Ayatullah Khomeini


There was a quickening in my spirit last night as I was given a prophetic glimpse thru a dream the Lord showed me which involved the nation of Iran. It must be understood by all that in the last days there will rise a confederacy of Islamic nations, led by one major Islamic power, which will move toward the nation of Israel. In Ezekiel chapter 38 the word gives us a very clear understanding of how this will all come about. At some point Iran will realize its potential, but not now.

I know that many would like to thrust the world into that particular time period where everything begins to come to completion, but the truth is, not everything is where it should be prophetically (referring to end times prophecy). Yet the Lord has given me a clear sign of what is to come, for this is the word the Lord spoke to my spirit as it regards the nation of Iran, “The nation which sleeps shall give rise and lead her children toward the plains of Israel, it is there I shall meet them.”

That nation which currently “sleeps” is Iran. Iran is not the power the world is fearing, for she sleeps politically as well as militarily, not to mention economically. Then the Lord gave me this glimpse in a dream: I saw the image of one Aayatollah Khomeini, the late Supreme Leader of Iran. God used his image as a symbolic meaning for the nation of Iran itself. I found myself in a room filled with men, all Islamic leaders and they were speaking about America. The leader said that America will come to the defense of Saudi Arabia, (which means I believe some way a mounting attack in some form will come to Saudi Arabia) and that their only hope is to do a quick first strike upon the U.S.. I then saw one missile being fired, it seemed to suggest within the dream, that Iran only had 1-2 missiles.

I saw a wall of fire and people were killed – thousands. Then Iran became a place of destruction. I was speaking to a pastor friend of mine recently, he began to share with me a prophecy which was given by an Iranian pastor, one who fled Iran along with his entire family. In that word that was given, the Lord has revealed that Islam will be completely destroyed in the near future, and the last great harvest will begin. Yet out of this shall rise the last world kingdom, the kingdom of the beast.  That is the word I was given through the Lord’s voice speaking to me as well as the dream the Lord shown me last night.



  1. Elia says:

    This is interesting because I felt in my spirit that the ISIS threat has more indirect and not so evident consequences to the world’s stage, it could serve to unite the world in a common bond and for logically good reasons. Coincidentally, a common enemy has a tendency of trumping differences between people…thus helping to set the stage for what is to come…

  2. Rhonda Kelly says:

    very interesting. Jimmy Swaggart also says that Islam will eventually be destroyed by the antichrist but your vision shows before that time.

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