESUS BLESS YOU

  3. Praying Medic says:

    I had a dream a few years ago that had a similar message. In the dream I was aware that an event was coming soon that was going to cause nearly everyone in the world to be deceived. Even most Christians. I “saw” the deception being planned, though it was hard to describe exactly what it was. There were a few others who were aware that this deception was being planned, but 95% of society was clueless about it. The event was going to happen very suddenly. The dream ended just before the event was about to happen. I knew that the only ones who would not be deceived were people who saw it coming in advance.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for sharing. Your dream has confirmed a dream I had last week. At first I was telling the Lord I was going to come back to him and start following him. I was then outside and I saw two full moons in the sky during daylight, other people saw and were just as amazed. Then suddenly the biggest butterfly appears from the sky flying. The butterfly was white and the wings were all the colors from the rainbows. Suddenly the sky turned black and the butterfly turned into a black bat, which was kinda scary. In the dream over the phone, I was telling my dad on the phone about this strange dream. Then I woke up. I believe this dream has to do with the Antichrist and his coming of deception. I suppose a butterfly can represent Jesus’s death and resurrection. As well it seems the colors of the rainbows could indicate his coming “covenant”. Interesting indeed, Praise God

  5. Anonymous says:

    God bless you greatly.

  6. KaraLee Boudreaux says:

    I had a dream with four baby vipers, which I grabbed in my right hand to keep everyone safe. There was an unrelated death in the dream also. What could the 4 vipers represent?
    Where my eldest used to live, he had gone outside to have a cigarette. He looked at the sky and saw an ominous looking cloud in the distance. The the cloud began to swiftly move toward him and he could see it was active, dark and evil. It moved over his home, an he clearly saw it was made up of people, angry people, nashing their teeth and biting each other.
    What could these mean?

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