Behold, I have given you authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall hurt you.” (Luke 10:19)


About 4 years ago, while in a tent revival, I was approached by a woman who was very distraught, actually she was overcome with great fear. As I listened to her explain her situation, I could tell she was in desperate need of help. She explained that her daughter and her family were plagued with a series of demonic attacks that were so bad that even their 8 month old baby was being physically assaulted. As she explained it, there were times where marks appeared on the baby, other times the crib where the child would lay, would move across the room while the parents were asleep (the child slept in the parents bedroom). It was clear to me the family needed deliverance.

The dear woman asked if I would come and rid their house of this evil. So I told them that yes, I would come and do what I could. How ironic that only a few nights before, God was dealing with me about casting down demonic strongholds, but I had no idea this would be my first real encounter with demonic activity within a house. I’ve experienced demonic activity before, from people being possessed, to spirits manifesting themselves before me, yet this was the first time I would have an encounter with such a force as a physical place where this stronghold was occurring.

That afternoon, I arrived at the house. It was a medium sized home, beautiful setting and from the outside, it looked as normal as any other in the area, on the outside you’d have a hard time even thinking that anything evil was going on. But looks are always deceiving. I and my associates arrived and met the family. It was a wonderful meeting. They were kind and humble people simply desiring a change and hoping God would move. We walked inside the house and at first I didn’t feel anything, but in my spirit I could hear God tell me one thing over and over, “Take authority in my name”. Even before we arrived at the house, the holy spirit was telling me to take authority. So as I was following the family into the main section of the house, I noticed that it seemed to feel somewhat darker, but nothing out of the ordinary – until we went into the bedroom.

The young father/husband led me and the others into the main area where the majority of events were taking place, it was a living room/bedroom area combination – with fireplace. But the moment I stepped into the main section is when it hit me. As soon as I walked into the room something literally gripped me, I could feel a pressure holding onto my chest, a heavy weight. My face, nose, sinus’ all of a sudden grew closed, something was literally trying to tell me I was NOT welcome and to leave, that is exactly how I felt in my spirit, it wanted me to leave. The smell, there was a distinct smell that had not been there as I could smell the foul stench as so did the others. It was clear, Satan had been given permission at some point in the past to use whomever had lived here previously to do unspeakable horrors.

The daughter began to relate to me how there were times her husband would suffer from extreme thoughts that seem to come from nowhere, as if he was being “possessed”. Voices could be heard speaking one to another as the demonic experiences would bring the couple into utter despair. From doors slamming shut, to windows opening and closing, the young couple would pray and trust the Lord for deliverance, even though it felt as though deliverance would not come. Yet what they battled most was how the demonic entities would target their 8 month old daughter.

In my spirit the Lord was revealing to me exactly what was happening. I was told that 3 demonic spirits were claiming right to the house and all who dwelt there and that they were to be cast out. The home, which was at that time recently purchased by this new couple, had been used for Satanic mass along with occult activities. Even sexual rites and perversion was occurring within this home as occult items as well as drug paraphernalia had been found, along with hundreds of porn items secretly stored in either the walls or under the carpet. It was a true house of perversion. So I began to tell them exactly what the Lord had revealed to me and quickly the mother told me that God had told her just a few days prior that it was 3 spirits, so God provided confirmation to what I was hearing was indeed correct.

We joined hands and we began to rebuke the spirits and demanded them to flee. At one point I could literally see the lamp move – by itself and quickly I demanded that they had no authority any longer and all I can say is, that within a moment, there was a release like I had never felt before. My sinus pressure, the heaviness in my chest was all gone. The enemy had to leave. After informing the young couple to anoint the house and to begin dedicating it to God, we departed and from all accounts, nothing more has been occurring. But it reminded me just how real the supernatural world is and how dangerous people can get into when they mess with the darkness.

We who are in Christ must never fear the enemy, for he has been defeated by Christ at the cross. The cross ends the power of Satan over our lives and because of the cross, Satan’s ability to harm us or cause us fear ends. Once we realize that we are more than overcomers through Jesus Christ, then more of the power of hell will fall at our feet. That is the authority Christ has given us, all because of the victory at the cross.




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