There was a time in our world that people, at some level of personal beliefs knew right from wrong. It didn’t matter who they were, most people throughout our world knew some degree of moral principles. Even in early Americana, people had some level of light in matters regarding right and wrong. We see that truth in the 1920‘s, when Congress passed a bill that passed the House, that would and did, make alcohol illegal to consume in the nation. Sadly though, this good meaning attempt to legislate morality took a backseat to crime and social pressure for a more pleasurable life.

As the years continued toward our current time, people had become more intolerant to truth, especially by those who voiced a Christian belief. It seems like today, more and more people are more intolerant to the preaching of sin, or wrong doing than ever before. The sad truth to this fact is due to two things, a more progressive idea of individualism backed by self righteous behavior and the lack of pastors who no longer preach against sin.

We see this evident today by simply turning on the television, or simply walking into many of the vast established churches across this country. Recently, on the Piers Morgan show (a continuance of Larry King) a young and very popular pastor (Joel Osteen) commented on the fact that never would he condemn or even preach against a certain individual or lifestyle. And while this young man’s books and stadium filled gatherings out pace most well known writers and pop stars, the truth is, he’s simply another example of the failure of pastors who no longer desire not want to preach about sin or the consequences of sin.

Most pastors will tell you that they are simply preaching what the people desires, and in some respects I believe them. The word says in 2 Timothy 4:3-4 “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears. And they shall turn away [their] ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.”

There is a serious lacking in the pulpits of America to preach or say anything negative concerning sin or sinful behaviors. Pastors today, in most churches, won’t even challenge those within their own body of believers out of fear they will lose them forever. What they really are saying, hidden behind their words, is the fear that they will lose money from these individuals.

The sad truth is, many pastors today are motivated NOT to preach against sin due to the economics of it. Bottom line, it doesn’t pay to preach against sin.

Our pulpits are filled with psycho babble, humanistic teaching series that are not founded on the word but on man made solutions to human problems. The truth is, the only solution to the alcoholic, the prostitute, the adulterer, the molester, the liar is the cross and the preaching of the cross. But sadly, many have taken a more tolerable form of so called “preaching” and it’s affect on the lives of countless thousands is being felt far and wide.

Our society today is riddled with violence. The family unit is under attack by those caught up into adultery, fornication, deception. Divorce now has reached nearly 65% in the secular world,and those who are evangelical believers are nearing 55%, if not higher. The fact is, the impact of pastors succumbing to society pressures to preach something tolerable is being pursued rather than the traditional form of Christianity and that is, sin separates one from God and only a desire to live right and holy, will one expect to make it in the end.

As more and more churches seek a more favorable, social acceptance in their community and a desire to be seen as “relevant” in the eyes of the world, we are giving up the most basic teaching of the gospel – that we are called to bring correction to the people and to preach that sin is a spiritual disease. Until the church and it’s leadership returns back to the old fashioned preaching of the gospel and calling sin what it is – a corruptible state which will lead to damnation, then the church will never be truly affective in our world and countless souls will pay the ultimate price for our desire to be relevant to a lost and dying world.


  1. Rhonda Kelly says:

    it is sad…some of the pastors I know or have worked for don’t spend much time in the Word, and usually got their sermons off the internet at the last minute on Friday. Too busy doing for God instead of seeking Him.

    • LUKAS says:

      That is true Kelly, and I believe it’s a shame. It is so unfortunate to see how foreign inspiration is to some ministers.

  2. LUKAS says:

    God bless you brother Gregory.

    Indeed the true sin busting gospel, of the Lord Jesus Christ is quickly loosing favour,in this world. Again Jesus[the word] is being rejected by a generation

    Sincere preachers who are willing to suffer ridicule, and put their head on the block for the word like you. are getting fewer every day. God bless you, for the stand you take to abide by the true Gospel. Many may not take kindly to your manner of preaching, but the Master is pleased. And His flock hear the warning.


  3. Darius Johnson says:

    Amen ! I really needed, enjoyed and the chastisement of your article.

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  5. Greg says:

    Outstanding Article.

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